The Situation Is Deadly Serious; Bust Up the Coup Scenarios with the VIPS Report

August 15, 2017
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The world situation is very serious. You could say there are currently three scenarios spinning, each with the same purpose of ousting the elected President of the United States. In order of their appearance, they assert that Donald Trump should be out of office: 1) because he colluded with Russia to undercut U.S. elections; 2) because he is unhinged, and will foment nuclear war over N. Korea; or 3) because he is a racist. In other words, "Russia-Gate," "finger on the nuclear button," and now, "Charlottesville."

Thus, the LaRouchePAC-initiated mobilization to make known the July report, "Was the Russian Hack an Inside Job?" by the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) is not at all a simple move to "set the record straight" about a filthy operation, but a drive to bust up the whole treasonous coup operation against the United States, and defeat the neo-British Empire gang behind it.

Why are they doing these things? Because the potential is so great for the ever-strengthening New Silk Road drive to involve the United States—along with the Americas and all others—and finally and fully displace the rotting monetarist system. Trump has expressed pleasure at working with the leaders of this new paradigm—Pres. Xi Jinping and Pres. Vladimir Putin. Trump is on the record for favoring the key economic measures involved, Glass-Steagall and infrastructure. Lyndon LaRouche's "Four Laws" is out there to provide the guidance.

But the moment is dangerous. There is now blatant talk of assassination in the anti-Trump scenarios, as a plausible contingency. A recent instance comes directly from London.

On Aug. 9 and 11, the Guardian of London carried postings by its correspondent, Jonathan Freedland, with the first one titled, "Trump Has Taken Us to the Brink of Nuclear War. Can He Be Stopped?" The author asserts that you should not entertain any hope that the "Deep State will depose an unhinged American president before all-out war with North Korea" starts, nor should you rely on Trump's "three generals—Mattis, Kelly and McMaster," to be able to "contain" Trump. Freedland implies, you'd better hope Bob Mueller can nail Trump. Or else.

The article's unnamed recourse is "assassination," but Freedland spells that out explicitly in his new book, To Kill a President, released just a month ago (under a nom de plume, Sam Bourne). In the story-line, an assassination plot is hatched against a deranged president—to stop him from starting nuclear war over N. Korea—by his defense secretary and chief of staff, after the two conclude that it won't work fast enough to use the 25th Amendment or impeachment to oust the president.

This is a re-hash, as a fictional "political thriller," of the London Spectator's murder statement on the eve of Trump's inauguration, in its article (Jan. 21,) headlined, "Will Donald Trump Be Assassinated, Ousted in a Coup, or Just Impeached?"

This must be stopped. There is no time for a pause, given the rate of the unravelling of the trans-Atlantic-centered financial system, which means chaos, without the right emergency measures. A new alarm about financial bubbles being at the bursting point, was sounded Aug. 13 in Italy, by Giulio Tremonti, former Economy Minister, in an interview with Corriere della Sera. Tremonti said, "Since 2007, the causes of the crisis are all still here. The excess liquidity that caused the crisis 10 years ago is today exponentially higher. Finance is undergoing a frightening genetic mutation. All the elements producing the famous bubbles are all there." People are not facing reality. He cited the Tulip Bubble, the Louisiana Bubble, and the French Revolution—when people lost their heads, for not facing reality.

Yesterday's LaRouchePAC TV Show program featured the call for everyone to mobilize with the new national petition campaign, "President Trump, Investigate British Subversion of the USA."

President Trump, Investigate British Subversion of the USA