The Woman on Mars

March 21, 2017


Continuing our celebration of Krafft Ehricke's 100th birthday this week, we present Lyndon LaRouche's 1988 nationally televised campaign broadcast, The Woman on Mars. Lyndon LaRouche presents his strategy to establish mankind's presence on Mars by 2027.



The Science and Technology Needed to Colonize Mars (1986)

"Rarely mentioned in news media accounts so far, forces around President Ronald Reagan are now working industriously to elaborate what could be seen by future generations as the crowning achievement of Mr. Reagan's Presidency: the commitment of the United States to establishing a permanent colonization of the planet Mars, 40 years from now."

[See the attached PDF for the entire article.]

The Extraterrestrial Imperative and Lunar Development

"This paper sets forth key aspects of development of Earth's sister planet-Moon-as the first extraterrestrial world in this solar system. Its genesis is my book, The Seventh Continent: The Industrialization and Settlement of the Moon, which was written during the past ten years. It also considers a philosophy that I began developing in the early 1960s called The Extraterrestrial Imperative." by Krafft Ehricke [See the attached PDF for the paper in its entirety.]

In Celebration of Krafft Ehricke

In Celebration of Krafft Ehricke's 100th Birthday

Join us this week as we celebrate German-American space pioneer Krafft Ehricke's ideas and work, in honor his 100th birthday, March 24, 2017. We will feature videos and written reports by Mr. Ehricke, and also by his collaborator Lyndon LaRouche, daily on our website and social media. On Wednesday, we'll host a live discussion about Krafft Ehricke's ideas to permanently colonize the moon, and encourage you to ask questions. Stay tuned on and our Facebook and Twitter pages for updates.


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