Tear Drop Memorial Tribute to Alexandrov Chorus & U.S.-Russian Peace and Friendship Seen Worldwide

January 10, 2017

Saturday morning's beautiful, snowy-cold tribute to Russia's beloved Alexandrov Chorus and to U.S.-Russian friendship, organized by the Schiller Institute, has shown how music can serve as a higher instrument of diplomacy. The event was called "a triumph of a new sense of the meaning of the life of nations" by EIR Founding Editor Lyndon LaRouche today.

The Russian Federation's Mission to the UN posted the "Remarks by Mr. Peter Iliichev, First Deputy Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the United Nations, at the Wreath Laying Ceremony at the Tear Drop 9-11 Memorial." The Mission pinned its tweet expressing that "Where words fail, music speaks. @RussiaUN took part in commemoration to the AlexandrovEnsemble at TearDropMemorial http://bit.ly/2i5GwKt," at the top of its Twitter page. That tweet links to Ruptly TV's video clip of the ceremony, and retweets of it are growing.

Russia's Embassy in the U.S.A. likewise tweeted the news that the NYPD Ceremonial Unit, (Bayonne, New Jersey) Fire Department, and diplomat Iliichev took part in the Christmas remembrance, where the Schiller Institute Chorus sang.

The New York Police Department's Ceremonial Unit put out four tweets, before and after the Alexandrov homage, one of which linked to a Schiller Institute video of its chorus singing the national anthems of Russia and the United States.

Sunday, Russia's Sputnik websites in German, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish joined RT's English and Spanish websites in covering the tribute, in some fashion.

By midday Monday, many more than 340,000 people in countries around the world had watched some portion of the tribute, between the numerous sites which had posted links. That rough count—taking into account views of postings by the Schiller Institute, RT/Ruptly's YouTube, Rossiya 24 (vesti.ru), and RIA Novosti's YouTube, VK (social media), Facebook pages and website—does not include those who watched Russian TV broadcasts on the tribute.