The British Coup Against the President Ends Now

July 31, 2017

LaRouchePAC Policy Committee Show - July 31, 2017

Rachel Brown, Diane Sare and Kesha Rogers outline the strategic reality of the British role directing the attempted coup against President Trump, and the mobilization LaRouchPAC is organizing this week to provide our viewers a plan of action to end the coup. We outline several steps everyone can take to become better equipped to fight for the truth, break through the lying media blockade, and provide President Trump the support he requires to hold those complicit with the British effort against the nation accountable for their unlawful actions.

What you can do this week:

1. Read the VIPS report and share it on social media
2. Call your Rep and find their Town Hall meetings (202)-224-3121
3. Call the White House (202)-456-1111
4. Write letters to the editor, call into radio shows
5. Donate to LaRouchePAC to support the mobilization



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