This Moment in History—Lyndon LaRouche's Moment

August 18, 2017

A dialog between Lyndon and Helga LaRouche and members of the LaRouchePAC Policy Committee yesterday, brought out sharply the unique, new opportunities and dangers of the present, unprecedented historical conjuncture. Although other people were involved as well, the dialogue as a whole can perhaps be encapsulated by summarizing some of the back-and-forth between Manhattan Policy Committee member Diane Sare, and Lyndon and Helga LaRouche.

Diane reported that people do not believe the fake-news media story about Charlottesville, or that President Trump is a racist. There was even a shift in this direction between Tuesday and Thursday. Many had seen Trump's press conference, where he was not allowed to talk about infrastructure, but was shouted down by maenads of the press. But he fought back very effectively and truthfully. Trump is fighting, and that helps swing the population from fear to anger. "We supported him. We're not racists. We don't think he's a racist."

But the Achilles heel is the economy. People must understand LaRouche's Four Laws as a principle—as against monetarism. Hamilton's principle of Federal credit. They should be asking, as a few are asking—if the Silk Road can be built over there, then why can't it be done here? This coming Saturday's (Aug 18) Manhattan meeting will feature Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) leader Ray McGovern onthe hoax of "Russiagate"—but the following meeting will be devoted to the Four Laws and infrastructure development.

Then Diane added a key element to the picture—that a large portion of the people we're organizing remember Lyndon LaRouche! Many of our petition signers turn out to be contacts from two, three, five, or twenty years ago. Lyndon LaRouche's identity as a great leader is rising up as if spontaneously through this stormy period of organizing.

LaRouche responded, roughly, "Yes. Since people are praising me right now, again, I ought to make my voice heard. Or at least by somebody in there. That's the only way you can actually effect the corrections which people are asking for now. I am alive, and I can do what I have done all through my life so far. And that has not changed. It's not just me. It's not just me as a person. It's what I represent as an axis to strike for what needs to be struck. And that's the only thing I ever really did that was important. And I did it—and I would hope that we can do it now."

Diane responded that that's crucial. "This is the kind of a movement that needs leadership. And they need leadership in the direction of a solution to the crisis. People will be very glad to hear that you are on the scene."

LaRouche: "Well, I am. Forget all these other odds and ends. It's what I've carried and represented for the whole nation. I've represented this for a long period of time. And I'm still doing that—that's what the reality is."

Diane said that even a stupid fight over stupid statues, has raised the question of what the identity of the United States is supposed to be. That's what you, Lyn, have embodied.

Lyn said that some people have tried to get away from that.

Helga intervened to say that we must keep doing intelligence on the networks behind the Charlottesville atrocity. They're not about to quit. If you want to have an assassination, you create such a monster-image. The neocon-neoliberal crowd will stop at nothing, and the near-unanimous sanctions vote of both Houses of Congress should give us the picture of how determined they are that the "outsider" Trump will not determine policy. This is the first time that that faction is in blatant opposition to the U.S. Presidency. Even Clinton never left the orbit of this policy. Kennedy did it—and you see what happened.

Lyn: "People in many places have lost what I had done in the former part of my life. I know better. I always knew better on that one—on that issue."

Helga: "Put the focus on the Soros apparatus. The whole 'resist-Trump' operation is a Soros operation. That's the British empire. I think it's important that we keep making that point."

Lyn: "Yes."

Helga: "Keep pushing that the United States join the New Silk Road—the largest infrastucture and development program in the history of the human species. Just because the U.S. media are not reporting it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. We should be very polemical against that."

President Trump, Investigate British Subversion of the USA