What Is Essential in the Fight Over Trump's Presidency?

February 14, 2017
President Trump and Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe hold a press conference at the White House. Feb 10 2017 (facebook/@DonaldTrump)

Lyndon and Helga LaRouche have made the situation for organizing in the United States quite clear, from a higher viewpoint than the bitter fights over this or that executive order.

They have worked to create a new paradigm in the world over many years of fighting for the World Landbridge policy, now a reality expanding from China; for a new global security concept to replace "geopolitics," now being realized by Russia's Putin; and for the new Western economic policies now specified for the United States as LaRouche's Four Laws to Save the Nation. So what is crucial is the opportunity which Donald Trump's Presidency represents, to bring about those new policies. First, to prevent thermonuclear war by burying geopolitics, which begins with American cooperation with Putin's Russia. Second, to pre-empt another looming financial crash, which begins with re-enacting the Glass-Steagall Act.

Lyndon LaRouche reminded today: There is a newly elected President. We have a new Presidency. The new President has already succeeded in some international negotiations, which point to the potential of the United States, Russia, China, Japan and India joining in this new paradigm. But this is fragile, with a domestic economic policy which is still made of unformed promises at best; and it is under sustained attack by forces led by a vindictive Barack Obama and by the British who led everything Obama did.

The attack is joined by the entire elite and media of the European Union -- always a London project -- who cannot admit that geopolitics and globalist economics are losing elections and referenda everywhere.

The essence, LaRouche said, is to "go to this new Presidency," by any organizing avenue possible, "and negotiate on our issues," LaRouche's own Four Laws. "Don't deviate from the potential character of this new Presidency, and getting to it." Immediately, recognize that the Achilles Heel of the new Trump Presidency is the failure thus far, to follow through on the promise of restoring Glass-Steagall. The Democrats' biggest liberal big talkers have thrown aside their own Glass-Steagall promises to become anti-Trump demogogues. We are filling that void, knowing the new economic paradigm Glass-Steagall can lead to.

The LaRouchePAC Policy Committee on Monday discussed this out, as shown below.

Watch the LaRouchePAC Policy Committee Show, Feb 13, 2017.