Hillary's Plan For Regime Change in Syria Means Nuclear War With Russia

November 1, 2016
Russian President Putin inspects new military equipment at the 393rd Air Force base. (photo:

One thing that Donald Trump has correct is that Hillary Clinton's plan to impose a no-fly zone in Syria, and to prioritize "regime change" against Assad over collaborating with Russia to crush ISIS, is a blatant and dangerous path to war with Russia, a war that would rapidly become nuclear.

Are Americans so demoralized and fearful that they would ignore this extreme danger and allow Hillary to become President? Hillary's desperate response today was to release an ad comparing Trump to Barry Goldwater, itching to push the button, despite Trump's repeated call for cooperation with Russia in fighting ISIS, as well as the obvious contradiction to her own failed effort to paint Trump as a dupe to Putin!

The volatile situation in the U.S. was exemplified by the release of an ABC/Washington Post poll today showing that Trump is trailing Hillary nationally by only 1%. The same poll only one week ago showed Trump trailing by 12%! While the press accounts point only to the announcement by FBI Director Comey that they are reopening the investigation into Hillary's breach of classification law in her email usage, the unstated reality is that Donald Trump this past week took an abrupt turn by directly identifying Hillary's Syria policy as a certain track to war with Russia, while also explicitly calling for the restoration of a 21st century version of Roosevelt's Glass Steagall Act, separating speculative and commercial banking.

This warning of the threat of war by Obama and his clone Hillary, as well as the call for Glass Steagall, are both recognized internationally, especially in the U.S. Congress, as issues introduced and forced onto the national and international agenda by Lyndon LaRouche. While the citizenry is certainly disgusted by Hillary's cavalier misuse of classified material, she is far more discredited by her war mongering and her subservience to Wall Street. It is in this regard that her weakness is exposed, both politically, intellectually, and morally.

Hillary was first exposed to the world as a puppet of Wall Street on July 13, 2015, while speaking in Manhattan, when LaRouche activist Daniel Burke ignored her refusal to take questions and asked her, several times, loudly, if she would restore Glass Steagall. While she refused to answer, the incident focused the world's attention on the issue, forcing her to release a response later in the day, lying wildly with the line peddled by Wall Street itself that Glass Steagall wouldn't have prevented the 2008 financial explosion on Wall Street, sticking to the failed Dodd-Frank bill sold to the public by Obama.

If further proof were necessary to show Hillary's puppetry to Wall Street and Wall Street's senior partners in London, today's Financial Times of London chose to intervene in the politics of it's former colony with an endorsement of Hillary for President! The FT editorial reads: "Mrs. Clinton carries enough baggage to fill a Boeing 747. She is not trusted by the majority of voters. But she is manifestly more competent than Mr. Trump.... Despite her faults, Mrs. Clinton is eminently qualified to be the first woman elected to the White House." Perhaps they should have added: eminently qualified to continue the Obama tradition of obediently following instructions from London and Wall Street.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche noted today that the endorsement from the British Empire's Financial Times is the kiss of death to her campaign.

While the world is astonished at the lunacy of the US election campaign, most of the nations on this Earth are proceeding to realign themselves with the new paradigm centered in Asia. China and Russia are building railroads, water projects, nuclear power plants, industrial infrastructure and more across Asia, Africa, Ibero America, and even in Europe, while the U.S. and the EU are imposing austerity, drug addiction and increasing poverty upon themselves.

Which way will the U.S. go — a new world renaissance based on the collaboration of classical cultures and joint win-win development, or the British/Obama/Hillary rush to permanent, and perhaps thermonuclear war? These decisions will be made over the coming weeks. Now is the time to listen to the wise words of Lyndon LaRouche, as Mexican President Jose Lopez Portillo once told his countrymen.



Helga Zepp-LaRouche Presents New Silk Road Paradigm at Peace Conference in Germany

The Schiller Institute's president, Helga Zepp-LaRouche, was a leading speaker on a panel on the future of relations between Europe, the United States, and Russia, taking place on Oct. 30 at the conference "The Great Peace" in Auerstedt, Germany. Other speakers at the panel were Prof. Gerhard Schreiber (Dresden), a longtime expert on military strategy at numerous top assignments at pre-1989 East German army institutes and presently a consultant on security policies; Prof. Natalya Bubnova, expert on Russian relations to the West, working at the Primakov National Research Institute of World Economy and International Relations in Moscow; Klaus-Dieter Boehm, director of the private station Salve.TV in Erfurt (the only German TV station that runs new items from RT on a regular basis). The conference site of Auerstedt, near the city of Jena in Thuringia, was the scene of a major battle in 1806 at which Napoleon's armies defeated the Prussian armies. "The Great Peace " was held for the fourth time there.

Helga, had already presented the New Silk Road and World Land-Bridge when numerous initiatives were introduced on Saturday afternoon, showing a short video clip on that, which was well received by the audience. She again went into the importance of the new paradigm to replace the acute threat of nuclear war, on the Sunday panel. This threat is originating from the fact that the trans-Atlantic financial system is doomed, and that certain Western leaders refuse to enter cooperation with the Chinese and the BRICS. She also warned that Hillary Clinton has turned into a complete hawk in the recent period, that her election poses the risk of a world war considerably. Professor Schreiber, who spoke on the post-1990 history of NATO build-up and expansion against Russia, with particular reference to the detrimental role of the EU, including the triggering of the Ukraine crisis, endorsed the One Belt One Road as a peace-building new paradigm which should be joined by Europe, saying at one point that "it is because U.S. policy is against the New Silk Road, that the Americans hate you so much, Mrs. Zepp-LaRouche."

Prof. Bubnova, who spoke on the false images the West has built up on Russia but also voiced concern over Russia's being drawn into a strategic confrontation, said in respect to U.S. dreams about continued world hegemony that it won't work, because larger parts of the world disagree and do not want to go where the U.S. tells them to go. Schreiber also made a strong case of multipolarity as being the future of the world, replacing the unipolar period which has obtained since the collapse of the Soviet bloc 25 years ago. Guenther Boehm spoke on the U.S. hand behind bin Laden, Al Qaeda, Al Nusra, and IS, saying that these have been built up to provide a new enemy image after the Soviet enemy had disappeared after 1990.