BAM! Clinton Colluded With the British – Part of the Coup is Now Exposed

October 26, 2017
Photo: Gage Skidmore, Flickr

The Hillary Clinton Campaign and the Democratic National Committee have admitted that they funded the work of British intelligence agent Christopher Steele directly. The admission, contained in a letter from Perkins, Coie, LLP, Counsel for the DNC and Hillary in 2016, is the first tree in the forest to fall, provided we keep our focus on the strategic reasons for the coup and the actual mechanisms in play. That focus must remain on the British for their role in attempting to dictate the American election for the strategic purpose of preserving the decadent and collapsing post World War II Anglo-American imperium. As demonstrated in our dossier about Robert Mueller, every time you hear that Russia did something to meddle in our elections, substitute “the British” and you are on the path of truth.

Focusing on the British Steele dossier, circulated in this country as a result of an alliance between Orbis Business Intelligence, a firm with direct and continuing ties to MI6, and Fusion GPS, nominally of Delaware and Washington D.C., is the key not only to stopping the coup against the President but to exposing the crimes of Obama Administration officials in first attempting to win the election for Hillary Clinton and then, attempting to destroy the Presidency of Donald Trump. Richard Nixon, it will be recalled, used the official intelligence agencies of the United States to target and smear his political opponents. We are looking at crimes of that magnitude here.

To recap the dossier’s importance. It was the sole basis for James Comey’s unprecedented FBI investigation of Russian influences on candidate Trump which commenced in July of 2016. It was the roadmap for the entire fake affair. Its first memo claimed that the Russians had hacked the Democratic National Committee computers, a fabricated claim first put forward by British intelligence as early as 2015. It was used by the Clinton campaign to paint Trump as a Manchurian candidate controlled by Putin, claims made by Steele and allied Ukrainian intelligence agents working with the Clinton campaign. The British fabrications about Trump’s Russian ties were widely circulated to the news media by both the Clinton campaign and the official Obama intelligence community.

After Trump won, the FBI promised to pay Steele to continue his work, a contract which was later aborted. The dossier was then used to attempt to blackmail the President into changing his views on potential friendly relations with Russia by claiming that Putin held sexually compromising information on Trump. When the President refused the blackmail and extortion attempt by Obama’s intelligence chiefs, led by James Comey, Steele’s salacious and disgusting lies about Russian prostitutes cavorting with the President were leaked to the national and international news media.

The fact that Clinton and the DNC colluded with British intelligence agents and paid them to create dirt against Trump was obviously widely known in Obama’s intelligence community, particularly the FBI. This first public admission resulted from a House Intelligence Committee subpoena of Fusion’s bank records, after months of stonewalling by Fusion.

Fusion tried to block its bank from releasing the records in Washington D.C.’s U.S. District Court. But, U.S. District Judge Tanya S. Chutkan apparently didn’t buy Fusion’s legal claim to virtual immunity from investigation. Fusion and the House Intelligence Committee are now in settlement negotiations and are supposed to report back to the Court Thursday, October 26th.

As part of the negotiations, Fusion apparently obtained the letter from Perkins Coie LLP, admitting the funding of Steele by Clinton and the DNC. The initial approach for funding by Fusion was in March of 2016 and the engagement went from April-November of 2016. During that time, Perkins Coie was paid $12.4 million dollars by the Clinton campaign and the DNC. It is unknown how much of this money went to Christopher Steele. Perkins Coie notes that Clinton and the DNC were taking over work on Trump previously funded by one of his Republican opponents.

As this breaks, there is a major effort to divert attention from the British by claiming that Hillary Clinton’s Uranium One deal involvement represents the real Russian scandal and that the Russian sources cited in Steele’s dossier prove that this also was an operation by the ever clever Putin. Anyone who thinks about it for ten seconds would realize that the Russian sourcing of the Steele dossier’s allegations involve British intelligence assets in Russia who are acting against the Russian state, if they even actually exist.

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Bam! Bam! Wall Street Journal Editorial Board Calls for Mueller’s Resignation

It was another 24 hours of fast paced developments in the foundering coup against the President. Wednesday evening, the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board issued a statement calling upon Special Counsel Robert Mueller to resign based on his conflicts of interest. The editorial was entitled, “Democrats, Russians, and the FBI.”

The Journal’s editors reasoned, correctly, that now that the Clinton campaign and the DNC’s role is known concerning the funding of the dirty British Steele dossier, the focus must turn to the FBI and possible collusion by the Obama Administration with the Clinton campaign and Steele. The Journal’s editors say, correctly, how can Mueller plausibly investigate the FBI without the appearance of a conflict when he served as that agency’s director from 2001-2013? The back story here is that it is well-known that Mueller personally has a policy of never wanting to entertain criticism of the Bureau or the Justice Department and has stated that repeatedly in various encounters with defense attorneys. Mueller also has an obvious conflict in investigating James Comey, who is probably his central witness in building an obstruction case against Trump, when Comey now will be knee deep as an investigative target for his activities with Clinton and Steele.

The Washington Examiner also published an article Wednesday pointing to the same investigative target, the FBI. Author Byron York quotes Senator Chuck Grassley’s concern on this issue: “The idea that the FBI and associates of the Clinton campaign would pay Mr. Steele to investigate the Republican nominee for President in the runup to the election raises further questions about the FBI’s independence from politics as well as the Obama Administration’s use of law enforcement and intelligence agencies for political ends.” So far the FBI has stonewalled both Grassley and the House Intelligence Committee seeking information about what the FBI did with the Steele dossier, how it was used, when and how it was obtained and why the FBI was willing to pay Steele to continue his work pursuant to a contract which never came to fruition.

On Thursday, House Speaker Paul Ryan personally intervened with the FBI and the Justice Department to end the stonewalling. Ryan announced that the FBI told him that they would deliver responsive documents to all the previous questions raised by the Congress early next week. In the Federal Court case between the House Intelligence Committee and Fusion GPS, the Court had urged the parties to reach a settlement by 6 p.m Thursday evening. There are no docket notations indicating the status of these negotiations as of this writing, well past the 6 p.m deadline.