Major Breakthrough on Kra Canal Potential

January 17, 2017

The coming to power of the new King of Thailand, Vajiralongkorn Rama X, after the death of his father last year, has created a new opening for the launching of the Kra Canal. EIR's ally Pakdee Tanapura has led the campaign for the canal since he helped organize conferences in 1983 and 1984 in Bangkok featuring Lyndon LaRouche, government officials and representatives from several nations, especially the Mitsubishi Global Infrastructure Fund (GIF). Now, the new King is reported to be favorable to building the canal, and several leading figures on the Privy Council are fully behind it.

A Chinese company has recently completed a feasibility study, deciding on the best route for the canal. While China will not openly back the project unless and until the Thai government officially endorses it, the potential for Thai government support is now high.

A book has been prepared, to be released this coming week, promoting the Kra Canal, with articles by Pakdee and several others, including leading retired generals and admirals with ties to the government and the Privy Council. It is being published in 10,000 copies, with 1200 copies being distributed to leading government officials, royalty, and institutional figures, as well as members of Parliament.

One article written by Pakdee is titled "From Mumbai to Shanghai in 48 Hours," the length of time to travel via the Kra Canal. The article discusses this connection between the Pacific and Indian Ocean basins, India and China, through the Canal, and the vast network of high-speed rail connections now being built across the region a part of the new Silk Road process. This reflects a document by Lyndon LaRouche from 1983, titled "A 50-Year Development Policy for the Indian-Pacific Oceans Basin."

The Kra Canal would become the hub of an ongoing transformation of the entire region. The potential that China and Japan would join forces with Thailand to build the Canal, and perhaps with others including the U.S. under its new leadership, be a major strike for peace through development for Asia and the world.

Published in September 2013, LPAC's Kra Canal: The Development of Southeast Asia documentary examines the history of the project, its feasibility and implications for the world at large.