Countdown to a New Presidency: Mobilize for Glass-Steagall

January 6, 2017

LaRouchePAC Friday Webcast - January 6, 2017

With the inauguration two weeks away, LaRouchePAC is fully mobilized to force the restoration of Glass-Steagall onto the agenda of the new administration. A petition is being circulated by citizen activists in Ohio calling on the new administration to "restate your support for a Glass-Steagall Act during your State of the Union address," citing Trump's previous endorsement of a 21st Century Glass-Steagall Act. This initiative, along with a resolution passed by the Illinois State Legislature calling upon Congress to enact the "American Recovery Act" comprising of the four steps detailed by Lyndon LaRouche for an economic recovery (, typify the sort of citizen activism necessary to shape the agenda of the new administration as the transition reaches its final two weeks. To broaden the understanding of the economic principles behind these necessary measures, LPAC is initiating a renewed education campaign around Lyndon LaRouche's work on physical economic science. These ideas must be grasped in their full profundity by policy makers if we are to ensure that 2017 will indeed become a positive inflection point in the process of a new renaissance for mankind. Join us by subscribing to our email list and receive your marching orders daily.



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