LaRouche: Toleration for Obama and Hillary Leads to Bloodshed and War

November 1, 2016
President Obama confers with U.S.Secretary of State Clinton during the NATO summit in Strasbourg, France. April 2009 Photo: Pete Souza

Polling data released this week shows that voters in the vital swing states overwhelmingly support the reinstatement of Glass-Steagall and other measures to break up the big Wall Street banks.  According to the poll by the Lake Research Partners, 70 percent of voters in Florida, Pennsylvania, Missouri and Ohio want Glass-Steagall now.  The poll concluded “Public frustration with Wall Street recklessness and greed is high and cuts across the political spectrum.  Whoever wins this election should make turning this outrage into real change a high priority.”
Lyndon LaRouche on Tuesday took that argument to its logical conclusion: All of that hatred is actually directed at President Obama, whose disastrous policies have brought us to the point of existential crisis.  Hillary Clinton is an extension and continuation of those Obama policies: protection of Wall Street; inaction in the face of a nationwide illegal drug epidemic; perpetuation of overseas endless wars costing taxpayers trillions of dollars; the total destruction of the U.S. healthcare system under Obamacare; demonization of Russia, driving us to thermonuclear World War III.
An honest vote on Nov. 8 will show this hatred of Obama and everything he has done to the United States on behalf of his British masters.  British interests have run Obama since the day he entered politics.  Hillary Clinton destroyed herself through her capitulation to Obama, and this is why she is hated. Any attempt to conceal this on election day will lead to bloodshed.
This is deadly serious.  We are not only facing the prospect of domestic bloodshed, but the real chance of war.  We are on the edge of World War III already, because  of the Obama policies of provocation against Russia, policies that Hillary Clinton has carried to an even more obscene extreme.

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Voters in Must-Win Swing States Overwhelmingly Want Glass-Steagall

The website reported on a recent poll commissioned by the Communications Workers of America, conducted in Florida, Pennsylvania, Missouri, and Ohio by Lake Research Partners, which showed that Wall Street is a big issue among swing voters. Under the headline "Swing Voters Want Wall Street Reform," the website reported that 70 percent of the voters polled, strongly supported reinstating the Glass-Steagall Act.

The poll concluded, "The leadership of both parties should aim to take swift action on this issue, given the bipartisan support and the fact that nearly 70 percent of battleground voters favor it." Sixty-eight percent also supported breaking up the big banks "so taxpayers aren't on the hook for future bailouts." "Public frustration with Wall Street recklessness and greed is high and cuts across the political spectrum. Whoever wins this election should make turning this outrage into real change a high priority."

While Donald Trump has come out for Glass-Steagall, most recently in his Charlotte, N.C., speech last week, new e-mails from the Clinton campaign reveal that top Hillary economic advisers Gene Sperling and Gary Gensler argued against her endorsing the reinstating of Glass-Steagall, and actually wrote the words she used to reject restoring it, while still trying to give the appearance she will be tough on Wall Street.

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