One Minute After Midnight...The Crash is On!

October 6, 2016

Past issues

by Diane Sare and Jeff Steinberg

On July 25th, 2007, in a Washington, DC address, Lyndon LaRouche shocked his audience by stating, “There is no possibility of a non-collapse of the present financial system—none! It's finished, now! The present financial system can not continue to exist under any circumstances, under any Presidency, under any leadership, or any leadership of nations. Only a fundamental and sudden change in the world monetary financial system will prevent a general, immediate chain-reaction type of collapse.”

One year later, the U.S. Congress convened in emergency session, not to carry out LaRouche’s advice, but to ram through, under threats of martial law from then-Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, the first $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) agreement, to be followed by trillions of dollars of quantitative easing until the present.

In 2013, in testimony before the U.S. Congress, Thomas Hoenig, the Vice Chairman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and former President of the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank, warned that a new financial crash, worse than 2008, was inevitable unless the entire financial system was overhauled—starting with the reinstatement of Glass-Steagall. He pointedly told the assembled Members of Congress that if they waited to act until {after} the crash, it would be too late—as they would collectively cave in to pressure from the Treasury Department and the Fed to enact yet another suicidal bailout.

The failure of America’s nominal leadership to respond to LaRouche’s and Hoenig’s warnings has led to the devastating immiseration of the American people who are committing suicide in record numbers: both physically as measured by heroin and alcohol addiction and death, and mentally, as evidenced by their choice, or non-choice, of Presidential contenders.

The moment of truth has now arrived, and the American people, following the example of the recent crushing defeat of President Obama, with the veto override of the JASTA bill (Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act), must act now to force Congress to reconvene immediately to pass the Glass-Steagall legislation, which is already before the House and the Senate.

The CEO of Deutsche Bank has been in Washington making a beg-pitch to the Department of Justice, to reduce the penalty for the bank's widespread mortgage securities fraud, hoping that by paying $5 billion instead of $14 billion, the management can postpone the bank's collapse. The International Monetary Fund, in releasing its annual Autumn "financial stability" report, acknowledged that Deutsche Bank is at the epicenter of a looming global financial crash, but proposed a series of psychotic austerity measures, more aimed at blocking China's Eurasian infrastructure investments, than at addressing the reality of the imminent evaporation of the entire trans-Atlantic financial system.

That imminent blowout is also the key factor, driving the lunatics in the Obama White House and Office of the Secretary of Defense to push for an open confrontation with Russia. A meeting on Wednesday of the Principals Committee was taking up a series of escalating military options in Syria that would all amount to a direct provocation of World War III. And Defense Secretary Ashton “Strangelove'' Carter has been running around, threatening first use of thermonuclear weapons against Russia, as he pushes for a $1 trillion modernization and expansion of the U.S. thermonuclear triad.

What is needed, first and foremost, is a passionate commitment to the future of the human species. That means economics as Lyndon LaRouche has long defined it: increasing man’s dominance over nature through the power of creative discovery of universal physical principles. This qualitative increase can be measured quantitatively by the measured increase in the number of people newly {sustainable} at higher and higher standards of living, in a given land area, as a function of increasingly higher applications of new technologies based upon those newly discovered principles. Contrary to the Satanic outlook of today’s environmentalist movement, there are no limits to the growth of mankind.

This was the conception of German space pioneer Krafft Ehricke who believed that our planet Earth was only the biological center of an ever-expanding mankind into the far reaches of the galaxy.

In order to achieve this God-given human potential, certain laws must be put in place immediately, in order to protect people from the hemorrhaging monetary crisis. The first of these laws is a global Glass-Steagall Act. Commercial banking, upon which the lives and productive activity of the population depend, must be protected. Gambling, as in derivatives, does not need to be protected. Reinstating Glass-Steagall would wipe out trillions of dollars of gambling obligations. Bloated investment funds would collapse into nothing, But, under a Hamiltonian system of national banking and credit, as well as fixed international exchange rates, credit can be generated which will enable investment in urgently needed great projects, putting billions of people into productive employment worldwide, with a commensurate improvement in the standard of living globally.

Under these conditions, where the worship of money is replaced with a proper respect for the value of human life, scientists from all nations can collaborate in solving some of the most pressing challenges facing mankind, and develop new forms of technology not yet even conceived. This conception of human economy, as understood by Alexander Hamilton, and developed into the highest of sciences by Lyndon LaRouche, is the only means available to address the existential crisis facing humanity today.

Take Action Now!

Every House Member and one-third of the Senate are up for re-election in a matter of weeks. They are all back home in their districts campaigning. They must be told, in no uncertain terms, that they must return to Washington—before Deutsche Bank, or the Italian, British, or French banks, or Wall Street, trigger the biggest financial blowout in modern history. Those institutions that have endorsed the reinstating of Glass-Steagall must be mobilized to act decisively now. Both the Democratic and Republican party platforms call for the reinstating of Glass-Steagall. The AFL-CIO is pushing for Glass-Steagall. It's time to pony up.

This fight can and must be won—and that means winning before the whole system blows up. This has now reached the point that we are all in a life or death situation, and that, unfortunately, is not an exaggeration.



Economics Isn’t About Money

by Jason Ross

Americans are deeply confused about economics, and this must be corrected. Many think economics is about money. It isn't. Others say it is about allocation of resources. Nope. Economics is the study of that most definingly human aspect of the human species: our ability to discover principles of nature and apply them to transform our relationship to nature and the ability of other members of our species to participate in that process.

Lyndon LaRouche has, over the past half-century, presented a science of economics and economic policy-making that has largely flown in the face of the ideas of America's chief policy-makers. During that time, the US economy has changed from one based on infrastructure-investment, science (as in the space program), and manufacturing, to one based increasingly on money itself. This is seen in the 50% growth of the so-called FIRE “industries” (Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate) as a portion of the US economy over the past 50 years, and the 50% collapse in manufacturing over that same time period.

Since the murder of President John F. Kennedy, US economic policy has been an accelerating disaster, bringing us to the present, where, less than a decade after what was considered the greatest financial crisis since the Great Depression, the banking system is in even worse condition (see Wells Fargo and Deutsche Bank) and the physical economy (as measured in manufacturing and the state of our infrastructure) has plummeted still lower.

This system will not self-correct. It must be replaced by a functional system of policies designed to be in coherence with the physical science of economics.

The Science of Economics

Base your understanding of economics on one simple fact: unlike animals, we change our relationship to nature. We discover and use entirely new physical principles (the steam engine, electromagnetism, nuclear science, Einstein's relativity and quantum discoveries) to effect new states of nature via new technologies. In this way, we create entirely new resources. For example, what good was uranium before nuclear science?

At the heart of this process is the act of scientific discovery. This requires a physical standard of living allowing concentrated attention to difficult problems, and it is a process that can be explicitly fostered.

Education, for example, must be based on re-creating creative acts of the past, made by the acknowledged geniuses that brought us to our present knowledge, rather than on unrelenting testing. Imagine if the standard twelve years of school were spent trying to create geniuses, with the opportunity to make and test hypotheses, based on a re-working of the greatest discoveries of the past? And how would our musical culture change if all children participated in choral singing and study of the compositions of J.S. Bach, the creator of well-tempered music?

What could our society accomplish if our efforts were directed, via well-chosen objectives, towards making the needed great scientific breakthroughs of the present, rather than, for example, shuttering our efforts at fusion research?

Starting from the uniqueness of the human individual, we can organize economy towards achieving improvements in our ability to support a growing population, and give that growing population a meaningful, efficient opportunity to participate in that human endeavor of progress.

Implementation Begins with Glass-Steagall

This requires the economic policy of Lyndon LaRouche's "Four Laws to Save the USA Now", which define the crucial points of policy needed for the present. Step one is the reinstatement of Glass-Steagall banking separation, both to avoid the complete disaster of collapse of universal banks, and to set the stage for the necessary role that banks must play.

Banks are not inherently evil! The regulated commercial banking sector that existed from President Franklin Roosevelt's 1933 reforms played an essential, necessary role in the economy, providing loans to allow for expansion of production and infrastructure. Despite the enormous sums provided as bailouts and guarantees to Wall Street, bank lending has decreased since the 2007-2008 financial crisis. Glass-Steagall will ensure that commercial banks once again earn their profit by old-fashioned banking: making loans of otherwise idle capital.

Glass-Steagall’s separation of necessary banking from gambling speculation must be followed by the second and third of those “four laws”: an approach of national banking and federal credit, which are required to be able to fund the necessary recovery measures for the nation, such as low-interest loans for a major upgrade of the nation's infrastructure platform. The American Society of Civil Engineers’ most recent infrastructure report card of 2013 gave the US a grade of D+, saying that $3.6 trillion was needed by 2020 just to bring existing infrastructure up to levels of adequate repair. But we must go far beyond this.

The New Silk Road and a Mission for the US

The frontiers of space and of the atomic nucleus beckon us, with the promise of new discoveries and shockingly powerful sources of power. The moon tempts us with the possibilities for scientific research impossible on earth, such as comparative planetology, easy high-vacuum experimentation, the unique potential for radio astronomy on the moon's radio-quiet far side, and the tantalizing potential of the helium-3 reserves on the moon as a nuclear fusion power source. The breakthroughs waiting to be made in nuclear fusion (and nuclear science more generally) hold the key to the next level of power for the human species, making the use of hydrocarbons for fuel obsolete (not to mention the absurdity of solar power).

Such breakthroughs are the true core of economics: the revolutions in the relationship of the human species to the universe. This, not money, is the true source, and measure, of value.

Make this our priority. Instead of wasting the trillions of dollars that have been sunk in useless, murderous, immoral conflicts in Iraq, Libya, and now Syria, and instead of cowering before the assumed power of financial interests, let us adopt a true mission for our nation, as among our colleague-nations creating a new economic and political outlook under the guise of the New Silk Road. This is the ambitious project led by China (and championed by Lyndon and Helga LaRouche for over two decades), which is sweeping a majority of the people on the planet in an economic direction characterized by infrastructure investment and connectivity.

By building the next platform of infrastructure here in the US, by crossing the Bering Strait and connecting the Americas to Eurasia, and by adopting a vigorous pursuit of space and fusion science, our nation can once again play a meaningful, positive role on the world stage.

Unlike choosing between two appalling alternatives in November, such a demand from the American citizenry holds the potential to change the world.

One Small Step for Congress, One Giant Leap for Mankind

by Dennis Speed

Now that the American people have successfully mobilized their representatives in the United States Congress to override President Barack Obama's "Nero veto" against the families of 9/11 victims, as seen in the Congress's September 28th vote for the Justice Against the Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA)—including a near-unanimous repudiation of Obama's wishes in the United States Senate—the urgent and available political antidote to the impending "new meltdown" of the whole international monetary system has been demonstrated. Obama's humiliation was total, particularly in the United States Senate, where Senator Harry Reid changed his original vote against Obama to one supporting Obama, solely so that the Senate vote against Obama would not read 98-0-2, and be the first time in American history that a President had been unanimously rejected through the override process. This is the major defeat of Obama's eight-year Presidency; the stage for Obama's impeachment is now set.

There was an equally embarrassing, if not so overwhelmingly lopsided 348-77-6 loss by Obama in the House of Representatives. Terry Strada, head of 9/11 Families and Survivors United For Justice Against Terrorism, said of the victory, "this is only the beginning. We have to continue to win. After the Saudis spent over $5 million, they lost in disgrace. $5 million in Saudi money is not worth anything anymore." She was referring to the over $5 million known to have been spent by the Saudi government and its associates, who tried to lobby Congress to buy a different vote outcome. They abjectly failed in that effort. The Saudis spent an average of $64,102—and, perhaps, much more—for every vote they ultimately got in the loss. Strada, who had virtually lived on Capitol Hill for two weeks, together with other relatives and friends of those killed in the attacks, with virtually no financial resources, spearheaded the national mobilization that defeated the JASTA's heavily-monied opponents.

Politics as Art

Though the 9/11 families and their Congressional collaborators had worked for well over a decade to secure the release of the infamous "28 pages," and to make the Saudi Arabian government accountable, if found guilty in a court of law, those efforts had not succeeded. Something else was added, two years ago, to this fight. The factor that was added was "the Alexander Hamilton principle."

During October of 2014, Lyndon LaRouche initiated what he termed "The Manhattan Project." An October meeting sponsored by Executive Intelligence Review in Harlem that month had focused on the need to release the "28 pages." LaRouche at that time proposed the resurrecting of the George Washington/Alexander Hamilton Presidency, which Presidential system had first been created in Manhattan. It was here that the practice of the United States Constitution had first been established. It was here that Hamilton's reports on the national bank, on the bank's constitutionality, on credit, and manufactures, were not merely debated, but in large part implemented. LaRouche successfully reestablished this Hamiltonian idea of the Presidency through a series of weekly Saturday Manhattan dialogues that began the last week of June 2015 and have continued up to now.

Hamilton's economics policies, it should be remembered, were devised to give the new United States economic independence from the British. LaRouche's economic policies, called “The Four New Laws,” are the method to end international debt slavery as practiced by the City of London and its Wall Street offshoot today. This very broadsheet, {The Hamiltonian}, is the flagship New York City publication of Larouche's revolution in economic science and technology that continues and advances Alexander Hamilton's work, exemplified today by the economic/scientific powerhouse that China has become.

LaRouche’s Voice-Placement

The activist core of the Manhattan Project, besides distributing literature, holding forums to advocate the United States joining the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) in a shared mission to eradicate poverty, war and want on the planet, and campaigning for the exposure of the crimes of the Obama Administration, have taken a step further. In the spirit of Helga Zepp-LaRouche's insistence that the work of Friedrich Schiller should become the basis for a new world Renaissance, the Manhattan Project decided to commit its members to the creation of a chorus, and to the recruitment of musicians to defend and advocate Classical culture. LaRouche called for a chorus of 1500 persons, trained in Italian bel canto singing, a goal which became the creative focus of the past ten months of the Manhattan project's existence.

This was neither a populist trick, nor an eccentric tangent. LaRouche emphasized that teaching the American citizen how to place his/her voice, to properly sing and speak, was perhaps the only means to defeat the mentality of cowardice and failure that has been the daily fare of the American political process. It was LaRouche's contention, that it was within the capacity of the New York City population to respond in the most profound way to the most profound ideas, if they were directly engaged in reproducing the music of Bach, Handel, Mozart and the African-American Spiritual. Applying the deeper implications behind this properly voiced choral approach to "political organizing" could, and did, provide the basis to secure the Congressional victory that occurred on September 28th. That is the secret.

Proper voice placement allows an idea that is not practical, but is true, to be heard, and even understood despite the mental opposition to that idea by the vast majority of people. Here is an example.

In January of 2001, LaRouche had stated in a now-famous webcast that there was no way for the incoming Cheney-Bush Administration to competently rule the United States. LaRouche then forecast that a "Reichstag Fire," a catastrophic incident contrived to rip up the Constitution and then restructure the U.S. government, would be committed in order to cover up the true crime of a national coup. Again, on September 11, 2001, on the Utah-based "Jack Stockwell" radio show, LaRouche was the first to state, literally within the first hour of the attack on the Twin Towers, that there would be an attempt to blame it all on Osama bin Laden, i.e. to misdirect the investigation and allow the true perpetrators to remain unidentified. On those two separate occasions LaRouche had placed his voice in such a way as to cause the truth of what he said to become even more resonant later, than it was at the time he made the original utterance.

The Choral Principle

Hundreds of LaRouche activists nationwide participated in deploying tens of thousands of persons through phone calls and emails to effect this JASTA victory. This was not their work alone; many other organizations played essential roles as well. The LaRouche activists, however, were part of the extended influence of the Manhattan Project, deployed with an idea of “unity of effect” that had been qualitatively strengthened by their performance, over the four days of September 9–12, of the Mozart Requiem, under the direction of John Sigerson. Sigerson, co-author of the book {A Manual on Tuning And Registration}, had for nearly 30 years participated in groundbreaking work to returning the nation's and world's concert stages to what is called scientific tuning, Verdi pitch, and proper tuning. Sigerson used his work to tune the voices of the non-professional chorus in such a way as to cause the ensemble to perform and to sound far better than many professional choruses.

It was precisely this choral principle that was also in evidence in the mobilization of the Congress. A unity of effect was created in that body, not merely through citizen pressure, but through assisting the families of the victims of 9/11, and the courageous few Congressmen that supported them, in their voice-placement. The families and Congressmen were always saying the right thing; the problem was to project their message in such a way that an irresistible shock wave-like resonance was established that could penetrate even the usually morally opaque Congress.

Traveling to Washington and making phone calls would not be enough. The September 12th Morristown performance of the Requiem, the final of the four, briefly addressed by Terry Strada, allowed the participant to hear the idea of Justice as vocalized by Mozart. His treatment of the idea of immortality uplifted the audience to see the deeper implications of what they were about to do.

The effect of the performance on those in attendance, in a New Jersey community that had lost scores of people in the World Trade Center, was directly transmitted to the Congress, when people traveled there or spoke to the Congressional offices by phone. The Requiem performances allowed mobilization organizers, many of whom performed in those four concerts, to place, so far as the Congress was concerned, the voices of the dead thousands of the World Trade Center, Pentagon and Pennsylvania into the mouths of persons like Terry Strada. Congress was caused to hear, not the individual voices of wronged people, and not a mere "lobbying group," but a chorus of Justice, like the Erinyes of Schiller's poem "The Cranes of Ibykus." It was an irresistible force that brooked no objection. Only the callously inhuman, like Obama, and those intimidated or deluded by him, continue to pretend, unsuccessfully, to resist it.

In the discussion of the victory on a Thursday night conference call of about 400 persons, Manhattan Project mobilization coordinator Elliot Greenspan recounted how, “North Carolina Congressman Walter Jones… cited the role played by LaRouche organizers… What is clear is that Prince Bandar of the Saudi Royal family funneled money for the hijackers. Now, with the passage of JASTA, the families will be able to sue the Saudis in an American court. The moment that the vote in the House passed with the two-thirds for override, Congressman Jones, along with Congressman Steve Lynch of Massachusetts, began to applaud the families. Leaders of the families said to our organizers, ‘Without you guys, we know that we could not have done this.’ And they also emphasized the power of the concerts. As one of them said, ‘This music is still ringing in our ears.’”

Nero-Obama Pushes Nuclear Genocide In Final Days

by Carl Osgood

Barack Obama is in a headlong flight forward towards war with Russia, all the while blaming Russia for his personal collapse. The increasing irrationality of the Obama Administration comes from two realities: the disintegration of the trans-Atlantic financial system of speculative looting which has resulted in a bubble that can no longer be kept inflated; and the successful resistance of Russia, in particular, to a British-system of geopolitical world dominance. The only direction the narcissistic President Obama can go in at this point is war against Russia and China. The danger can only be removed by the Constitutional removal of President Obama from office as soon as possible.

The latest expression of the insanity of the U.S. Administration was the State Department announcement on Oct. 3, that it was terminating engagement with Russia on finding a solution to the conflict in Syria. "The United States spared no effort in negotiating and attempting to implement an arrangement with Russia aimed at reducing violence, providing unhindered humanitarian access, and degrading terrorist organizations operating in Syria," State Department spokesman John Kirby stated in a statement announcing the suspension. Never mind that with the exception of the occasional targeted assassination, the US has not targeted Al Nusra, the Al Qaeda affiliated jihadi group around which much of the armed opposition in Syria has coalesced, in any systematic way, and in fact, has intervened to try to prevent Russian targeting of Al Nusra on the claim that U.S.-backed groups were too close to it. Nonetheless, Kirby's statement claims that it is Russia that has "failed to live up to its own commitments," mainly by the assault on the jihadi-held portion of eastern Aleppo.

Kirby's announcement has been preceded and followed by all kinds of talk about the "options" that the Obama Administration has for militarily intervening in Syria. The options that have entered the public discussion include establishing a no-fly-zone over all or part of Syria, establishing safe zones inside Syria for refugees, bombing the Syrian air force so that it can no longer carry out air strikes against jihadi groups fighting the government, and supplying the jihadis with more lethal weapons, including shoulder-fired anti-aircraft weapons.

Aside from the fact that most of these actions would benefit the Al Qaeda-centered opposition to the Syrian government, the proponents of military action tend to ignore two other realities, however. First, there's no legal basis for any U.S. war in Syria, including the current one targeting the Islamic State. There's no declaration of war issued by the U.S. Congress, as the Constitution requires, and there's no UN Security Council resolution authorizing war against Syria. Secondly, all of the military options under discussion will bring the U.S. into direct confrontation with Russia, to one degree or another, which can only result in a catastrophe for humanity.

Secretary Strangelove

The most dangerous posturing, however, came from U.S. Secretary of Defense Ash Carter who, last week, rattled nuclear sabers while accusing Russia of doing the same, all in an attempt to justify spending a trillion dollars over the next thirty years to advance the entire US nuclear arsenal. During a speech at Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota, where he had a B-52 parked behind him, Carter expressly called out Russia.

While in Europe, Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges, commander of U.S. Army Europe, went on Polish Radio on Oct. 3 to update Polish listeners on the status of the US force buildup in that country. Hodges reported that an armored brigade will begin arriving from Fort Carson, Colorado, beginning in January, and then part of it will immediately head to western Poland for an exercise. An aviation battalion will also arrive in Poland around March or April, and will be based at the Powidz air base in central Poland.

In addition to the armored brigade, Hodges reported that a Stryker infantry battalion will be placed in Germany as part of the US Army's "enhanced forward presence" or EFP. The battalion is scheduled to be fully operational by the end of April and will be under NATO's operational control.

And what Carter didn't dare admit on his tour was that the U.S. is building a new generation of short-range nuclear weapons, with increased accuracy, for deployment throughout Europe—all pointed at Russian territory. The B61-12 new generation nuclear bomb will have a longer range and far greater accuracy, turning it from a deterrent into a theater combat weapon with a higher chance of use than any nuclear weapon so far ever deployed.

Russia Responds

From Moscow, the leadership of Russia sees all of this clearly and is responding with very clear statements about the irrationality of U.S. policy but with major preparations for another Nazi-like attack on Russia. On Oct. 3, Russian President Vladimir Putin suspended a U.S.–Russia plutonium reduction treaty, in which both sides agreed to destroy 34 tons of weapons-grade plutonium. Putin ordered the suspension, “In connection with the emergence of a threat to strategic stability as a result of unfriendly actions by the United States towards Russia, and the United States' inability to ensure compliance, and also proceeding from the need for urgent measures to protect the security of Russia," reported Tass.

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was more blunt why Russia is terminating the arrangement. “I would like to stress that this is a measure of last resort. We considered the agreement an important step towards nuclear disarmament,” Lavrov said. However, "Washington introduced large-scale economic and other sanctions against Russia, citing unsubstantiated claims. NATO military infrastructure is expanding, with an increasing number of US troops in proximity to the Russian border. The United States and its allies openly and freely discuss transitioning to a policy of containing their relations with Russia. They even threaten terrorist attacks in Russian cities.”

Putin's decision to suspend the plutonium treaty is a function of the overall collapse of U.S.–Russian relations brought on by President Obama's British-policy of geopolitical confrontation to reduce Russia to submission. "Our decision is a signal to Washington that it cannot use the language of force, sanctions and ultimatums with Russia while continuing to selectively cooperate with our country only when it benefits the U.S.," Lavrov said.

Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov then correctly said, “This is a big trauma and a fundamental problem for the American establishment as a whole. They cannot overcome themselves, and also, fortunately, they are not able to subvert the whole world. This is where such a difficult emotional breakdown, which we have to deal with, comes from.” The diplomat noted that the U.S. administration has "stopped being ashamed of some of its directives and now voices them almost openly."

The explicit support for Nazis in Ukraine, as well as the terrorists in Syria, is leading to an accelerating and near threat of nuclear attack and all out nuclear war. This is an unsurvivable war. No one wins. The living envy the dead. This is Obama, and he must be stopped pre-emptively by the American people and their institutions of government. We are already one minute after midnight.

Financial Crisis in October, Pass Glass-Steagall Now

Editorial by Rachel Brinkley

Last week, the Congress dealt a historic and necessary blow to Obama and the entire British-Saudi terrorist cabal. The overwhelming vote in both houses of Congress to override Obama's veto of JASTA (Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act), was a major victory for the people of the United States. As Lyndon LaRouche described, “We changed the entire pages of history. We had a landslide, a real landslide victory. Obama and company and everything like him have been given a real show… It’s going to have consequences which are very important to follow up on.” What the full consequences will be have yet to be seen, but the action by Congress can’t be reversed, Obama and the Saudis lost, and there are more enemies to destroy. This is a reminder to the American people of what {we} can do, and we need to do more.

Saudi Arabia is not the only justified target of the American people. Wall Street is an interwoven, essential arm of the global terror network, which has looted the American economy for all its worth, and is as much opposed to the interests of the U.S. population as are any armed militants. Look at the drug money laundering of HSBC for example, or HSBC's financial support to al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia—as described in Sen. Levin’s (MI-ret.) 2012 Senate Permanent Investigations Committee report.

Wall Street is losing, and is about to lose a lot more. One former IMF official warned of the “October Surprise,” the imminent threat of global war during October, and the potential of a sudden financial shock if the collapse is not taken into control with Glass-Steagall measures. The global financial breakdown can no longer be hidden. Many nations are already beginning to jump ship and climb onto nearby New Silk Road lifeboats, which are ready to carry them to safety with new rates of physical growth.

Now, the American people have to choose: Will they stand up to Wall Street the way they stood up to Obama and Saudi Arabia? We must demand that Congress reconvene for an emergency session this month to pre-empt the “October Crisis,” and put Glass-Steagall into law. As Obama will likely veto this as well, he would pave the path to his removal under the 25th amendment, by demonstrating his clear lack of competence in regard to an existential national interest. Glass-Steagall must be accomplished, now!