Keep George Soros' Ally Steven Mnuchin Away from Trump Treasury!

January 26, 2017
George Soros at the 47th Munich Security Conference in 2011. [photo: Harald Dettenborn]

George Soros, a long-time agent of British influence, megaspeculator, and nation-wrecker, is the self-avowed leading financial force in the drive to ruin or even bring down the Donald Trump presidency. He was also a leading, if not the primary, sponsor of Barack Obama to the presidency. It is a deadly error that a years-long employee, partner, and co-investor with Soros, Steven Mnuchin, may be about to become President Trump's Treasury Secretary!

Soros -- who has already backed a mass march to Washington against Trump and is backing a completely meritless "constitutional" lawsuit to try to impeach him, has employed or worked with Treasury Secretary-Designate Steven Mnuchin in financial speculations for nearly 15 years. Soros said at Davos, "I personally am convinced he [ Trump ] is going to fail... I want him to fail."

A Mnuchin confirmation threatens to destroy President Trump's promise to rebuild the U.S. economy.

Donald Trump's administration won the support of the American people with campaign promises to modernize America's infrastructure, and build high-speed rail, modern ports, and technologically advanced manufacturing. This implies that America would again have a space program, like China and Russia, which would increase the productivity of the U.S. economy just as JFK's "Moonshot" did in 1969. The United States and the world need thermonuclear fusion power -- the energy that powers the sun, and emits simple helium as its by-product, to propel planetary exploration.

Steven Mnuchin at Treasury will not let this happen; he opposes restoring the Glass-Steagall Act which Trump promised "in order to get credit flowing to small businesses again;" he invests with the speculator Soros, who brings down governments by financial manipulation and by funding "color revolutions."

Mnuchin has been joined in politics and finances with George Soros since at least 2002. After 12 years at Goldman Sachs -- think of pro-Wall Street Secretaries like Robert Rubin and Hank Paulson -- Mnuchin was recruited by George Soros to run the Soros-backed SFM Capital, which was created to buy "risky assets." Mnuchin also worked for Soros Fund Managment. Backed by Soros, he founded Dune Capital Management with former Goldman colleagues.

Nathan Vardi wrote in Forbes July 22, 2014, "A gang made up of some of Wall Street's biggest names and Goldman Sachs partner Steve Mnuchin, who served as its CEO, is set to realize a big score from the sale of One West Bank to CIT group for $3.4 billion." This "gang" of hedge funds was Soros Capital Management and six other funds, who bought IndyMac and made Mnuchin CEO of the renamed One West.

"In 2009," Vardi continued, "the buyout group bought the assets of the former Indy Mac from the FDIC, which had seized its assets. The group paid $1.55 billion for the bank in the teeth of the financial crisis," Vardi wrote. Indy MAC was the second biggest bank failure of the financial crisis, and the taxpayer-funded FDIC agreed to share the losses on a portfolio of loans. Mnuchin's group bought Indy Mac Bank, which foreclosed on tens of thousands of homeowners, for 1.55 billions; changed its name to One West Bank, and sold it to the CIT group for $3.4 billion in July 2014. Soros Management had partnered with six other hedge funds to acquire Indy Mac."

The Soros-Mnuchin connection was so durable that one financial website, ZeroHedge, wrote on Nov. 11, just after Donald Trump's election, that "Soros Fund Management employee Steven Mnuchin" was being groomed for something bigger in the Trump Administration.

The 2008 mortgage and general financial crisis could never have happened if the 1933 Glass-Steagall Act had not been repealed by agents of Wall Street speculators. There would have been no bailout for speculators. In his campaign, President Trump and the Republican Party Platform supported Glass-Steagall's re-enactment. But when the Senate Finance Committee held a hearing on Mnuchin's confirmation, Mnuchin told Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-WA) that he did not and would not support the re-enactment of the 1933 Glass-Steagall law. There is no other Glass-Steagall to support, though Mnuchin tried to invent one.

George Soros thinks and hopes President Donald Trump will fail. In a video interview from the World Economic Forum at Davos on Jan. 19, 2017, Soros told Bloomberg's Francine Laqua, "I personally am convinced he [ Trump ] is going to fail; not because of people like me, who would like him to fail, but because the ideas that guide him are inherently self-contradictory. The contradictions are already embodied in his advisors ... and, by his Cabinet. Therefore, you'll have the various establishments fighting with each other, and cause a very unpredictable outcome... unpredictable is the enemy of long-term."

More than just Soros, London wants to get control of the Trump Presidency, turn it back to Obama's war confrontations against Russia AND China, and to "globalization." Soros's man is London's and Wall Street's man. He must be kept out of the Treasury.