Who is the Real Killer Threatening War?

December 21, 2016
Presidents Obama and Putin meet privately on the sidelines of the G20 meeting on September 5, 2016 in Hangzhou, China. []

A grim report published yesterday by NBC News holds that outgoing President Barack Obama used the "red phone" in early October, directly to threaten a military attack on Russia over alleged e-mail "hacking" and attempts to influence the American election. Obama's subsequent Dec. 15 interview statement reserving the right to "attack, at a time and place of our choosing," has been followed by the assassination of a diplomat crucial to Russia's effort with Turkey to end the Syria civil war. A vacationing Obama has maintained a stony silence on the murder of the Russian ambassador in Ankara. This is both the most blatant of Obama's numerous attempts, over years, to threaten both Russia and China; and the most dangerous. There was a coup attempt in Turkey in July in which, at least, close relatives and former colleagues of this assassin were involved. Also involved -- both Russia and Turkey estimate -- NATO.

The assassins' intention was to split Russia and Turkey apart on their Syria framework agreement. It has failed.

The leading trans-Atlantic nations and their Gulf allies -- all facing economic stagnation and threat of another financial crash -- are grotesquely mistaken about China, India, Russia and the new economic paradigm of rapid economic and scientific progress around them.

Thus a pompous Jordanian prince, now UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (this Human Rights Commission is chaired by Saudi Arabia!), has demanded that Philippines President Roderigo Duterte be tried for murder for his war on drugs.

It is Obama whose killings demand this. For years Obama personally selected many thousands of people to be killed by drones, as many as 200 people in one strike as in Somalia in August. His Libya invasion, his arming Saudi Arabia for war on Yemen, his arming of jihadis and ultimately terrorists in Syria, have cost the lives of tens of thousands -- including one head of state, and one U.S. Ambassador.

Obama's own drugs policies in the United States have become -- at least, by inaction and legalization -- horribly lethal, with American drug overdose deaths tripling to over 50,000 a year in a few years of his presidency.

His actions now, threatening Russia and China directly, forebode mass killing.

"Obama," as Lyndon LaRouche put it Dec. 15 when the President threatened "action" and again today, "has been a killer as President. Hillary Clinton went along with it, that's a fact. It is also the British. And it is NATO. They will kill as many as they can, to get their way. And to stop them, as President Putin now says, you will have to make them pay."

And this killing is all to stop a new economic paradigm, initially known as the "BRICS policy," which seeks to span the continents with new corridors of transport, power, communications, new cities; to return to the scientific frontiers of space exploration and fusion technologies we have abandoned.

The new administration must be directed not to threaten to destroy, but to join this new paradigm. This takes an international effort, and a mobilization of the American people.

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