Largest Mexican Earthquake in the Century—It's Time To Forecast Natural Disasters & Defend Mankind!

September 11, 2017
Isthm de Tehuantepec region, a zone affected by the 2017 Chiapas earthquake Photo credit: Presidencia de la República Mexicana

Late August into early September has been a tumultuous time in our Solar System. The United States, Mexico, and the Caribbean are being slammed by a series of intense hurricanes (Harvey, Irma, Jose, Katia). Prior to the hurricanes, the Sun released several explosive solar flares (including the largest in over a decade), launching bursts of plasma directly at the Earth and generating severe geomagnetic storms. In addition to the hurricanes, Mexico was rocked by the largest earthquake in over a century—a magnitude 8.1 quake 90 km off the southwest coast.

These natural events remind us of mankind's vulnerability to the hazards in our Solar System, and underscore the strategic reality of our times: Nations must come together to defend Earth from these threats.

The magnitude 8.1 Chiapas earthquake has tragically taken about 100 lives (according to information available on Sept. 10). Thanks to electrical sensors and warning systems, many residents were given a warning a few tens of seconds before the earthquake waves reached them—providing just enough time to exit buildings, or find shelter.  But what if we could provide hours', or even days' warning before major earthquakes strike?

For decades small groups of pioneering scientists have dedicated themselves to detecting, studying, and understanding precursor signals that appear in the hours, days, and weeks before the eruption of seismic events. These scientists have shown that various forms of electrical, electromagnetic, magnetic, thermal, and other anomalies and signals precede earthquakes, providing the basis for early warning systems that could save countless numbers of lives.

One of the leading pioneers in this area is Prof. Sergey Pulinets, who has presented his revolutionary work to EIR, the Schiller Institute, and the LaRouche PAC. Professor Pulinets has collaborated with his colleague Professor Dimitar Ouzounov in the development of their lithosphere-atmosphere-ionosphere coupling model. This model explains the physics behind earthquake precursor signals, and provides the theoretical framework for an earthquake early warning system.

Professor Sergey Pulinets, of the Institute of Applied Geophysics in Moscow, presents the evidence that not only can mankind predict earthquakes and related natural disasters, but, in fact, we have the power to change the weather to suit our needs. A presentation given at the "Rescuing Civilization from the Brink" International Schiller Institute Conference Rüsselsheim, Germany, July 2-3, 2011

After extensive study and demonstration, their team is ready to bring this work into active application—if governments are ready to step forward and support the development of earthquake early warning systems.

Presently the leadership of China, Russia, the Belt and Road Initiative, and the BRICS partnership is bringing the world closer to the New Paradigm envisioned by Helga and Lyndon LaRouche. Strategically this means that these leading powers, including in Europe and the U.S.A., must abandon geopolitical ambitions, and engage in strategic collaboration to defend the Earth and all its inhabitants from the challenges that threaten all mankind.

We must collaborate in forecasting earthquakes and volcanic eruptions; we must defend Earth from asteroids and comets; we must learn to control extreme weather events; we must collaborate in the defense of that one humanity which we all share.