Message from Sen. Richard Black to the Teardrop Memorial

January 9, 2017

A Fond Farewell to Russian Heroes, Who Died for the Cause of Peace on December 25, 2016

I pray for the families of those Russians who perished last Christmas, while flying to spread beauty to Syria—a land torn asunder by evil schemes of foreign powers.

How appropriate that the renowned Alexandrov Ensemble is honored at this place by the Schiller Institute Chorus, singing both the Star Spangled Banner and the Russian National Anthem, at a wreath-laying for the victims of the air crash.  The American and Russian choirs shared a dedication to restoring civility, by appealing to the higher intellect.  Their legacy will live on.

The Tear Drop 9-11 Memorial was a gift that Russia gave Americans to honor the 3,000 Americans slain by al Qaeda on 9-11. That monument was inscribed "To the Struggle against World Terrorism." How fitting that we honor men and women who gave their lives in that struggle.  Their gifts contributed greatly to peace and harmony among men.

This event comes at an historic moment in Russian-American relations an exciting time of joint commitment to civilization, religious freedom, and the restoration of world peace.  I am grateful that Russia stepped forward militarily; carrying the burden of confronting world terrorism, while much of the world chose a darker path.         
Tomorrow's American leadership gives hope that the world will step back from the provocative actions propelling us toward a world war that neither Americans nor Russians wanted.  May God grant peace to the nations of the world.

And may the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest forever with Him.

—Richard H. Black Senator of Virginia 13th District