Putin is the Key to This Crisis, and Trump is Rejecting the Anti-Putin Hysteria

December 23, 2016
President Elect Trump and President of Russia Putin. [Trump photo flickr/Michael Vadon] [Putin photo]

The neo-cons in the U.S., including Obama and his controllers, are freaking out that a leaked Trump Pentagon transition memo doesn't list Russia as the top existential threat to the U.S., despite the ravings of some in the senior civilian leadership of the US military under Obama. "For years, top cabinet officials at the Defense Department and the intelligence community cited Russia as the foremost threat because of its vast nuclear arsenal, sophisticated cyber capabilities, recently modernized military, and willingness to challenge the United States and its allies in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and other regions," intones the Foreign Policy journal in an article posted on Dec. 20. General Joseph Dunford, the current head of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, has even named Russia as the greatest threat to U.S. security, ahead of ISIS, Iran and North Korea!

Citing Myra Ricardel, one of President-elect Donald Trump's Pentagon transition officials, the memo says that Trump's defense priorities are 1) develop a strategy to defeat ISIS; 2) build a strong defense; 3) develop a comprehensive cyber strategy; and 4) find greater efficiencies within the department. Russia is not mentioned.

In fact, everything that the Washington foreign policy establishment and the US military has done to reorient itself against Russia, Foreign Policy frets, could be undone by a Trump administration that wants better relations with Moscow.

Lyndon LaRouche today indicated that the key to the current strategic and economic crisis rests on Putin himself. "Putin was right," LaRouche said. "Putin in general, and his team, are right." While he may not understand everything, "anything that's important is likely to be something that Putin is aware of--or will be aware of."

Putin, by outflanking Obama in Syria, demonstrated that terrorism can be defeated, by working within international law, with sovereign governments, and thereby exposed Obama's criminal alliance with the British and Saudi sponsored terrorists to achieve his criminal policy of "regime change."

LaRouche also pointed to the assassination of Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrei Karlov, soon after Obama threatened Putin and Russia with "retaliation," as a factor to be investigated. "I think the warning that we had from the assassination that occurred, gives us an indication of exactly what you've got to worry about," LaRouche said. "The question is not what Putin is doing, but what he intends to do. By getting a competent assessment of what he's going to do. It's key.