Defeat the British Coup Against the U.S. Presidency!

June 21, 2017

by Barbara Boyd

After viewing fired FBI Director James Comey’s testimony on June 8th, Lyndon LaRouche called upon the American people to immediately shut down the coup underway against President Trump. LaRouche said, “This is an FBI type operation to destroy the United States, and, if it is not stopped, the world will face general warfare.”

On June 7, former Director of National Intelligence (DNI) James Clapper openly touted the real reason for the coup against Trump in an unhinged speech in Australia, granting full leave to his inner swine: Clapper declared that Trump’s unforgivable sin is the President’s openness to collaborating with Putin and Russia and his refusal to back down on his campaign promise to end the Bush/Obama policy of perpetual wars, a key reason why he was elected.

Clapper ranted that it is in Putin’s and Russia’s “genes” to attack the United States. Since Trump has pursued better relations and shared intelligence with Russia on terrorism, Clapper raved, Watergate [where Richard Nixon committed proven crimes] paled in comparison to Russiagate [where both Clapper and Comey have testified to date that the President has committed no crimes]. Clapper also told the Aussies to target China, accusing the Chinese, without any offer of proof, of meddling in Australia’s elections. Comey backed Clapper in his testimony on June 8, attempting to wax eloquent in response to Senator Joe Manchin, about how Putin exists with one purpose in mind: to shred and dismember the United States.