The Next Stage of Human Evolution

January 20, 2017
The reign of the Bush/Obama years are over. [Whitehouse Photo]

The next days will witness many revolutionary developments, qualitatively new, resembling nothing ever seen previously in all of human history. But there is one thing which is known now, and already is inevitable and unavoidable. Their system is finished. It is over, and it can never come back. Yes, they can raise a ruckus, as they are doing. They can make a bloody mess if they are allowed to--but they will never be able to bring that system back from the grave. Thank God, now we are done with it forever.

As soon as the results of the Presidential election were known, Lyndon LaRouche said that it was not the United States that had rejected Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and everything they stood for--it was the world that had rejected them. It was a global phenomenon. Whatever Angela Merkel may think, the world had had enough of their killing and looting--of the insolence and hubris of three centuries of the British empire. The world had decided to leave them behind in the mud, and move on. On to the next stage of human evolution, which has already begun.

That next stage of evolution is a whole interlinked complex--moral, material, psychological, and scientific--all of these aspects closely intertwined, as they always have been in Lyndon LaRouche's thinking. One word for this next stage of our species' evolution is the "New Paradigm." The New Paradigm, as Helga Zepp-LaRouche has memorably said, "where we become truly human." Its new "platform" of economic development includes the World Landbridge which the LaRouches first launched as an idea about thirty years ago, which is now coming into reality under the leadership of China and Putin's Russia.

As newly-breaking developments crowd on each other day by day, now the Kra Canal project through Thailand, which Lyndon LaRouche has fought for since the 1980s, has come suddenly fully back onto the agenda. As to LaRouche's visionary thinking on this, the January 27 EIR will quote him from a 2014 Fortune Times (Singapore) interview on the Kra Canal.

"Divide the maritime region of East and South Asia into three principle categories: China, a giant; India, a giant; and the maritime connection, throughout Southeast Asias maritime regions. Add the impact of such triadic maritime and related connections, to the physical-economic relations to the Americas to the East, and the Middle East's underbelly and Africa. Then, the potency of a Kra Canal development appears not only as an eminently feasible feature, but as a strategic political-economic force for the planet."

LaRouche also noted that the primary opposition to the Kra Canal within Asia is Singapore, and that the chief source of resistance from Singapore is entirely global, British-imperial military-strategic interests. But, he added:

"The sheer volume of maritime trade between the two great nations of Asia [China and India], and their connections through the South Asia maritime regions, make the Canal probably the most potentially beneficial, and also efficient project for the entire region of the Pacific and Indian Ocean regions, and the co-development of the major regions of Planet Earth as a whole."

China and Japan have brought the Kra Canal project back onto the table, which is a key link in the Maritime Silk Road. At the same time, as part of the Silk Road for Africa, China has engaged with the Transaqua project, the largest infrastructure project Africa has ever contemplated, as reported in the Jan. 6 EIR. As Claudio Celani wrote there, the idea is one of "a waterway which would be able to replenish [Lake Chad], and at the same time form a giant transport, energy and agricultural infrastructure for Central Africa. The construction of such an infrastructure project would offer jobs for millions of Africans, and lay the basis for future development."

As vast as it is, the World Landbridge is only one part of this New Paradigm. With it goes the new "economic platform" of nearby space. It is fully achievable that over the immediate future, nations will join together for a space program whose U.S.A. component alone will be far larger than the Kennedy Moon program. And we can and must have a successful international program to produce virtually-free energy for mankind from nuclear fusion. Their necessary basis is a directed national banking and national credit policy, which must begin by resurrecting Franklin Roosevelt's Glass-Steagall protections.

Thus, LaRouche's "Four New Laws" are the unique requirement for the United States' joining the New Paradigm.

The entire great design has integral moral and cultural dimensions as well. Rather than merely attempt to describe them, we can refer readers to Lyndon LaRouche's "Manhattan Project," which is their leading embodiment in today's world. The "Manhattan Project's" celebrations of Martin Luther King last weekend, embodied this most intensely.

Success is not guaranteed--far from it. Creative volition--your creative volition--is required if mankind is to move upward onto this next beckoning step.

We conclude with the words of Krafft Ehricke from 1966, which we have quoted once before in this space.

"The hour of birth, be it of a life or of an era, is the hour of truth in which pain, doubt and fear challenge, and the intensity of their onslaught causes the compensating forces of strength, confidence and bravery to rise to rare peaks of intensity and power. The world seems to break apart under the agony of this unmerciful confrontation of the old and the new."

We can win this.