The Issue Of Mueller's Coup Hasn't Changed; Trump May Join China and Russia In The 'New Silk Road'

October 11, 2017
President Donald J. Trump receives a briefing on Hurricane Maria relief and recovery efforts | September 26, 2017 (Whitehouse Photo)

With President Trump set to begin a long series of summit meetings in Asia in just three weeks, defeating the attempt to drive him out of office is not a gradual resistance: It is an immediately urgent fight. If the witchhunt now being led by "special counsel" Robert Mueller is stopped, the President may use this trip to advance the agenda which brought him to office, that of essential cooperation for peace with the great powers China and Russia, and of the transformative infrastructure building which can "make America great again." The two objectives are linked in the act of the United States joining the Belt and Road Initiative, or "New Silk Road" of great projects across the world.

This potential Trump agenda has been, from the start in early 2016, the motivation of British intelligence, and complicit European elites and American intelligence agencies and media, in conspiring to keep Trump out, or force him out.

The President is under constant attack by all of these, on every issue. Even the largest and most sustained Presidential emergency response in at least 80 years, to the destruction of three successive major hurricanes, has been attacked with bitter partisanship unleashed by Obama Democrats and media.

But what is at stake, for Mueller's sponsors and Trump's highest-level Anglo-American enemies, is not any of these "issues." It is the potential that Trump may break all the laws of British geopolitics and make a major-power, common-interest alliance for peace and mutual economic benefit.

That means China's Belt and Road Initiative, and thus the World Land-Bridge policy of Lyndon and Helga LaRouche, pursued all over the world for 40 years, is the actual potential at stake.

The alternative, if Trump is stopped and does not follow through, is not only a heightened threat of war, but a new financial crash; that is being warned of now, even by those who have most helped cause it, like Germany's Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble.

Between now and President Trump's departure for Asia, Helga Zepp-LaRouche will give three international webcasts on the full meaning of America — and Europe — joining the Belt and Road Initiative. The schedule of them is reported here.

The Belt and Road Initiative — the "World Land-Bridge" development idea, as the LaRouches spread it for decades — involves large national credit institutions acting by joint agreements on great projects of high-technology infrastructure, and a huge expansion of space exploration and cooperation, together with crash programs to develop nuclear fusion plasma technologies. It involves rising productivity and productive employment — exactly what President Trump aimed for. And Wall Street and London must be put under control by Glass-Steagall measures.

The input and outcome of that Asia trip and its potential is being determined right now, by a mobilization to crush the Mueller coup. That is the real issue of the moment.

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