Nero-Obama Pushes Nuclear Genocide In Final Days

October 6, 2016

by Carl Osgood

Barack Obama is in a headlong flight forward towards war with Russia, all the while blaming Russia for his personal collapse. The increasing irrationality of the Obama Administration comes from two realities: the disintegration of the trans-Atlantic financial system of speculative looting which has resulted in a bubble that can no longer be kept inflated; and the successful resistance of Russia, in particular, to a British-system of geopolitical world dominance. The only direction the narcissistic President Obama can go in at this point is war against Russia and China. The danger can only be removed by the Constitutional removal of President Obama from office as soon as possible.

The latest expression of the insanity of the U.S. Administration was the State Department announcement on Oct. 3, that it was terminating engagement with Russia on finding a solution to the conflict in Syria. "The United States spared no effort in negotiating and attempting to implement an arrangement with Russia aimed at reducing violence, providing unhindered humanitarian access, and degrading terrorist organizations operating in Syria," State Department spokesman John Kirby stated in a statement announcing the suspension. Never mind that with the exception of the occasional targeted assassination, the US has not targeted Al Nusra, the Al Qaeda affiliated jihadi group around which much of the armed opposition in Syria has coalesced, in any systematic way, and in fact, has intervened to try to prevent Russian targeting of Al Nusra on the claim that U.S.-backed groups were too close to it. Nonetheless, Kirby's statement claims that it is Russia that has "failed to live up to its own commitments," mainly by the assault on the jihadi-held portion of eastern Aleppo.

Kirby's announcement has been preceded and followed by all kinds of talk about the "options" that the Obama Administration has for militarily intervening in Syria. The options that have entered the public discussion include establishing a no-fly-zone over all or part of Syria, establishing safe zones inside Syria for refugees, bombing the Syrian air force so that it can no longer carry out air strikes against jihadi groups fighting the government, and supplying the jihadis with more lethal weapons, including shoulder-fired anti-aircraft weapons.

Aside from the fact that most of these actions would benefit the Al Qaeda-centered opposition to the Syrian government, the proponents of military action tend to ignore two other realities, however. First, there's no legal basis for any U.S. war in Syria, including the current one targeting the Islamic State. There's no declaration of war issued by the U.S. Congress, as the Constitution requires, and there's no UN Security Council resolution authorizing war against Syria. Secondly, all of the military options under discussion will bring the U.S. into direct confrontation with Russia, to one degree or another, which can only result in a catastrophe for humanity.

Secretary Strangelove

The most dangerous posturing, however, came from U.S. Secretary of Defense Ash Carter who, last week, rattled nuclear sabers while accusing Russia of doing the same, all in an attempt to justify spending a trillion dollars over the next thirty years to advance the entire US nuclear arsenal. During a speech at Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota, where he had a B-52 parked behind him, Carter expressly called out Russia.

While in Europe, Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges, commander of U.S. Army Europe, went on Polish Radio on Oct. 3 to update Polish listeners on the status of the US force buildup in that country. Hodges reported that an armored brigade will begin arriving from Fort Carson, Colorado, beginning in January, and then part of it will immediately head to western Poland for an exercise. An aviation battalion will also arrive in Poland around March or April, and will be based at the Powidz air base in central Poland.

In addition to the armored brigade, Hodges reported that a Stryker infantry battalion will be placed in Germany as part of the US Army's "enhanced forward presence" or EFP. The battalion is scheduled to be fully operational by the end of April and will be under NATO's operational control.

And what Carter didn't dare admit on his tour was that the U.S. is building a new generation of short-range nuclear weapons, with increased accuracy, for deployment throughout Europe—all pointed at Russian territory. The B61-12 new generation nuclear bomb will have a longer range and far greater accuracy, turning it from a deterrent into a theater combat weapon with a higher chance of use than any nuclear weapon so far ever deployed.

Russia Responds

From Moscow, the leadership of Russia sees all of this clearly and is responding with very clear statements about the irrationality of U.S. policy but with major preparations for another Nazi-like attack on Russia. On Oct. 3, Russian President Vladimir Putin suspended a U.S.–Russia plutonium reduction treaty, in which both sides agreed to destroy 34 tons of weapons-grade plutonium. Putin ordered the suspension, “In connection with the emergence of a threat to strategic stability as a result of unfriendly actions by the United States towards Russia, and the United States' inability to ensure compliance, and also proceeding from the need for urgent measures to protect the security of Russia," reported Tass.

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was more blunt why Russia is terminating the arrangement. “I would like to stress that this is a measure of last resort. We considered the agreement an important step towards nuclear disarmament,” Lavrov said. However, "Washington introduced large-scale economic and other sanctions against Russia, citing unsubstantiated claims. NATO military infrastructure is expanding, with an increasing number of US troops in proximity to the Russian border. The United States and its allies openly and freely discuss transitioning to a policy of containing their relations with Russia. They even threaten terrorist attacks in Russian cities.”

Putin's decision to suspend the plutonium treaty is a function of the overall collapse of U.S.–Russian relations brought on by President Obama's British-policy of geopolitical confrontation to reduce Russia to submission. "Our decision is a signal to Washington that it cannot use the language of force, sanctions and ultimatums with Russia while continuing to selectively cooperate with our country only when it benefits the U.S.," Lavrov said.

Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov then correctly said, “This is a big trauma and a fundamental problem for the American establishment as a whole. They cannot overcome themselves, and also, fortunately, they are not able to subvert the whole world. This is where such a difficult emotional breakdown, which we have to deal with, comes from.” The diplomat noted that the U.S. administration has "stopped being ashamed of some of its directives and now voices them almost openly."

The explicit support for Nazis in Ukraine, as well as the terrorists in Syria, is leading to an accelerating and near threat of nuclear attack and all out nuclear war. This is an unsurvivable war. No one wins. The living envy the dead. This is Obama, and he must be stopped pre-emptively by the American people and their institutions of government. We are already one minute after midnight.