LaRouche: 'Parade the Facts;' Present the New Paradigm — The Beauty of Music Can Lead the Way

January 11, 2017
US Capitol Building, Western Side. LaRouchePAC organizers are speaking to Congressional offices all day.

This week, LaRouchePAC and collaborators are applying political laser-heat on Congress--along with special international clout from New York City--to force a policy shift in the United States into a new paradigm of development for mankind, and to put an end to the perpetration of war and tyranny. In 10 days, the United States will have a new president, but this is no time to 'wait and see' for what will happen after that. It is imperative to create a new policy environment, beginning now.

U.S. Federal lawmakers are being forced to 'face facts,'that there is a way out of the morass of the deadly years of Bush and Obama, and they must act. In-person meetings--pre-arranged and impromptu--by LPAC delegations from five Eastern states, are the order of the day on Capitol Hill mid-week, where LaRouche's "Four Laws," beginning with the restoration of Glass Steagall, and related policy documents are circulating.

Activity is proceeding in tandem on the state and local level, feeding into Washington. Kesha Rogers, LaRouchePAC Policy Committee member, is leading a delegation in Austin, Texas, whose state legislature opened today. Last night at the Indiana state convention of the National Farmers (, the LaRouche emergency policies led off the presentations. Today in Virginia, a new resolution was introduced (House Joint Res. No. 642) in the General Assembly, stating, "That the Congress of the United States be urged to enact legislation to reinstate the separation of commercial and investment banking functions that was in effect under the Glass Steagall Act..."

Lyndon LaRouche, briefed on the process, stressed, to keep it up. "Get the job done. You know what the facts are. Parade the facts to back up the argument."

The focussed, LaRouche policy intervention stands in dramatic contrast to the swirl of lies and perversity otherwise being presented, especially in the media, serving the purpose of sidetracking and demoralizing activated citizens. The "blame Russia for hacking" campaign is still in full swing from the White House and a claque of demented Congressmen. Today, the Senate Intelligence Committee held a hearing on the Jan. 6 report by the Obama intelligence agency heads, who testified to the Committee. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper reiterated that no sources will be revealed, only their conclusion, that 'Russia did it,' and that, 'Putin ordered it.'

Then, there is a push for dead-end protest. E.g. on Sunday, Jan. 15, the apparatus associated with Bernie Sanders/Hillary Clinton is promoting rallies in 30 cities cross country, under the banner, "Our First Stand, Save Health Care." Sanders was featured on a nationally-broadcast CNN live Town Hall, last night, delivering the contrived message, to fight "billionaires" and "corporate greed." The event was staged on a Washington, D.C. college campus in a totally controlled environment, allowing no access, nor discussion. Not a word passed Sanders' lips about the bankruptcy of Wall Street nor the necessity of Glass Steagall.

Obama himself is set to give his own Big Lie farewell address tonight from Chicago. He stated on the White House website, last week, that he will "celebrate" how the United States has been "changed for the better these past eight years..." Meantime, his Administration continues with its dangerous provocations. Yesterday, Obama's Treasury Department blacklisted five more Russian figures (under the Magnitsky Act).

Rising above all this, comes the power of truth and beauty, as seen in the expression of deep friendship between Russia and the United States, shown in the ceremonies and singing at the Jan. 7 memorial event at the Teardrop Memorial in Bayone, New Jersey.

On Jan. 11, Schiller Institute Music Director John Sigerson will lead a delegation on Capitol Hill to meet with lawmakers, and strengthen their appreciation of the power of music, and the power of acting on principle.