Six Days Until Belt And Road Summit: Will Trump Attend?

May 8, 2017

LaRouchePAC Policy Committee - May 8, 2017

With only six days left until the opening of the historic Belt and Road Summit in Beijing, China, there is still time for President Trump to take up Xi Jinping's invitation and attend the summit in person. As an editorial published by the South China Morning Post stated: "It is not too late for the US to respond to the call to join made during the summit between President Xi Jinping and Trump last month." In audio remarks from Helga Zepp-LaRouche included in this show, she remarks: "It would be the absolutely natural continuation of these last three years, to include the U.S. in the Belt and Road Initiative, to include Europe, and develop every landlocked area of the planet and uplift every human being living on this Earth from poverty. In this way we can really start to define the common aims of mankind, to develop the community of the joint future for civilization." With today's observance of VE Day, marking the conclusion of World War II in Europe, our show concludes with footage from the Immortal Regiment marches which occurred across the country this weekend, and a statement published for that occasion, Let Our Victories of the Past Inform Our Shared Success in the Future!