Trump Being Trapped By London and Wall Street—He Must Be Protected

January 23, 2017
Treasury Secretary nominee Steven Mnuchin testifying in Congress, January 19, 2017. Photo: CSPAN

As Donald Trump begins his first week in office as President of the United States, the Western world is in a dangerous state of tumult and indecision, but one of extraordinary potential. The direction the Trump presidency will take is uncertain. While Trump campaigned against the role of Wall Street over Obama and Hillary, and explicitly called for restoring Glass Steagall to end the power of Wall Street over government, his choice for Secretary of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin, claimed in his Congressional confirmation hearing that neither he nor Trump want to restore Glass Steagall, since, he said, it would disrupt "liquidity and the capital markets." This is particularly absurd, since it comes as the entire western financial system is facing a catastrophic collapse of the $2 quadrillion (that is, 2 and 15 zeros) derivative bubble — gambling debts sucking the blood out of the real economy.

See: LaRouche Calls to Defeat Mnuchin Confirmation

"Trump is in trouble," Lyndon LaRouche asserted today, pointing to his exposure to huge debts and creditors who are trying to hold him to account on behalf of the City of London and Wall Street. "We need to clean out the dirty operators — we need a clean operation in the U.S., that will protect Trump and protect the country." LaRouche has called on the Congress to reject Mnuchin's appointment to Treasury, and to immediately restore Glass Steagall as the necessary first step to restoring the nation's real economy.        

The Wall Street power over leading elements of both political parties is now exposed, as the right wing Republican's and their fellow Obama Democrats have joined forces to instigate the removal of Trump from office by any means necessary. Members of Congress and elements in the intelligence community are "investigating" connections between Trump and his cabinet appointees with the Russian government, playing on the absolute hysteria against Russia and Vladimir Putin by the Obama circle (who, as Putin said last week, "keep saying goodbye but don't leave").        

The London Spectator on Jan. 21 ran an article by BBC journalist Paul Wood titled: "Will Donald Trump be assassinated, ousted in a coup, or just impeached?" In this vein, the Soros-funded Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) today filed a suit in the New York courts accusing Trump of violating the Constitutional ban on office holders receiving "Emoluments" (payments) from foreign governments, arguing that foreign governments or officials paying for a hotel room in a Trump hotel is the same as a criminal payoff, and likewise for foreign government linked banks lending to a Trump company.        

It should be no surprise that the head of CREW, David Brock, is the same person who ran the press campaign called "Troopergate" against President Bill Clinton. Those who think Brock has "changed sides" know nothing about the ways of the British Empire.        

The fact that China and Russia have set in motion a new paradigm for mankind provides the needed direction for the new Trump administration, and for Europe and the United States generally. China's New Silk Road process is bringing massive infrastructure development, and cooperation in scientific research and space exploration, to every nation willing to participate — and the offer stands for the US to join in that process. The Russians, meanwhile, opened a meeting in Kazakhstan today bringing together the Syrian government and the leading Syrian opposition groups, to consolidate the ongoing ceasefire in the horrendous war instigated by Obama in that once-beautiful country, while beginning a process for a political settlement. It has a chance to work precisely because the British and their puppet Obama are not involved, no longer able to demand regime change rather than cooperation in fighting ISIS and Al Qaeda.        

Every development in the world today is further evidence that Lyndon LaRouche has been profoundly correct, in every forecast of the unavoidable doom of the British monetarist system, and in the necessary New Paradigm required to bring the world together for a new age of development, scientific cooperation, and a Renaissance based on the best traditions of all the world's great cultures. It is time for people of good will to acknowledge that unique role of Lyndon LaRouche, and join forces in this pregnant moment in history to bring about that global human Renaissance.

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Caught in the Act! CREW Lawsuit Proves "Get Trump" Team Is Extension of British Crown's 1990's "Get Clinton" Operation

American statesman Lyndon LaRouche has warned for decades that the British Empire is the greatest enemy of the institution of the U.S. Presidency per se, targeting any President who threatens to defend the United States and its people, regardless of party or profile.

LaRouche's admonition is proven in spades by Monday's favored media-feeding frenzy against President Donald Trump, the lawsuit filed by "Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington."

CREW charges that President Trump is violating the Constitution by illegally receiving payments from foreign governments; that because he did not divest from his businesses, "he is now getting cash and favors from foreign governments, through guests and events at his hotels, leases in his buildings, and valuable real estate deals abroad," from countries such as China, India, Indonesia, and the Philippines. CREW made clear it has been waiting to pounce.

"Now that he is President, his company's acceptance of any benefits from the governments of those countries violates the Constitution," CREW wrote.

CREW is a self-proclaimed "progressive" outfit set up in 2001 to counter similar conservative operations. One of its major funders? George Soros's Open Society Institute. Who is George Soros? Not just a ruthless megaspeculator who got his training expropriating the properties of Jews sent to the death camps by the Nazi occupiers of his native Hungary, but the British Crown's leading drug-pusher globally, and well-known as a key hitman in the British empire's "Color Revolutions" internationally. The same Soros who continues to back Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Who is the president of CREW? One David Brock, denounced by many as a "liberal" or "leftwing" political hitman. Founder of the Media Matters for America "watchdog," Brock has also made himself a powerhouse in the Democratic Party, through such vehicles as his "American Bridge" superpac—also funded by George Soros. He purports to be a close ally of Hillary Clinton.

This is the very same Brock who in the 1990's, then operating as a "rightwing" hitman, played a key role in the British Crown's operation to emasculate the U.S. Presidency by impeaching Bill Clinton. Brock played his assigned role in the "Get Clinton" operation run by MI6's Ambrose Evans Pritchard, scribbling the so-called "Troopergate" article, published by American Spectator in Dec. 1993 which triggered the media uproar which then led to President Clinton's Jan. 12, 1994 request for the appointment of an independent counsel and the eventual impeachment of the President.

On Dec. 6, 2016, the now-retooled hitman, Brock, announced that his American Bridge superpac had set up a "war room" to take down the Trump administration on "corruption" charges. Brock promised that "American Bridge will use everything at its disposal to hold [the Trump administration] accountable," and bragged of having the largest archive of Trump opposition research in the Democratic Party.         

Three days later, Wall Street—that bastion of "Tory" traitors since the American Revolution—weighed in, to buttress Brock's "conflict of interest" operation. This not-so-subtle "play-ball" message to the President-elect took the form of a Bloomberg news service posting on Dec. 9 called "Tracking Trump's Web of Conflicts." It contained a world map and an accompanying listing of Trump's businesses and potential businesses in 20 countries, with a final section tagged on, reporting the $630 million of debt reportedly owed by Trump's businesses to such international lenders as Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, and others.