LaRouche's Ideas are Taking Over!

April 7, 2017
Map of the World Land-bridge as conceived by Lyndon and Helga Zepp-LaRouche, a natural extension of China's Belt and Road Initiative.

President Donald Trump will be meeting with Xi Jinping on Thursday and Friday, April 6-7, in Florida, and it has now been announced that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will go to Moscow next week, on April 11-12. The potential for a historic shift in the order of civilization — ending imperial geopolitics, beginning a new paradigm of peace through development and the ennoblement of all mankind — has never been as great as it is at this moment in history.

It should come as no surprise, therefore, that the British Empire has launched desperate measures aimed at dragging the United States into a new colonial war, as they did in the cases of Vietnam, Iraq, Libya -- and now Syria. The intention is not merely to destroy yet another Southwest Asian nation, but to prevent their upstart former colony known as the United States from forming a partnership with Russia and China, ending the fundamental imperial division of the world between East and West, and thus ending the fundamental premise of Empire.

To that end, an atrocity was created in Syria this week, as chemical weapons were released in the town of Khan Sheikhoun in Idlib Province, either by terrorists, or, as the Russian evidence indicates, a legitimate Syrian air attack on an al-Qaeda weapons depot which accidentally uncovered and destroyed a chemical weapon factory used by al Qaeda's Syrian branches, releasing a deadly agent which is reported to have killed dozens of people, including children.

Immediately, the British, French and, unfortunately, the U.S., issued a resolution to the UN Security Council declaring the Syrian Government fully responsible and demanding a set of new demands and sanctions. As usual, no evidence was presented.

Were the British to succeed in dragging President Trump into a war today, despite Trump's repeated pledges that there would be no more regime change wars and that the U.S. would work with Russia to address the actual threat—that of terrorism—there is no question but that it would quickly lead to World War III, and a thermonuclear war at that.

Mr. and Mrs. LaRouche have made the point that the British have not gotten over the American Revolution. They attacked the United States again in the War of 1812, and aided the Confederacy in an attempt to break apart the nation during the so-called “Civil War.” The British Imperial interests have also been behind the assassinations of more than one U.S. President, and they have already been identified in the recent intelligence warfare against newly-inaugurated President Trump.

The meeting between Presidents Xi and Trump in Florida this weekend could bring the world a giant step closer to eliminating the British Empire for once and for all, if these two great nations embark on a path of win-win collaboration in the Belt and Road initiative.

At the same time, in France, LaRouche-collaborator Jacques Cheminade is leading an intervention in the French Presidential elections. At the recent televised national debate, Cheminade paved the way for France to reignite the the true France of Colbert and deGaulle, and to join the New Silk Road paradigm that is now emerging globally. The same one which is front and center at the Trump-Xi Summit this week.

We are at a crucial turning point in history. It is precisely the willingness to act, from every cognizant human being, which, in this moment of decision, will determine if we have war or peace, destruction or development, civilization or a new Dark Age.

It is a time for true optimism, and the corresponding actions, regarding the future of mankind!



Trump-Xi Summit – A Crucial Meeting for The World

By William Jones

The meeting between U.S. President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping will be a watershed moment for the US-China relationship and a critical event that can determine the direction of world history. While ANY meeting between the heads of these two indispensable nations would have global implications, this particular meeting is especially crucial. The newly elected U.S. President has charted a new course for the U.S. economy, rejecting many of the shibboleths of the traditional ``free market” ideology, which have proven disastrous over the decades for many countries, including the United States, and is moving toward returning to the ``American System” economics of Hamilton and Henry Clay, which would involve protection for many U.S. industries which have disappeared thanks to the avarice of our U.S. industrial and financial layers.

China, which has successfully utilized the ``dictates’’ of the free market system by entering that system as a low-wage producer has, through a conscientious government policy of systematically investing in science and technology moved from its original status of low-wage manufacturing center to a higher niche of productive capability and skill level in the world economy. Through that policy, China has succeeded in developing its economy, becoming the veritable engine of world economic growth, and has raised over 700 million Chinese out of poverty. China’s development of the Belt and Road Initiative in 2013 now promises to lift hundreds of millions of people in other Third World countries out of poverty through a policy of infrastructure investment. China has also taken the initiative for the creation of new international banking institutions, like the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and the BRIC’s countries’ New Development Bank, which are solely geared to realizing that investment.

The question facing the two leaders is how do these two policies fit together. China was concerned about some of the statements made by presidential candidate Trump during the presidential campaign, in which he seemed to blame China for the U.S. economic predicament and later accepted a call from the leader of Taiwan, putting into question his commitment to the ``one-China’’ policy. China was also concerned about the appointment of a couple of outright ``China-bashers’’ like Peter Navarro and Robert Lighthizer to the Trump cabinet, in positions affecting international trade. This created a great deal of trepidation among Chinese leaders with regard to the upcoming policies of the new President. Much of this trepidation has since been alleviated by the phone call between President Trump and President Xi in February, where President Trump reiterated his support for the One China policy, that is, recognizing the People’s Republic of China as the sole representative of the Chinese people, and expressed a willingness to establish a good working relationship with China on all levels.

More recently, President Trump sent his Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, to China to meet with his counterparts. There Tillerson surprised his Chinese hosts by using the exact terms that China has insisted must characterize the US-China relationship, namely that it be a relationship characterized by ``no conflict, no confrontation, mutual respect and win-win cooperation.’’ Until Tillerson’s statement, no U.S. official has ever uttered these words to Chinese leaders.

The fact that the two leaders mutually decided to hold such a summit at a very early stage in the new administration’s term indicates that they both realized that having a good mutual understanding of each other’s goals and intentions was absolutely crucial, and both were confident that such a meeting would be successful.

It is perhaps too soon to expect any resolution of the key issues on which the two sides have differing views, whether it be on trade policy, or the North Korea nuclear program, which has become the pretext for the U.S. to place THAAD missiles in South Korea, and which China views as a threat to them as well; or the South China Sea, where Chinese territorial claims have received push-back from the U.S.

Given the fact that the new Administration does not even have all of its people in place in order to review or come up with policy recommendations in these matters, there will probably be no definitive resolution on them just now. These will, of course, be on the agenda of discussion, discussions which President Trump has characterized as difficult.

But what can be accomplished in the meeting, which is so crucial to the resolution of any of these issues, is a greater understanding of each other’s positions and outlooks. President Trump has often shown himself to be a gracious host in these circumstances, and holding the meeting at one of his homes in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, away from the craziness of the nation’s capital, will also be conducive to a more personal and intimate discussion. And, when met with the appropriate respect which is due to a Chinese leader, President Xi often shows a great deal of magnanimity and deft in dealing with foreign leaders, even with those with which he is not totally in agreement. It is not entirely out of the question that the two leaders, even with such very different personalities, might even develop a warm relationship.

One can also not exclude the possibility of some surprises coming out of the encounter which may point the way out for some of the problem areas. While President Trump, who has made it one of the hallmarks of his Administration to make changes in trade policy which would benefit U.S. industry, may make greater use of tariffs and taxes in order to keep some production in the U.S., and to attract new production, this could possible have a negative effect on some Chinese export products to the U.S.

But if such a policy were not solely directed toward Chinese products alone, and were not of such a draconian nature as some of the Chinese ``hawks’’ in the Administration may want to impose, this could be acceptable to China if they received something in return. If some restrictions were lifted, China would be happy to buy more American products. China also invests heavily in the United States and President Trump has called for a one trillion dollar investment in the failing U.S. infrastructure. China is presently the greatest producer of infrastructure in the world. And they have expressed, in official statements and in numerous articles, their interest in investing in U.S. infrastructure. While direct Chinese ownership of strategic infrastructure like railroads or telecommunications might be frowned upon, less strategic areas might be opened for Chinese investment. Creating a Hamiltonian national infrastructure fund or bank in which China could invest at an equal or higher rate of return than they are getting from their extensive holdings of Treasury bills, might also be a means of helping President Trump in realizing his infrastructure promise. If this were combined with the implementation of Glass-Steagall legislation, another Trump promise, this would also provide the basis for stabilizing the U.S. banking system, where it also could reorient to the more long-term investment of the infrastructure program.

A closer relationship between the U.S. and China, particularly on these economic issues, would go a long way in helping them deal with the other issues that are on the table. US-China cooperation would also help solidify the gains made by China’s Belt and Road Initiative. A U.S. development program, especially in the realm of high-speed rail, could turn the New Silk Road project of China into a veritable World Landbridge, as has been proposed by Lyndon and Helga LaRouche. Both President Trump and President Xi are leaders who are clearly focused on the need for increased economic development based on the expansion of infrastructure, and this could be what unites them policy-wise. If they can find the wisdom to work together on this issue, then the ``American Dream’’ will converge with the ``Chinese Dream’’ and will create a new paradigm of global development for the entire world.

Trump’s Speeches on the American System

Here are excerpts from what he said in two of those speeches:

From the NRCC Dinner Tuesday, March 22:

"I have called this model, the model that you’ve been watching, the model that's created so much value, the model of bringing back jobs and bringing back industry -- I called it the American Model. And this is the system that our Founders wanted. Our greatest American leaders -- including George Washington, Hamilton, Jackson, Lincoln -- they all agreed that for America to be a strong nation it must also be a great manufacturing nation. Have to make money.

​"​The Republican platform of 1896 -- more than a century ago -- stated that: “Protection and reciprocity are twin measures of American policy and go hand in hand.” I mean, we have situations where other countries who have zero respect for our country -- by the way, do you notice they’re starting to respect us a lot? A lot. A lot. They’ll charge us 100 percent tax on some -- 100 percent. And we charge them nothing. They’ll make it impossible through regulations for our product to be sold in their country, and yet they’ll sell their product routinely in our country. Not going to happen anymore. The word, “reciprocity” -- they do it, we do it. Who can complain about that? Big difference. You're talking about big, big dollars, too, by the way.

​"​The platform went on to say:

​'​We renew and emphasize our allegiance to the policy of protection, as the bulwark of American industrial independence and the foundation of American development and prosperity.'​

"...Our first Republican President, Abraham Lincoln, ran his first campaign for public office in 1832 -- when he was only 23 years old. He began by imagining the benefits a railroad could bring to his port [part] of Illinois -- without ever having seen a steam-powered train. He had no idea, and yet he knew what it could be. Thirty years later, as President, Lincoln signed the law that built the first Transcontinental Railroad, uniting our country from ocean to ocean. Great President. Most people don't even know he was a Republican, right? Does anyone know?

"...Another great Republican President, Dwight Eisenhower, had a vision of a national infrastructure plan. As an officer in the Army after World War I, he joined a military convoy that trekked across the nation to the Pacific Coast. It traveled along the Lincoln Highway -- called then the Lincoln Highway. Its journey began by the South Lawn of the White House, at a monument known today as Zero Milestone. Anybody know where that is? The journey made a great impression on then young Eisenhower. More than three decades later, as President, he signed the bill that created our great Interstate Highway System -- once again uniting us as a nation.

​"​Now is time for a new Republican administration, working with our Republican Congress, to pass the next great infrastructure bill. (Applause.) Our party must dream as big and as bold as Lincoln and Eisenhower. Together, Republicans will lead America into our unbelievable future. We have so much potential. We have so much potential. I see it now even more than I saw it in this great campaign -- which turned out to be a movement, a movement like the world has never seen before, actually.

"...Somewhere in America tonight, a child is born in poverty, looking up into the sky, and filling their heart with dreams -- big, beautiful, bold dreams. And if we make the right choices together, then no one will ever have to tell that child that their dreams will have to wait for another day, another year, or another decade. Because the waiting now is over. The time for action is now. This is the moment when great deeds are done -- and we will do those great deeds. By putting our faith in the people, and by putting our trust in God, we will rise to this occasion like no one has ever risen before."

From the Willow Run Speech on Wednesday, March 15th:

​"We must embrace a new economic model. Let’s call it "The American Model." (Applause.)

“Under this system, we will reduce burdens on our companies and on our businesses. But, in exchange, companies must hire and grow in America. They have to hire and grow in our country. That is how we will succeed and grow together -- American workers and American industry side-by-side. Nobody can beat us, folks. Nobody can beat us. (Applause.) Because whether we are rich or poor, young or old, black or brown or white, we all bleed the same red blood of patriots. (Applause.)

"Great Americans of all backgrounds built the Arsenal of Democracy -- including the legendary Rosie the Riveter, who worked here at Willow Run. You know that. (Applause.) Seventy-five years ago, during the Second World War, thousands of American workers filled this very building to build the great new airplanes -- the B-24 Liberator. At peak production -- listen to this -- it’s not the country that we've been watching over the last 20 years -- they were building one B-24 every single hour. (Applause.) We don't hear that. We don't hear that anymore, do we? We’ll be back. We’ll be back soon. Most amazing people.

"And while that’s incredible, it’s a tribute really to the teamwork, determination, and patriotism that lives on today in each and every one of you. Great people. You're great people.

"Now, these hundreds of acres that defended our democracy are going to help build the cars and cities of the future. (Applause.) So I ask you -- that's fine because you're right -- (laughter) -- so I ask you today to join me in daring to believe that this facility, this city, and this nation will once again shine with industrial might. (Applause.)

"I am asking you to place your faith in the American worker and these great American companies. (Applause.) I’m also asking you to respect and place your faith in companies from foreign lands that come here to build their product. We love them too, right? We love them too. (Applause.)

"I’m asking all of the companies here today to join us in this new Industrial Revolution. Let us put American workers, American families, and American dreams first once again."

Comey’s FBI Runs Color Revolution Against Trump, on Behalf of British Crown

By Michael G. Steger

James Comey committed near treason on Monday, March 20, when he testified to his participation in a fraudulent investigation against the Trump Presidency. The entire investigation on Russia is a fraud. There is no evidence of any crime by every account. However, there is clear evidence of an intended coup against a legitimate Presidency of the U.S., and the threat, via Trump’s overthrow, to force a war against Russia and China which would result in nuclear war.

Comey is getting his orders from the bankrupt financial centers of the City of London and Wall St., for whom the FBI was initially established. It is not surprising that these attempts to undermine the newly elected President are all to mask the dire bankruptcy of the trans-Atlantic financial system, and the failed political establishment which is responsible for the now imploding economic crisis.

Under this Ukraine-style “color revolution,” Comey’s hands are more than filthy, possibly through direct participation in surveillance of the Trump team—as we now see with Susan Rice—but certainly for the cover-up of the intended removal of President Trump by the Obama administration network, including their direct ties into the media.

As reported by London’s Financial Times, Comey has just established a Special Investigative Unit in the FBI’s “Hoover Headquarters” in Washington D.C. to continue this Quixotic quest to determine Russia’s role in our recent election, and he’s joined by his deputy Andrew McCabe—the same McCabe whose wife received $700,000 from team Hillary during her campaign for State Senate just last year.

This is the British hand at work, and the desperation and hysteria of this operation, fully fledged since the election, indicates that the clock is ticking, and is to be decided over the coming weeks.

Susan Rice Did Not Act Alone

It has now been confirmed by Susan Rice, contrary to what she said just ten days earlier, that she was involved in exposing the names of various Trump transition officials, tantamount to eavesdropping on political opponents to undermine a newly elected President. This is a severe breach of the public trust of broad executive powers—as we saw during the entire Obama Presidency—but it does not stop at Susan Rice. She said in her interview with Andrea Mitchell, that all of the reports listing Trump officials including possibly Congressmen, were ordered by Obama personally. The Wall Street Journal now reports that there were others inside the Obama administration who also unmasked people in Trump’s transition efforts.

The entire Obama network, including the Wall St. and British backers, such as George Soros, are now facing exposure of their extensive crimes against the American people, and many others around the world, for the last eight years. The sirens of justice can now be heard, at least in the distance.

For the guilty, the panic is high, the drinks are certainly flowing, and the pills are still being popped. Can the FBI and their media agents protect team Obama from what is already becoming a major Congressional investigation and Constitutional crisis?

Democrats Hide Behind Comey

The Democrats would have no cover for their lack of evidence, and overtly seditious tactics, were it not for Comey’s outright protection of their intended coup. And the media would have no daily story were it not for the Democrats constant band-standing, all with Comey’s protection.

Their hysteria depends on obvious lies and deception. Regarding the so-called Russian hacking of the DNC computers, this has only been confirmed by one private company, Crowdstrike, and at least one of its directors, Dimitri Alperovitch, was a supporter of Hillary Clinton, and a member of the Atlantic Council.

The Atlantic Council is funded by the State Department, as well as the Ukrainian World Council, Saudi Arabia, and over twenty other foreign nations. The council also happens to now employ Evelyn Farkas (Obama’s former Asst. Deputy Secretary of Defense for Russia, Ukraine and Eurasia until 2015), who admitted in early March that the Obama White House had direct involvement in the surveillance of the Trump transition team, and was also involved in the broad distribution of unmasked reports to members of Congress and the media.

The very fact that the FBI has not investigated the actual computers, which were supposedly hacked, is inconceivable, as President Trump himself indicated in a tweet March 5.

Besides the supposed hacking by Russia, there is the British-sponsored intelligence “dodgy dossier” by British agent Christopher Steele, which even Mike Morell, former Deputy Director of the CIA and top Hillary surrogate, said was entirely false, and worse, the fake gossip was actually paid for via intermediaries who still remain unnamed, and thus the whole report is unverified. It is also possible that in addition to a Republican campaign, likey the Bush Campaign, and then the Hillary Campaign both having paid MI-6 operative Steele for this propaganda, that also the FBI, under Comey’s direction, paid Steele, all for what is essentially gossip, which even CNN, who broke the story on television, could not corroborate. The FBI is now under Congressional investigation for this allegation of paying for political opposition research, which would be another severe breach of Executive powers.

All Americans should be outraged over every aspect of this fascist-coup scenario playing out before their very eyes. Either we fight now against this coup, or we will all lose.

The British Hand of the FBI

Such a crime, as is now exposed regarding Susan Rice, et al., short of attempted murder of a President-elect, as against FDR and Lincoln, has never been documented in U.S. history. Watergate was simply the cover-up of a burglary of another campaign. This is outright surveillance, illegal leaks to the media, and conspiracy to undermine a sitting President!

Without Comey, acting on behalf of the British Crown, the Democrats, who are serving as modern-day McCarthyites, have nothing to stand on.

Leading retired figures in the intelligence committee have also been clear that Robert Hannigan’s early departure as the director of Britain’s GCHQ, and just three days after Trump was inaugurated, is not a coincidence. John Brennan, who is now the former director of the CIA and a life-long agent of Saudi-British interests from his career-CIA post in Riyadh, was likely the key interlocutor between the Obama apparatus and the British GCHQ, coordinating their “Get Trump” operation. Brennan has been silent during this entire period, but only after he, as the sitting director of the CIA, directly attacked Trump during the transition period, and publicly!

The British, via the “five eyes” agreement, also have access to all data collected by the NSA, which includes all cell phone, emails, credit card transactions, and even library book rentals, all of which started after 9-11 in 2001. And, the British have zero Constitutional restrictions preventing the surveilling and even overthrow of a U.S. President.

Actually, quite the contrary, it is the Monarchy’s near duty. Remember, this is the same British Establishment which considered the reinstatement of Glass-Steagall an ACT OF WAR.

The FBI’s Fingerprint

The very reason the F.B.I was established under Anglophile Teddy Roosevelt—who ended the Lincoln Republican Party and brought in Wall St.—was to bring the U.S. into World War I, and to surveil, intimidate and control every member of the U.S. government who refuses to accept British-Wall St. direction. The same role was repeated with the Cold War, as it was with Bush and Cheney’s Iraq war, and the cover-up of 9-11.

The FBI cover-up of 9-11, as with Kennedy’s assassination, is perhaps the most heinous, and continues to this day, most notably in Sarasota, FL where tens of thousands of documents remain undisclosed, documents which likely show the FBI’s involvement and cover-up of the activities of the 9-11 terrorists, and more importantly, the financiers.

A Great Moment in History

The American people have to make a decision, The Trump Presidency has made a clear and solemn commitment to revive the American System of Political-Economy, the very system Lyndon LaRouche has represented internationally over the last 40 years.

Do the American people have the courage to act to make this potential a reality? Not an approximation, not a maybe, not a yes-but?

To put this another way, has a great moment found a great people? A people prepared to restore their nation to it’s rightful heritage, to respond with that “Lincoln-reflex”?

Or has this moment found a little people, concerned about their own survival, riddled by their own insecurities and resentments?

It is now clear, following Comey’s testimony and subsequent actions that his own motives must be questioned under the threat of removal as the director of the FBI. Either the intelligence community, along with Obama and his minions in the media, must be held accountable, or our nation remains vulnerable to sustained political attack and an attempted color revolution, as we see in Syria and Ukraine.

The Glass-Steagall act must then be reinstated to put an end to Wall St.’s control over American politics. With these immediate steps fulfilled, a full fledged return to the system of Hamilton, Lincoln and FDR will be possible. A LaRouche program feasible. A new American Renaissance unleashed!