Obama, and the US Economy, Are Crumbling — Will Obama Take the World Down With Him?

October 11, 2016
Barack Obama backstage before delivering his final UNGA speech, New York. Photo: White House

The American people have recently shown an unusual and most welcome courage and optimism in crushing Obama's open support for the sponsors of terrorism, overturning his veto of the JASTA bill allowing legal suits against the Saudis for their role in the 9/11 assault on the US. Now, there is a concerted effort to crush that optimism and courage, by Obama and by the British, using their spokesmen and the whorish press to terrify the population into accepting a war on Russia and China. That effort can and must be exposed and defeated.        

A mad dash for war has been launched since the JASTA victory, from Defense Secretary Ash Carter calling for a $1 trillion modernization of the US nuclear stockpile to prepare to combat "Russian aggression," from the British Defense Secretary and members of the House of Commons ranting that we must begin shooting down Russian planes in Syria now, to Obama personally pulling the rug out from under the Kerry-Lavrov ceasefire plan in Syria.        

But Obama is finished, exposed as a failure in every way — the collapse of Obamacare, the collapse of productive employment, the exposure of his support for Saudi-sponsored terrorism, his role as a mass killer through his illegal "regime change" wars and his drone assassinations of men, women and children. Will he now take us to nuclear war, or will the American people regain their courage and optimism to remove him from office?        

Russian And Chinese military leaders, meeting today at the 7th Xiangshan Forum in Beijing, sent out a bone-chilling warning that the Obama Administration is far advanced in preparing its forces for a first strike nuclear war against both nations. Naming the operative US war doctrine, Prompt Global Strike, and pointing especially at the deployment of anti-ballistic missile systems along both the Russian and Chinese borders, Lt. Gen. Viktor Poznikhir of the Russian General Staff said: "Russia's military experts say that the US hopes to get a chance, due to possessing it [the missile defense system], to deliver a surprise missile-nuclear strike in any region of the world, including Russia and China, with no punishment." Prompt Global Strike, he explained, is based on the fantasy that the new missile systems can take out the opponents capacity to respond to a first strike, by imposing disarming strikes on their nuclear forces.        

At the same forum, Chinese Maj. Gen. Cai Jun of the Central Military Commission Joint Staff, said: "The implementation of the plans for developing the missile shield is destroying the strategic balance and stability and also aggravating the situation in the sphere of global security. At present, the United States has powerful forces of general designation and also has considerable qualitative supremacy in the sphere of strategic nuclear forces. In aggregate, these components comprise modern armed forces, making it possible to implement the concept of a 'Prompt Global Strike.'"     

Gen. Poznikhir added: "Russia is forced to take adequate response measures in order to prevent the US and its allies from influencing the existing balance of forces in the sphere of strategic weapons. As far as we understand, our Chinese partners are acting in the same way."

Is Obama such a narcissist that he believes he can demand that nuclear-armed Russia and China must back down to his war threats and his ongoing regime-change crimes across the globe?        

Only the British could match Obama in war-mongering hysteria. The British House of Commons today held a special session on Syria, with Blairites and Torys alike demanding a war on Russia over Syria, comparing Russia's war on terrorists in Syria to be the equivalent of the Nazi holocaust.        

Waiting for the imminent financial collapse before implementing Glass-Steagall is equally insane. The ongoing demise of the western banking system is now the front page story in every western financial newspaper, to the point that leading "econoquacks" such as Ken Rogoff of Harvard are proposing negative 6% interest rates, looting the depositors and destroying what is left of honest commercial bankers. Such madness would succeed in fulfilling the IMF's proposal over the past weekend to simply shut down all small and medium size banks, letting the Too-Big-To-Fail investment bankers run roughshod over the nation and the western world.        

Lyndon LaRouche identified this strategic and economic insanity as a concerted effort to confuse and demoralize the American population which has recently acted with courage and pride in overriding Obama's veto on the JASTA bill.        

Add to that the "induced degeneracy," as LaRouche called it, being foisted on the population through the filth of the presidential election. Even China's official news agency Xinhua is shocked at the degeneracy of the campaign, writing in an editorial that the last debate "reflects the decay of U.S. politics and a deeply divided society." Referencing the preoccupation with the Trump sex tapes and the parading of Bill Clinton's sexual conquests during the debate, Xinhua concludes that the "energy of U.S. politics is being consumed by some drama and entertainment and cannot be used to deal with core issues."

Obama's chosen successor Hillary Clinton was exposed today stating the obvious as early as 2014 — that the Saudis and Qatar were "providing clandestine financial and logistic support to ISIL and other radical Sunni groups." And yet she, like Obama, continues to call for war on Russia and Syria — not the nations which support terrorism, but those being attacked by terrorists.        

Obama could be removed now by a conscientious Congress, which would also transform the degenerate election process. The question is, will the failure to do so allow him to take the world down with him.

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