Trump’s Speeches on the American System

March 30, 2017

Here are excerpts from what he said in two of those speeches:

From the NRCC Dinner Tuesday, March 22:

"I have called this model, the model that you’ve been watching, the model that's created so much value, the model of bringing back jobs and bringing back industry -- I called it the American Model. And this is the system that our Founders wanted. Our greatest American leaders -- including George Washington, Hamilton, Jackson, Lincoln -- they all agreed that for America to be a strong nation it must also be a great manufacturing nation. Have to make money.

​"​The Republican platform of 1896 -- more than a century ago -- stated that: “Protection and reciprocity are twin measures of American policy and go hand in hand.” I mean, we have situations where other countries who have zero respect for our country -- by the way, do you notice they’re starting to respect us a lot? A lot. A lot. They’ll charge us 100 percent tax on some -- 100 percent. And we charge them nothing. They’ll make it impossible through regulations for our product to be sold in their country, and yet they’ll sell their product routinely in our country. Not going to happen anymore. The word, “reciprocity” -- they do it, we do it. Who can complain about that? Big difference. You're talking about big, big dollars, too, by the way.

​"​The platform went on to say:

​'​We renew and emphasize our allegiance to the policy of protection, as the bulwark of American industrial independence and the foundation of American development and prosperity.'​

"...Our first Republican President, Abraham Lincoln, ran his first campaign for public office in 1832 -- when he was only 23 years old. He began by imagining the benefits a railroad could bring to his port [part] of Illinois -- without ever having seen a steam-powered train. He had no idea, and yet he knew what it could be. Thirty years later, as President, Lincoln signed the law that built the first Transcontinental Railroad, uniting our country from ocean to ocean. Great President. Most people don't even know he was a Republican, right? Does anyone know?

"...Another great Republican President, Dwight Eisenhower, had a vision of a national infrastructure plan. As an officer in the Army after World War I, he joined a military convoy that trekked across the nation to the Pacific Coast. It traveled along the Lincoln Highway -- called then the Lincoln Highway. Its journey began by the South Lawn of the White House, at a monument known today as Zero Milestone. Anybody know where that is? The journey made a great impression on then young Eisenhower. More than three decades later, as President, he signed the bill that created our great Interstate Highway System -- once again uniting us as a nation.

​"​Now is time for a new Republican administration, working with our Republican Congress, to pass the next great infrastructure bill. (Applause.) Our party must dream as big and as bold as Lincoln and Eisenhower. Together, Republicans will lead America into our unbelievable future. We have so much potential. We have so much potential. I see it now even more than I saw it in this great campaign -- which turned out to be a movement, a movement like the world has never seen before, actually.

"...Somewhere in America tonight, a child is born in poverty, looking up into the sky, and filling their heart with dreams -- big, beautiful, bold dreams. And if we make the right choices together, then no one will ever have to tell that child that their dreams will have to wait for another day, another year, or another decade. Because the waiting now is over. The time for action is now. This is the moment when great deeds are done -- and we will do those great deeds. By putting our faith in the people, and by putting our trust in God, we will rise to this occasion like no one has ever risen before."

From the Willow Run Speech on Wednesday, March 15th:

​"We must embrace a new economic model. Let’s call it "The American Model." (Applause.)

“Under this system, we will reduce burdens on our companies and on our businesses. But, in exchange, companies must hire and grow in America. They have to hire and grow in our country. That is how we will succeed and grow together -- American workers and American industry side-by-side. Nobody can beat us, folks. Nobody can beat us. (Applause.) Because whether we are rich or poor, young or old, black or brown or white, we all bleed the same red blood of patriots. (Applause.)

"Great Americans of all backgrounds built the Arsenal of Democracy -- including the legendary Rosie the Riveter, who worked here at Willow Run. You know that. (Applause.) Seventy-five years ago, during the Second World War, thousands of American workers filled this very building to build the great new airplanes -- the B-24 Liberator. At peak production -- listen to this -- it’s not the country that we've been watching over the last 20 years -- they were building one B-24 every single hour. (Applause.) We don't hear that. We don't hear that anymore, do we? We’ll be back. We’ll be back soon. Most amazing people.

"And while that’s incredible, it’s a tribute really to the teamwork, determination, and patriotism that lives on today in each and every one of you. Great people. You're great people.

"Now, these hundreds of acres that defended our democracy are going to help build the cars and cities of the future. (Applause.) So I ask you -- that's fine because you're right -- (laughter) -- so I ask you today to join me in daring to believe that this facility, this city, and this nation will once again shine with industrial might. (Applause.)

"I am asking you to place your faith in the American worker and these great American companies. (Applause.) I’m also asking you to respect and place your faith in companies from foreign lands that come here to build their product. We love them too, right? We love them too. (Applause.)

"I’m asking all of the companies here today to join us in this new Industrial Revolution. Let us put American workers, American families, and American dreams first once again."