As Bitter a Failure as Hoover, Obama Should Get Out Now

January 3, 2017
Obama at the Treasury before delivering remarks on the mass shootings in Orlando, FL, June 2016. Photo: Pete Souza

When President Herbert Hoover had been defeated by Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1932, he spent the entire transition trying to force FDR into public endorsements of his, Hoover's, failed policies; and when FDR would not do so, the furious Hoover went to the inauguration refusing to speak, or even to look at, the President-elect. Hoover nursed a bitter grudge against the success of FDR's new paradigm — the New Deal — into the 1950s, when he played a role in the emergence of "McCarthyite" poison.

Barack Obama's every action now is an attempt to force President-elect Trump to follow his, Obama's, failed policies; and to attack and vilify Russia and its President Putin.

Obama has failed the nation by every measure — its workforce, productive employment, productivity, household income, addiction, homelessness, rising death rates and falling life spans, disastrous wars. He now resorts to supposedly "irrevocable executive orders" and to outright government disinformation campaigns to try to force Trump into — at least — a new Cold War. And this, from a President who could not cope with President Putin, nor with China's President Xi Jinping.

Trump still will not go along, as indicated by his remarks in Florida on New Year's Eve. But what his policies will be, is still not clear.

What is clear is the new paradigm of economic and scientific progress, and the potential of peace, created during 2016 by Xi's China, Putin's Russia, and their allies among Eurasian and African nations, with Lyndon and Helga LaRouche continuing to play the catalytic role. And just as clear is the "power of song" in that new paradigm, which needs the best of the cultural history of each nation, its "classic," to be shared with the others. This was shown by the lightning spread across the Internet, especially of Russian speakers, of Helga LaRouche's condolence message for the loss of the Alexandrov Ensemble in an airline crash. (It hardly need be said, that Barack Obama took no notice of the tragic deaths of every member of Russia's national chorus.)

Members of the Schiller Institute sing the Russian national anthem outside the Russian consulate in NYC in honor of the members of the Alexandrov Ensemble who were killed when their plane crashed enroute to Syria Christmas Day.

The new paradigm also makes clear what Trump and the incoming Congress must promptly do: Restore the Glass-Steagall Act and create a national credit institution to pour investment into space exploration, nuclear fusion breakthroughs, and high-productivity new infrastructures.

Obama, we learn, plans to "say goodbye and thank the nation" on Jan. 10 in a speech in Chicago. He should give it a week early, and leave.