Understanding the Present & Imagining the Future

June 19, 2017

LaRouchePAC Policy Committee Show - June 19 2017

Join us at 2:30 pm live for our weekly Policy Committee show, with your host, Matthew Ogden. While the strategic environment remains fraught and dangerous, as evidenced by the extremely dangerous escalation of tensions in Syria with the shooting down of a Syrian fighter plane by a U.S. aircraft, at the same time the door for a extremely positive change in relations between nations and a new condition for humanity remains open, beckoning us to act with clarity and imagination as we continue to mobilize our nation to join the New Silk Road. In today's show, we feature portions of Helga Zepp-LaRouche's remarks to a Schiller Institute forum held in Detroit this weekend, titled "A New Era for Civilization — Bring the New Silk Road to Michigan: From the Arsenal of Democracy to the Factory for the New Silk Road." This very successful event is typical of the type of intervention the LaRouche movement continues to make, as we work to secure a victory for the full Hamiltonian economic recovery program, beginning emphatically with the restoration of Glass-Steagall in the days and weeks to come.



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