Helga Zepp LaRouche Lifts Stockholm Audience to the Sublime at Schiller Institute/EIR seminar

January 14, 2017

Helga Zepp LaRouche Lifts Stockholm Audience to the Sublime at Schiller Institute/EIR seminar

Sublime, is the only fitting word to describe Helga Zepp-LaRouche's deep and beautiful presentation and the atmosphere she created in the audience of 60 participants (full room capacity) at the Schiller Institute/EIR seminar held in Stockholm on January 11th, under the title "Donald Trump and the New International Paradigm." Helga Zepp-LaRouche came unannounced and brought the whole organizing opportunity to a big success. Her speech moved the audience to address the fundamental epistemological, deeper meaning of the New Silk Road, and the meaning of the development of mankind in the universe. This deeper meaning even touched the diplomats present. An ambassador from an important Asian country started to discuss exactly the need to address these broader cultural and human implications, during the question period.

In all, there were seventeen diplomats present, among them seven ambassadors. Four European countries were represented, nine from Asia, and four from Africa. A Chinese reporter came for her second seminar, talked with Helga, and took pictures. Among the other participants there were contacts from different Swedish associations working for friendship with Russia, Ukraine, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, the Baltic Sea area, and another group working to leave the EU, as well as three businessmen contacts and longtime activists of the Swedish LaRouche Movement.

The Chairman of the Schiller Institute in Sweden, Hussein Askary, moderated and welcomed the participants. Helga Zepp-LaRouche the gave the keynote address with a hopeful outlook for the world. She evaluated the ongoing struggle to turn around the election of Donald Trump by the outgoing neoconservatives and mainstream media. She pointed to the broad reaction to the neo-liberal-instigated disaster as the real basis for the election of Trump, as well as other such reactions around the world, and said that is the place to look for the reason why Trump was elected, and not any hacking of computers. As the audience members were mainly new people, she presented the history of the Schiller Institute, which is also the history of the New Silk Road policy. She described how the economy evolves from one platform to another, and pointed to the Chinese policy for pushing for the next platform of the economy with Moon-based industrial development, for the further development of mankind as a non-Earth-bound species. The Chinese motivations for their worldwide policy came up In the discussion period, in the context of Africa. Helga then stressed, with her background of long study of China's history and Confucian thought, that her conclusion is that China is really pursuing a "win-win" policy based on the Confucian notion of pursuit of wisdom and harmony. She stressed the need for a Classical renaissance for the New Paradigm to succeed, and that this is something we cannot leave to Trump.

After her keynote address, Hussein Askary gave a short overview of the perspective for South West Asia and Africa. Afterwards there was a break, where many participants took the occasion to take their pictures with Helga and to talk with her. Two ambassadors, one from Southeast Asia and one from Southwest Asia, approached Helga to express their deepest appreciation of her presentation and the beauty of her thought.



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