Obama's Organization Wants Another Ukraine Coup Now, in America

February 20, 2017
Women's March on Washington. January 21, 2017. [flickr/Mobilus In Mobili/CC BY-SA 2.0]

Members of both Houses of Congress spoke out this week against Obama-appointed U.S. diplomats and George Soros' foundations acting together to overthrow the elected government of Macedonia. But a few of them are starting to suspect that Obama and Soros also intend to overthrow the elected government of the United States. As EIR Founding Editor Lyndon LaRouche characterized it today, "They [Obama and the Soros-funded groups] are actually committing a kind of suicide, threatening to kill this nation."

While Obama himself, incredibly, is bombarding Americans with robocalls attacking President Trump right now, and encouraging protests and demonstrations against the President; Obama's "Organizing for Action" national network is organizing those demonstrations and shows of force at Congressional town hall meetings this week. This is Obama's personal support and funds network; even many Democratic state chairmen around the country say they have nothing to do with it.

The nation-killer George Soros, with a few fellow Democracy Alliance billionaires, is funding every street protest and large demonstration.

Holdovers from Obama's Administration in security positions, from the former Acting Attorney General to the NSA, are feeding entire cycles of wild stories and leaking highly secret documents to a complicit press, trying to set in motion the impeachment of President Trump, or worse.

The failing powers of the European Union bureaucracy and elite -- who loved Obama -- are hysterical in demanding President Trump be either neutralized, removed or even killed, as leading "senior journalists" in both the UK and Germany have openly discussed.

EIR will document this completely in a dossier appearing this week, showing that Obama's and Soros' intention is to repeat the 2014 anti-Russian "Maidan" overthrow of Ukraine's government, by the overthrow of Trump. And for the same objective: war confrontation with Putin's Russia.

As the President himself said on Friday in Florida, this attack is for the global elite, centered in London and on Wall Street, which became dominant over the planet in the era of "globalization" and "deindustrialization." That elite absolutely refuses to accept that a succession of nations are voting it out. Trump believes "the nation-state remains the best model for human happiness"; and wants cooperation between the United States and Russia, and China, as leading nations.

Obama's organization has to be destroyed, because it could put the world again into his "perpetual wars," and on the edge again of world war. As LaRouche observes, Trump's intentions are stronger than his actions so far, but he is a potentially constructive President, and his role is crucial. Destroy Obama's organization with EIR's dossier, and by intensifying the mobilization for Glass-Steagall and bipartisan actions for productive employment and productivity.



U.S. Congressmen Targeting George Soros's Subversion in Macedonia

Over the past month, legislators led by Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ), of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, have acted to determine the extent of British agent George Soros's subversion of the republic of Macedonia, abetted by U.S. Ambassador and Obama appointee Jess Baily.

Both Lee and Smith wrote letters to Baily, demanding he explain the embassy's role in intervening in Macedonia's internal party politics, and in "shaping the media environment and civil society ... favoring groups of one political persuasion over another," in the Dec. 11, 2016 elections. Lee's Jan. 17 letter specifically asked whether "the U.S. Mission to Macedonia selected the Open Society Foundation"—founded by George Soros—"as the major implementer of USAID projects in Macedonia?" The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) is part of the State Department.

A Jan. 17 letter by Rep. Smith and several other House Republicans had similar wording. "We need to have a detailed oversight into what the [obama] administration has been doing over the past eight years," Smith said, "because we have been taking sides politically, and there have been other similar is against the law and is unheard of."

On Feb. 3, the Heritage Foundation news agency, the Daily Signal reported that Congressmen are considering holding hearings and Representative Smith has launched an investigation into Soros's Macedonian operation. Anti-Soros organizers inside Macedonia, report that since 2012, USAID has been allocating most of its assistance to the Open Society Institute as well as to non-governmental organizations controlled by Soros. Conservative Macedonian political commentator Cvetin Chilimanov told the Daily Signal that Baily was actively seeking to form a "red-green" coalition between the former communist Social Democratic Union (SDSM) and two ethnic Albanian parties, to replace the VMRO-DPMNE coalition which won the Dec. 11 elections.

Chilimanov is a co-founder of the "Stop Operation Soros" citizens' group. According to the Asian Tribune Sunday, Senator Lee's staff met recently with Macedonian lawmakers, who handed them a white paper produced by the group which charges that USAID has been financing hard-left causes in the country, including violent riots in the streets which target the President, police and government institutions. To date, Ambassador Baily hasn't responded to the Senate or House letters, but in response to Representative Smith's inquiries, acting State Department spokesman Mark Toner stated in late January, that as a friend of Macedonia, "the U.S. urges all parties to respect the rule of law, democratic processes and international commitments. We want to see a strong Macedonia, on its way to becoming a member of the Euro-Atlantic family."

LaRouchePAC and EIR's Glass-Steagall Mobilization Picks Up Steam

Targeting Feb. 28 when President Donald Trump first speaks to Congress, LaRouche PAC and Democratic activists have collected nearly 4,000 signatures calling on the President to propose re-enacting Glass-Steagall — petitions Glass-Steagall sponsors in Congress hope to present to the President by that date. Some 1,500 of the "Trump" petitions from Ohio alone have been conveyed to sponsor Marcy Kaptur (D-OH). Glass-Steagall legislation, the "Return To Prudent Banking Act," was introduced in the House of Representatives Feb. 1 and now has 32 sponsors there.

In the same mobilization, LaRouche PAC activists and EIR representatives have gotten the legislatures of 11 states in just over one month to file resolutions calling on Congress for Glass-Steagall and/or for the "American Recovery Program." The latter starts with Glass-Steagall and consists of actions based on Lyndon LaRouche's "Four Laws To Save the Nation." In four of those states — Minnesota, Illinois, Washington and Delaware — these resolutions have moved in both houses of the legislature.

These actions are concentrated in the industrial or "Rust Belt" states of the Midwest and South, and resolutions by legislators in more states are anticipated soon.

After more than two years of many discussions of, and meetings on the "American Recovery Program" or "LaRouche's Four Laws" with state officials, a new optimism about economic change, following the extraordinary Presidential election, is one factor in these rapid actions. Alabama State Rep. Thomas Jackson, for example, advanced such a resolution without obtaining any cosponsors in 2016, but has nine cosponsors this year.

But the full involvement of LaRouchePAC activists and petitioners has also played an important role in states like Illinois, Ohio and Iowa. In Kansas the Cattlemen's Association posted phone numbers of the entire legislature and Congressional delegation, along with an article on the "Four Laws" by LaRouche PAC's Bob Baker. A few of the legislators themselves have become "activists" in the cause.

Though no resolutions have been voted through state bodies yet, most of the legislatures involved will remain in session for some time after the President's speech to Congress. This gives the opportunity for more activists to get involved petitioning and recruiting more sponsors in their state legislatures.

During this Congressional recess of Feb. 18-26, many Members will hold large and highly controversial town hall meetings. LaRouche PAC activists in the New York Metropolitan Area plan to be at six of the town halls. In their first intervention Feb. 18, they "were swarmed by people to sign the petition." With 53 signers from roughly 300 attending, they distributed 200 copies of their Hamiltonian weekly, and were interviewed by NPR and Telemundo, a U.S. Spanish-language TV network. Activist Marta Gallegos told Telemundo, "It's very important to support the President" this way.

Rep. Adriano Espaillat (D), holding the town hall, was given a packet of literature and said, "Glass-Steagall, yes, we need that."