Trump's Turn to Glass Steagall Opens Field for LaRouche's Four Laws

October 31, 2016
Two LaRouchePAC posters from our original campaign for Glass-Steagall several years ago. Download the posters here,

Candidate Donald Trump last week made a direct call for implementing the 21st Century Glass Steagall act, while also issuing a blunt warning that Hillary Clinton's insane demonization of Vladimir Putin, and her call for military confrontation with Russia in Syria, has already brought the world to the brink of nuclear war. Whatever Trump's motivation, this has put the issues identified internationally with Lyndon LaRouche at the center of the US political crisis.

LaRouche today responded to this shift in a discussion with his associates, nine days before the U.S. presidential elections:

Trump has done Glass-Steagall. He laid down the argument. Whats more, he hates Hillary Clinton and despises Barack Obama. Trump has an enormous ego, and it means he wants to do something big and important. But all this means is that there is something to work with. What this means is that the most important thing is what we have to tell the incoming administration about what must be done. The fact that Trump supports Glass-Steagall is now an established fact, and this is a starting point, but only a starting point.

We understand what must be done, overall, to enact a Hamiltonian policy of saving the United States. That is what really counts. And that message is resonating. The situation within the United States is fraught with demoralization and fear, as the standard of living of American families is collapsing at a rapid rate, and as the citizenry see no hope in the election.

The situation here is so rotten that it is cause for great worry. The typical American citizens have no honor or belief in themselves. There are no practical solutions. There is nothing in the U.S.A. except what we are calling for as the urgent solutions, starting with Glass-Steagall, but then immediately launching a massive capital investment of Federal credit into infrastructure and other projects to boost productivity of the economy as a whole. This means a revival of Hamiltonian national banking. That's how it goes.

There is a real danger of the end of civilization. There are no options other than decisive actions, of the sort I have spelled out in my Four Cardinal Laws. That is the real process.

These Four Cardinal Laws start with Glass-Steagall, together with a return to Hamiltonian National Banking as a means of extending credit into the real economy, spearheaded by science-drivers in fusion energy development and a restoration of NASA and the exploration of space. LaRouche said, "We are entering into something we have never seen before—right now. There is no will in the trans-Atlantic region to act to solve any of these problems. Eurasia is where the real effort is. That is where the big initiatives are taking place. Putin is doing important things, but he is also aware of the weakness of his own position, and he factors that into his decisions and actions."

Dumping Obama is an urgent necessity, but the time is short. Acting on the shift created by the Trump initiative, regardless of the outcome of the election — to implement Glass-Steagall and the full LaRouche program to restore Hamiltonian policies — must be acted upon now as well as on the day following the election.