The Obama/Hillary War Policy Can be Defeated

November 3, 2016
USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76) in the Philippine Sea, October 2016. Photo: U.S. Pacific Fleet Flickr

A revolution is taking place in the world today. It started in Asia, where it is already far advanced, as China, Russia, India, and increasingly also Japan, are working together to achieve a development process for the world as a whole, based on science, innovative technologies, vast regional infrastructure projects, leaps forward in space exploration, and real development of the impoverished nations of Africa, Ibero-America and Asia. As you will see in the reports below, this day, like nearly every day in this new paradigm, has seen an incredible level of new collaborative projects launched by these Eurasian nations, among themselves and reaching out through joint development projects in the developing sector.        

The impact of this revolution is now, finally, reaching into the United States, after making significant breakthroughs in Europe through the New Silk Road projects coming from China, reaching into both Eastern and Western Europe. This shift taking place in the U.S. can be traced directly to the work of Lyndon LaRouche.

As the presidential election campaign developed over the past year, everything that Obama had touched began to crumble. Obamacare was exposed as the disaster LaRouche had warned it would be. The Nobel Peace Prize recipient has been exposed as a mass killer aligned with terrorist forces across Southwest Asia to overthrow sovereign governments. The President who was going to clean up the mess on Wall Street left by George Bush is exposed as having refused to prosecute a single banker, even as the crimes of Wells Fargo, the drug money laundering of HSBC, and the return of a speculative derivative bubble at JP Morgan Chase and all the other too-big-to-fail banks stand clearly before the public eye. The President who pledged to bring Hope and Change has created the biggest drug epidemic in the nation's history, to a youth generation which has lost hope for a future, and to millions of working people who have lost hope, choosing drugs or suicide or both.   

And Hillary Clinton chose to campaign on that record, adding to it the fact that she was anxious to start a military confrontation with Russia, which is obvious to all but the blind to be a rush to global nuclear annihilation.        

But things have changed over the past weeks. Many people questioned LaRouche's refusal to choose sides in this election, but rather to insist that his supporters work instead to introduce serious policies into a campaign that was almost entirely a disgusting, pornographic cat fight. This had to begin with Glass Steagall, he insisted, to shut down the Wall Street casino economy and restore Hamiltonian credit policies to the nation. This meant directing federal credit, through a restored National Bank of the United States to replace the bankrupt Federal Reserve system, to fund a science-driven economic transformation of the nation, centered on the revival of NASA's space exploration, fusion power development, and a vast hard and soft infrastructure program — what he calls his Four Laws.        

Now Donald Trump has called for adoption of the 21st Century Glass Steagall act, denouncing Hillary's (and Obama's) subservience to Wall Street. He has gone beyond proposing cooperation with Russia to crush ISIS, which was notable but inadequate, to sound the warning that electing Hillary will mean a nuclear war.        
Both these issues are identified internationally with Lyndon LaRouche. His effort to introduce reality into the campaign has had an impact, which can and must prevent war and begin the reform of the collapsing trans-Atlantic economies.        

LaRouche today addressed this new potential, but warned that this is not a time to "let our voices drift downward," to fall for tailing after a candidate, but to escalate the fight for a revolutionary policy shift in America, and to be ready to act on November 9th, no matter who wins the election, to implement Glass Steagall and the Four Laws.        

At a moment like this, when the world will change dramatically for better or for ill in the immediate period ahead, there is no room for pessimism or pragmatism, and no reason to allow fear to deter us. The new paradigm is spreading across the world. America, in restoring its founding principles, can also end the British imperial "unipolar world" mentality that has taken hold in our nation, and join in building a world of sovereign nations working together for the common aims of mankind.

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