Xi-Trump Summit Generally Assumed, But Not Confirmed

March 23, 2017

Media in the United States, China, and Asia continue to report that Presidents Trump and Xi will meet in the United States April 6-7. But there is still no confirmation of this from either government, under concerted attacks by the British and their allies who fear "major power agreements" among America, China, and Russia.

The closest thing to substantiation from China came from the Foreign Ministry March 19: "On this visit to China by Secretary of State Tillerson, both sides had a deep discussion on arranging a meeting soon between the two heads of state and began relevant preparatory work," Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said. "Both sides agreed to remain in close touch about this, to ensure the smooth success and fruitfulness of exchanges between the heads of state."

In the United States only Secretary of State Tillerson's decision not to attend the April 6 NATO foreign ministers meeting has led to reports that Tillerson will be taking part in Xi-Trump meetings. After angry British reactions, the State Department said March 21 that Tillerson was open to the NATO meeting date being changed so that he would attend.

Meanwhile, the White House confirmed President Trump will go to the NATO heads-of-state meeting May 25. China has invited him to the Belt and Road Initiative Forum in Beijing May 14-15.

Reports that Tillerson would go to Moscow April 12 also remain unconfirmed by either the United States or Russian officials as of March 22.