Financial Crisis in October, Pass Glass-Steagall Now

October 6, 2016

Editorial by Rachel Brinkley

Last week, the Congress dealt a historic and necessary blow to Obama and the entire British-Saudi terrorist cabal. The overwhelming vote in both houses of Congress to override Obama's veto of JASTA (Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act), was a major victory for the people of the United States. As Lyndon LaRouche described, “We changed the entire pages of history. We had a landslide, a real landslide victory. Obama and company and everything like him have been given a real show… It’s going to have consequences which are very important to follow up on.” What the full consequences will be have yet to be seen, but the action by Congress can’t be reversed, Obama and the Saudis lost, and there are more enemies to destroy. This is a reminder to the American people of what {we} can do, and we need to do more.

Saudi Arabia is not the only justified target of the American people. Wall Street is an interwoven, essential arm of the global terror network, which has looted the American economy for all its worth, and is as much opposed to the interests of the U.S. population as are any armed militants. Look at the drug money laundering of HSBC for example, or HSBC's financial support to al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia—as described in Sen. Levin’s (MI-ret.) 2012 Senate Permanent Investigations Committee report.

Wall Street is losing, and is about to lose a lot more. One former IMF official warned of the “October Surprise,” the imminent threat of global war during October, and the potential of a sudden financial shock if the collapse is not taken into control with Glass-Steagall measures. The global financial breakdown can no longer be hidden. Many nations are already beginning to jump ship and climb onto nearby New Silk Road lifeboats, which are ready to carry them to safety with new rates of physical growth.

Now, the American people have to choose: Will they stand up to Wall Street the way they stood up to Obama and Saudi Arabia? We must demand that Congress reconvene for an emergency session this month to pre-empt the “October Crisis,” and put Glass-Steagall into law. As Obama will likely veto this as well, he would pave the path to his removal under the 25th amendment, by demonstrating his clear lack of competence in regard to an existential national interest. Glass-Steagall must be accomplished, now!