Assange Exposes Phony DNI Report on Russian Election Hacking

January 10, 2017

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange Monday called the Jan. 5 combined U.S. Intelligence services report on alleged Russian hacking of the U.S. Presidential election "quite an embarrassment" to U.S. Intelligence services, in a lengthy Internet press conference open to the public.

First, Assange said, the report submitted is not an Intelligence Report or a Presidential Daily Brief.

"It is clearly a press release, designed for political purposes. We have seen this in U.S. Intelligence before," Assange said, citing the Gulf of Tonkin resolution and the WMDs in Iraq. "U.S. Intelligence has been politicized by Obama," Assange said. In this report, only five of its 20 pages are analysis; the other pages appended are taken from the Open Source Center office on RT, compiled by a part of the CIA which monitors foreign news daily and reports it.

Small wonder that the Twitter poll by's John Harwood was cut off when, after 85,000 respondents, it showed 83% believe WikiLeaks, only 17% believe U.S. Intelligence officials.

Assange said that the most recent Podesta emails cited in the report were from March 2016. He pointed out that the United States and DNC say Russia started hacking DNC in 2015, but "Trump is not a substantial candidate then." The press attempted to conflate the WikiLeaks publication and alleged hacks of the DNC with attacks on the U.S. voting system, says Assange.

Assange said WikiLeaks never said it didn't know its sources; rather, "We said our sources are not a state party."

Asked if WikiLeaks' action were an endorsement of Trump, Assange said, "The U.S. population had turned away from the elites, and saw them push against Trump, and so, they supported Trump. Trump has made a few poor cabinet appointments, and some interesting ones. This had loosened up the situation in Washington. Hillary was a consolidation of the existing regime. Obama prosecuted more journalists — three times as many— under the Espionage Act. The U.S. is an empire, with 700 military bases around the world. There is a chance for reform of those intelligence agencies now, before the Republicans are in for awhile."

Assange concluded by describing the orchestration of the Clapper report to marginalize Trump's response: It was ready Thursday, Jan. 5, and went to Obama. The Washington Post and the Democratic National Committee also got a copy then. Trump was not scheduled to get a copy until Friday afternoon, the "dead" news time, when WikiLeaks got a copy.