Helga Zepp-LaRouche to the American People: “Help President Trump Fulfill His Promise”

July 28, 2017

There are new developments in the world many Americans really have no inkling about because the mainstream media are not reporting it. That is that there is a new geometry emerging very quickly in the world which President Trump relates positively to. Almost four years ago, the President of China Xi Jinping initiated a policy which he called the New Silk Road. What it actually is, is to -- in the tradition of the Asian Silk Road -- to build up the infrastructure of the landlocked areas of the planet in Asia, in Eurasia, in Africa, in Latin America. This policy has changed the world for the better. It has become a very attractive model because it offers the kind of development which was not there before. Therefore, people in Latin America, in Africa are very happy, because for the first time they see a hope and the possibility to overcome poverty forever.

Now President Trump has established a very good relationship with President Xi Jinping. Ever since the meeting in Mar-a-Lago in Florida in April, the two have really hit it off. There is a good chemistry between and this meeting is really working very well. As a result of it, President Trump sent very high-level representation to the Belt and Road Forum, which was a summit of this new initiative including 110 nations. The United States was represented by Matt Pottinger. In the meantime, they have concluded many positive agreements -- investment deals -- especially export and import between the United States and China.

Also, the meeting between President Trump and President Putin of Russia in the context of the G-20 summit in Hamburg was very productive. Despite the attempts to prevent this kind of collaboration, they concluded a ceasefire for Syria, bringing the hope to end this horrible war in this country; and the deconfliction between the militaries is working.

Also on another front, namely North Korea, the new South Korean President Moon has now offered military-to-military cooperation and discussions with North Korea. This is backed by China. So, with this new strategic policy of President Trump, the improvement of the relationship between the United States and China, and the United States and Russia, we are potentially in a completely new geometry. If the Presidents of the three most powerful countries on this planet -- the United States, China, and Russia -- can work together in solving the problem of the hotspots, but also in general to set up completely new relations to go back to a new detente, ending the Cold War; this is so important for world peace and the livelihood of all of humanity.

There is one big problem; one Achilles' heel. That is that because of the tremendous campaign against Trump, the Russia-gate, the whole demonization of Trump, he has not yet been able to fulfill his election promises on the economy. And the US economy is really collapsing; the figures are absolutely telling. You have bankruptcies, we are on the verge of having a new collapse like 2008; but this time much, much bigger, because all the figures are much worse. The infrastructure is collapsing. In New York you have right now the "Summer of Hell" where trains are on fire, people are in panic; this is just a completely untenable situation. Therefore, it is extremely urgent that President Trump is being supported in fulfilling his election promise to invest {at least} $1 trillion in the American infrastructure. He has offers from China, offering to invest $60 billion of US Treasuries which are owned by China into infrastructure in the United States. There are other offers of such investments.

The problem is, right now there is a big battle. The Democrats who are behind the Russia-gate do not want to face up to the reasons why they lost the election; but it was the policies of globalization making the rich more rich and the majority of people poorer, and naturally having these interventionist wars which cause havoc all over the planet. So, the Democrats are not willing to face up to that, and they're not letting go with the Russia-gate. But also, the neo-cons in the Republican Party are trying to keep Trump from improving relations with Russia, with China; and especially not re-regulating Wall Street.

But this is the crucial thing. Trump must fulfill his election promise to implement Glass-Steagall, to go back to the American System of economy which he mentioned in several speeches, that he wants to go back to the policies of Alexander Hamilton, of Henry Clay, of Lincoln, Henry C Carey, and implement Glass-Steagall. But he can't do it alone. He is involved in so many fights that he needs you. I'm appealing to you; back up your President at this point in this fight. We are at a tremendous historical conjuncture; we can actually move the world into safety, trying to get over the danger of thermonuclear war and the extinction of civilization forever. This is on the horizon, but it requires that Trump can do what he promised; and you have to help him. I said several months ago, if President Trump succeeds in improving the relationship with Russia and China, he can become one of the greatest Presidents in American history. I still absolutely believe that; but he can't do it alone.

So therefore, allow me from abroad, to appeal to you as American patriots. Help President Trump actively to fulfill his promise.