Obamacare Falls with Obama, Rome Burns

October 21, 2016

The summary of Obamacare found in this article was originally written in March of 2010.

Americans have now irrefutably discovered what the LaRouche Organization told them seven years ago, that Obamacare, and Obama, represent a craven, evil attempt to establish the philosophy, and the specifics of Hitler’s system into U.S. law. The very foundations of the healthcare bill, in summary, tell the story.

The entire rationale of the bill, as expressed by the President, his budget director Peter Orszag, Orszag’s special advisor Ezekiel Emanuel, and others, was to cut health-care costs, which the Administration repeatedly and lyingly asserted was the cause of the fiscal problems of the United States, while they continued to pour trillions into the financial sector—a banking system which is yet again about to crash due to Obama’s failed policies.

The process for determining what health expenses are supposedly “not worth it,” were provided in the legislation, including tools such as “comparative effectiveness research.” The underlying philosophy of this research is identical to the Nazis’ view that some lives “are not worthy to be lived,” because the monetary cost of treatment is too expensive. This cost criteria was clearly identified by Dr. Leo Alexander, who attended the Nuremburg Tribunals, as the foundation for Nazi mass-murder policies including the final solution and Holocaust.

Another tool was the attempted establishment of an Independent Medicare Advisory Board, a panel of experts identical in function to that set up by Hitler in 1939, called Tiergarten 4, i.e., a “death panel.” Those experts ruled on the life or death of patients based on a fascist austerity program which fundamentally neglected the well being of the population, for the benefits of international corporations. A prime example is the ruling by the Preventive Services Taskforce on mammograms, which said without ambiguity, cut them back!

The primary targets of the cutbacks have been the old and sick, or what Hitler called the “useless eaters.” Obama expressed the same philosophy, when he said, even he was not sure that Medicare should have paid for his grandmother’s hip replacement.

Throughout this failed system, Obama has strengthened the control of the HMOs and the drug conglomerates over the health care system, guaranteeing their income stream, profits, and power: a corporatist/fascist arrangement, which threatens the very sanctity of our society.

As stated in an email released to Wikileaks from Sidney Blumenthal to Hillary Clinton, Obama and his supporters knew well that the LaRouche Organization led the opposition to this disaster known as Obamacare, as well as Obama generally. In that email from January, 2010, Mr. Blumenthal quotes his son Max: “The single most damaging rumor, adopted from the cult of Lyndon LaRouche was that Obama's health care reform proposal included a plan to implement `death panels.' While the president pleaded for compromise and reason, the right repeated the baseless charge over and over, insisting that the president had a secret plan to pull the plug on grandma, euthanize the severely handicapped, and kill the sick. Though healthcare reform appears certain to pass, albeit in a severely diluted form, Obama never recovered from the damage the right's mortality reminders did to his political standing.” [emphasis added--ed.]

While Obama’s entire Presidency has been a dangerous failure—millions displaced and killed by his policies at home and abroad—Lyndon LaRouche has never sold the American people out. It is now time to go with the LaRouche option.