What's at Stake in Obama/British Coup Attempt Against Trump

March 9, 2017
Marine Corps Gen. Joe Dunford, right, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, speaks with Gen. Hulusi Akar of the Turkish army, center, and Gen. Valery Gerasimov of the Russian army in Antalya, Turkey, March 6, 2017. They discussed their role in Syria.

In an extraordinarily welcome sight since Tuesday, American and Russian military forces have met and been patrolling nearly beside one another -- clearly in coordination -- outside the city of Manbij in Syria, providing calm around that city while Russian forces deliver aid to it. This event follows simultaneous Russian and American bombing of ISIS outside Palmyra while Syrian forces drove ISIS out of that city; and a three-way meeting of the U.S., Russian, and Turkish chiefs of staff and their staffs on the Syria war on Monday.

U.S.-Russian cooperation against international terrorism is occurring in reality in Syria; a beginning.

It is ironic that the most prominent media coverage of the Manbij development -- with photos and a 1945 picture of American and Russian troops greeting each other at the Elbe in the defeat of Hitler -- appeared in the London Times. It is this cooperation, not only against terrorism, which has made the British security and intelligence establishment, and the Obama political circle, furious. It has made them try to force President Donald Trump out of office "by resignation or impeachment," as a friend of Barack Obama told the London Daily Mail. It has even led some British, German, and French "media leaders" to publicly discuss assassinating Trump. And it has made some Democratic leaders -- the ones who refused to allow talk of impeachment when Cheney and Bush had plunged into a disastrous Iraq War by lying to Congress and the United Nations -- strive to set up impeachment of President Trump for opposing war confrontation with Russia.

What is at stake is a much greater promise than cooperation against terrorism. China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi stated again March 7, that his country's goal is the cooperation of the United States, Russia, and China, beyond stabilizing the world, to generating worldwide economic, technological, and scientific development. The modern infrastructure projects China has initiated in 60 countries along the "New Silk Road" offer the "platform for the brightest prospects in the world," said Wang, if the greatest powers join in them. "The Belt and Road Initiative belongs to the world."

This is where the "great infrastructure building program" that President Trump talks about will find its driver. The prospect of this new paradigm, is what the Obama/British coup against Trump intends to stop.

It is British intelligence which has been generating secret research and charges of "Trump-Russia" collusion for the past year, leading to the open McCarthyism and Obama war against Trump of the past two months.

But the American people voted for a new direction, above all in restoring a productive economy, living standards and productive employment. Their response to EIR and LaRouchePAC mobilizing for that new paradigm -- even in all the town halls and rallies organized on apparently partisan lines -- shows how to defeat Obama and his British backers.