Houston, We Have a Solution: What Must Be Done Now

September 1, 2017

LaRouchePAC Friday Webcast - September 1, 2017

Brian Lantz joins us from on the ground in Houston, the epicenter of Hurricane Harvey's devastation. LaRouchePAC has issued an emergency policy statement, a call to action for all Americans in the wake of this unprecedented disaster to demand an urgent revolution in our national economic policy akin to that which Franklin Roosevelt initiated with his presidency, typified by his construction of the Tennessee Valley Authority. China's development of similar great projects, from the Three Gorges Dam to the Transaqua in Central Africa today provide the template for the types of bold economic thinking which America desperately needs. Let us resolve that those who suffered so much in Hurricane Harvey not have suffered in vain: history demands a new epoch of progress for our nation—one which must begin today!



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