Mobilize now to Override Obama's JASTA Veto

September 24, 2016

Manhattan Town Hall event with Dave Christie

Tune in at 2 pm eastern today for a special LIVE streaming of our weekly Manhattan Town hall event with activists in New York. Obama's veto of the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA) on Friday demands a full mobilization to flood the U.S. House and Senate with calls in support of the passage of JASTA and secure a sound override of Obama's veto. Join us a 2 pm for updates and what you can do this weekend to defeat Obama's treasonous defense of Saudi Arabia and their complicity in the September 11, 2001 attacks.


DENNIS SPEED: So, my name is Dennis Speed, and on behalf of the LaRouche Political Action Committee I want to welcome everybody here today for our Saturday dialogue with LaRouche. Today is a special day for us, because the long nightmare of the American people could be over if they decide to wake up and impeach Barack Obama.  For the first time in his Presidency, Barack Obama is positioned to be impeached because of an action that he willfully and voluntarily committed in public in vetoing the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act, or JASTA.

Now there was a discussion this morning which involved several of us and Mr. LaRouche, and it was written up by Jeff Steinberg for the purposes of our getting this out to you as that discussion concluded today.  So, I'm going to read Jeff's summary of that discussion.

"The next 72 hours are decisive for JASTA and Obama's fate. After discussion with Lyn, Helga, the Manhattan team and the PC this morning, we will be pulling out all of the stops over the weekend and into the beginning of the week to secure the veto override on JASTA, and to put the issue of Obama's treason and the need for his immediate impeachment on the table for action. The Manhattan meeting today will highlight the mobilization, and the outreach to other institutions, from first responders (firefighters, police, etc.), and at 3 PM Sunday, there will be a special conference call for activists to burn Congress to make sure that whatever last moment antics are attempted by Obama, the British and the Saudis are defeated.  This means a massive outpouring of calls into Congress, both over the weekend and first thing Monday morning when the Senate returns to session.

"Obama has called for international backing for his treasonous veto, and the European Union and the Saudis had their own people contacting Congress last week.  The Saudis have poured $5 million more into their lobbying effort against JASTA, which has so far not produced very much results.  They recently hired Trent Lott and John Breaux, two former Senators, and the former Clinton chief of staff, John Podesta's Podesta Group has a long running lobbying contract with the Saudis.

"The 9/11 families were all over Capitol Hill last week and will be back again on Monday morning to counter any waffling by Senators, under immense Obama-Saudi pressure.  The Obama letter to the Senate informing them of his veto was full of lies that are easily discredited, but they indicate the depth of Obama's desperation to kill JASTA.  Both Trump and Hillary Clinton have come out against Obama's veto—Trump far more forcefully.

"We have got to make it clear that , with this veto, Obama has sided with enemies of the United States—the British and the Saudis—whom he has protected for the last four years.  This is an impeachable crime.  Obama, the British and the Saudis have to be clearly confronted over the next days, to make sure that JASTA is a stunning defeat for everything rotten that the Obama presidency represents.  He sided with the perpetrators of 9/11 against the American people—because he wants his cut of the Al Yamamah spoils when he leaves office.  It's time to send him into exile now, not in January of 2017."

OK, so that's the summary from Jeff.  So Dave, I'm going to go to you now for an opening statement beyond the statement of Jeff's; if there are remarks you'd like to make about that. Then, we'll go right to questions and answers at that point.

DAVE CHRISTIE:  Well, I would just say that this next period here over the next few days, has to be a national mobilization to seal the deal on the crushing of Obama's veto, to make sure we have the votes for the override.  But importantly, as Dennis just went through and Jeff's statement indicates, Obama must be brought down; and this is the action by which we bring him down. Clearly, if there is anything that is treasonous — which of course is what impeachment is a case for — then the cover-up of the murder of thousands of our citizens; but really the cover-up of the longer arc of what 9/11 was intended to bring, which is the wars that have brought the deaths of millions of people since September 11, 2001.  Obama can and must be brought down by this; and I know people have some sense of the mobilization that's under way.  I know there have been stories of the family members of the 9/11 victims which are extremely — their intervention is extremely powerful.  There has been a number of cases where different Senators who are waffling on where they stand on JASTA, will have these family members come in, read them the riot act, and they all turn around.  There's been a couple of cases around Corker and Lindsey Graham that this has happened; and they subsequently have made public statements.

But I can just say from dialogues with Mr. LaRouche this morning, we absolutely cannot rest on our laurels or think that we're going to skate through on this one; because what this is about is not simply Obama's whims about what he wants to see on this veto.  He is a British agent; and as a British agent, he is covering up for the 9/11 system which is something which goes even further back than that.  Many of you recall that Mr. LaRouche has made the point that the question of 9/11 or the Saudi role in 9/11, it's British, it goes back specifically to the al-Yamamah deal; which is as Dennis just read from that statement, the spoils of that have financed terrorism and bribery since the deal was brought in, in the 1980s under Prince Bandar — who was the Saudi ambassador I believe from 1983 all the way 'til 2005.

In 2005, Prince Bandar gave an interview on the Charlie Rose Show, and he was asked if he knew the bin Laden family.  He said, oh yes, they're very good people.  In fact, I helped coordinate with the FBI, the flying out of the bin Laden family after September 11th, since they're just good, upstanding people.  I wanted to make sure that they weren't unjustly targetted, so I had them ferreted out of the United States right after September 11th.  Then when he was asked furthermore whether he knew Osama bin Laden, he said, oh yes, we talked on the phone once; but he wanted to thank me profusely for my organizing and getting the US government behind the mujahideen — which was Osama bin Laden and his crowd in their fight against the Soviet Union in the 1980s.

So, this is the point of what 9/11 represents; this is the point of what British agents like Obama and Prince Bandar — who is absolutely a British agent.  The support of terrorism as a mercenary force globally is entirely about geopolitics.  It is to be deployed and is presently being deployed as we see up to the point of a confrontation with Russia in the case of Syria; which is a kind of a culmination of this whole system since 9/11.  As Mr. LaRouche identified in 2011, with the assassination of Muammar Qaddafi, that this would be the move towards a war with Russia and China.  We've seen since that point, weapons flowing from Libya into Syria, into the terrorist networks which are being used to overthrow the government of Bashar al-Assad.  That has now brought us to the point — because of Russia's refusal to allow this to go forward, and refuse the further destabilization of the Middle East, and refuse to allow the jihadists to grab control of the extremely advanced weapons that Syria has, including an air force.  Because that would obviously be a dramatic escalation, and the use of this terrorism to be deployed against the nations that it's intended to be deployed against; which is Russia, China, and India.  So, Russia has stepped in; and that has now brought us to the point of a confrontation with Russia.  This is all because of Obama.

In fact, the other day when the proposal was made for a no-fly zone after Obama gives the go-ahead for the targetting of the Syrian military, where some 80-plus Syrian soldiers were killed, and hundreds more wounded, as this means of defending ISIS.  Then, there was the strike on the convoy of aid going into Aleppo; which Obama then used immediately to blame the Russians and the Syrians.  They made clear that they were not involved; it was likely artillery strikes, it was not air strikes.  But this has now been used to get a no-fly zone, or to push a no-fly zone over Syria.  The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was just recently asked in a Senate hearing about this; one of the Senators asked, "What would it take to enforce a no-fly zone over Syria?"  General Dunford accurately said, "It would take a war with Russia and Syria."

So, this is the point.  We have been brought to the edge of a world war by Obama, as a British agent.  The war is designed to shut down the key nations of Russia and China, but India as well; it's designed to shut down an emerging New Paradigm where nations are coming together around common economic development.  This was clearly stated in the recent G20 meeting, where Chinese President Xi Jinping just very clearly said, we can show you how the Chinese economic miracle can be recreated.  We've pulled 700 million people out of poverty.  We are committed to further growth, and that commitment is going to be based on science and technology and innovation; and that, too, will be a knowable process.  We intend to keep going with this economic growth. That G20 meeting, with the President of China leading the discussion process, very clearly stated that this New Paradigm is alive.  It was echoed in the halls of the United Nations General Assembly by the Premier of China when he stated that they were committed to this development and not the Green development, but real progress through science and technology.  I'm sure we're going to see that further echoed in the upcoming BRICS summit in the middle of October.

This New Paradigm, this new dynamic is what Obama and the British are trying to shut down.  The 9/11 system, the Al Yamamah system that has been around for about 30-some years now, is entirely designed to shut that down.  So, this is what we are actually bringing down by bringing down Obama.  I want to make a point on this.  This has nothing to do with election-year cycles; because I'm sure people will say, "Yeah, but aren't we at the end of the election?"  Well, as much as we're close to an election, we're as close to World War III as that.  But the point is, this is thousands of years of a system of empire now coming to its end.  What Mr. LaRouche and his wife have done is, they've created the clear alternative that is absolutely being moved upon that the G20 summit represents.  So therefore, this is what we're bringing down; and the collapse of an empire does not deal with the timeframe of election-year politics.

Therefore, we who have led this fight must finish the job [and] remove Barack Obama.  We've got this fight around the JASTA is the critical means by which he's exposed his treason; therefore, the next hours and days ahead are going to be absolutely critical.  And of course, the deployment in Manhattan is a central deployment not just nationally, but internationally for the forces working with Mr. LaRouche.

So, I think I'm just going to leave it there and open it up to see what people have, or if there's anything further that Dennis or Elliott may want to add.  But I think the marching orders were extremely clear by Mr. LaRouche on the bringing down Obama by pushing the JASTA bill very, very aggressively.

SPEED:  OK, thanks a lot, Dave.  Let's go to the first question.  Actually, let's have the first two people; Rick will be next.

Q:  Good afternoon.  This is Jessica White from Brooklyn, New York.  I want to start by giving a report concerning the activist deployment I call it, that we were involved in this week.  Several of us in the LaRouche Movement went to Washington D.C. to join the Families of the Victims of 9/11 in their rally to keep the Senate and the Congress in Washington to override the veto of President Obama against the JASTA bill.  I want to say at the very beginning, that this was not our show; this was not organized by us.  We were asked to join and support, and that is what we did.  But I also want to say that without us there, it would not have been what I think of as the success that is was. I have many times been proud to be part of this organization, but I was very proud to have been part of this LaRouche PAC organization this week.  We understand that this was very well-organized; the buses were great, we got there on time.  In fact, we got there ahead of time and were able to kind of pull together with the groups that were there.  We were joined by members of our organization — and I'm always glad to see that — and we had our signs, we had slogans; we had all the things that were adding to the support of getting Congress to understand that they had to stay in Washington.  We knew this bill was going to be vetoed; we knew it because our leadership knows Obama.  Some of the people in the families of the victims' organization don't really know that; they knew, but then they kind of didn't.  So, I, for one, was saying things like, "Obama's going to veto this bill; don't kid yourself.  And he'll wait until 4:50; ten minutes before these so-called Congress people have to run out and go tee off and play golf or whatever it is they do for the rest of the week.  Then this bill would be dead in the water, and nothing would happen.  The veto would stand, and we would not be able to fight against it because no one would be there to hear us."

Well, it so happens that many of the people in the families' organization started to really understand that this was the case. We know Obama; now, they know Obama.  So, that was one of the things that really struck me also.  We also had that spark, that needed zeal to get this done in the way that it needed to be done.  We had the slogans, we had the things that make people notice what you're talking about; and we had the truth.  Now, they did have some great signs.  I'm going to show you one of the things that they did produce that we used.  This one, if you can see, it says — I think on both sides — "Stop Protecting Terrorism; Pass JASTA!"  That's the sign that was on both sides and it's really quite good.  There was another one:  "Override the Veto; Pass JASTA!"  Both sides.  Then, this was another one; there were many signs like this that we were using; but we had signs, too.  "Congress: Stay in D.C.; Pass JASTA!"

So, this effort was very important, and very supportive. Now, we know that this bill has been vetoed; we knew it would be. There are still people in Washington from the families' group that are lobbying Congress and the Senate to stay in town.  We heard that they were going to stay in town because they needed to pass some budget situation so that the government would not shut down, like they did, if you remember, a while ago.  The government shut down; people could not get paid because something was not done with the budget.  Military people could not get paid.  That kind of thing could happen again.  So, we heard about that, and we figured, OK, that's probably one of the reasons that might keep them here.  But then as the day went on, and as Terry Strada gave her press interview, we found out that they were staying because of JASTA.  Now, we have to push that and make sure that that happens, because as you said, there are Saudi operatives, Obama operatives, and Obama himself rallying around the Congress people and the Senate to not override this bill; to go against the families of 9/11, to go against the American people.  So, we still have to keep that fight up.  They're still fighting in Washington; we still have to keep that override process going.  And we have to, as LaRouche members, we have to add the next thing — impeach Obama.  We need to impeach Obama right now.

Like we've talked about over and over again, this is the catalyst — I'm a science teacher; there's always a catalyst — this is the catalyst.  This is what's going to get it done; but we have to make it happen.  We have to get this experiment bubbling and get that acid going and get this done.  So, I just wanted to give that report; and there's someone — Patrick — who may add that one more thing.  We talked about our concerts to the people going down on the bus.  We made phone calls to Congress; but we also talked about the things that we do to make sure that humanity remains human.  And that is our concert series, and we introduced that to the people on the buses and the people that we met and worked with.  That was a tremendous thing; so many people really wanted to know more about our chorus, our foundation, our organization through that music effort, through that effort of humanity.  So, that was another aspect that we brought to this deployment in Washington.  Thank you.

CHRISTIE:  I very much appreciate that.  I have a sense of that, watching it from afar.  I think the question you raised at the end — what these concerts represented in terms of asserting humanity, especially in the face of this kind of brutality and bestiality, I think is critical to remind people that they're not subjects of an empire; they're not slaves.  That I think is a very central aspect to the cultural work that we're doing.  I just think, just to come back to it, that the question of that outlook of humanity as expressed in the New Paradigm that we see unfolding that Lyn and Helga's ideas taking over nations and providing opportunities for billions of people; setting programs into motion that are already thinking decades ahead in terms of these development plans, that that is an assertion of that humanity.  That is, again, what the British Empire is out to crush right now.  So, I think we just have to constantly be coming back to that; that what we're bringing down with the JASTA bill and Obama and what he represents, is the British Empire. Imagine if they didn't have the ability for a proxy war capability, which is really what this is.  If they didn't have these mercenaries to deploy to overthrow nations and cause chaos, and ultimately deploy this against Russia, China, and India, they wouldn't have anything.  This is why they're so desperate to fight to the bitter end to ensure that they have this apparatus intact.  So therefore, that is what we're bringing down; and Obama is the lead — without him in the White House, the British don't have the lever to carry out this policy.  So, I think it's critical that we take these next few days, and mobilize with everything we've got to bring him and the British Empire down behind him; so that we can actually usher in this New Paradigm that actually has that commitment.  That higher sense of what it is to be human; that we're not just subjects or cattle of the empire.  So, I appreciate your report.

Q:  Hi, I'm Patrick from Connecticut.  Tuesday, I had the pleasure of representing the LaRouche PAC to join with the 9/11 Families at Capitol Hill to rally to pass the JASTA bill and override the veto.  We definitely broke the sound barrier, as I would put it.  I was honored to represent Connecticut at the JASTA press conference.  Senator Blumenthal was explicit with passing the JASTA bill and also the veto of it.  The bottom line is, that we're in a momentum now where we have to keep driving, we can't look behind; because right now, it could change.  So, to continue this fight is priority; and with that, that's my short speech.

CHRISTIE:  Good, good; absolutely.  Let me just say that Mr. LaRouche was extremely sharp that we have to accelerate — just as you said, Patrick.  He cited the role of the FBI; he said, this is a weekend where the FBI is going to be fully deployed as the enemy agency that it has been since day one.  That they are going to be fully deployed this weekend.  I know we've cited this before, but the case of Louis Freeh who was the former FBI Director right before the 9/11 incident actually occurred, who when he left his post at the FBI, he became part of the legal counsel for Prince Bandar.  So, that is what the 28 pages show; it wasn't just simply the role of Saudi Arabia.  It was the fact that the FBI and the CIA were tracking all of this and should have been tracking if they weren't.  In some of the cases, I'm sure that we're going to find out; but furthermore, it's been shown that almost every incident of terrorism inside the United States has either been an FBI informant, or was being organized or at least overseen by the FBI.  So clearly they are going to be mobilized in force over this weekend; putting all kinds of pressure on members of Congress and various institutional layers. So I think absolutely, we have to keep this mobilization through until the override happens.

SPEED:  Just before Rick asks his question, let me say something about this; because I think it's important that people are clear.  In twelve days from now, will be the 30th anniversary of a raid on Lyndon LaRouche's home in Leesburg.  Four hundred Federal, state and local troops tried to kill him.  Now, every Tuesday, that happens to citizens all over the United States. You see, you have to understand something about what we have right now.  This man — if we want to call Obama that — has been part of an assassination bureau which is committed to killing people, globally and domestically, with impunity.  And they do it every Tuesday.  They assassinate heads of state with impunity. They will Americans, and allow Americans to be killed, and they work with the people that kill Americans!

Now, for the first time, he is actually positioned to pay for that.  It's not the veto, and the override of the veto; that's the first thing that we're going to do.  That's the beginning.  This is about the assassination bureau. And that's what British intelligence represents. That's what they were; that's who he works for.  And they don't just kill people, they kill nations, they kill  heritage.  Everybody knows about what they've done and the destruction, the bombings that have happened in Iraq, or Syria, or what happened with Boko Haram in Timbuktu.

These people are nothing different than what Pol Pot was. They are the same as that!  Obama is the same as Pol Pot! So the idea of what we have here is in a lawful way, some citizens have held the Presidency of the United States to account, for crimes committed in the name of the Presidency, by foreign powers and agencies, particularly London; and also Saudi Arabia which is a kingdom which itself is a satrapy of London.

So what I think is important is for us to understand this moment in terms of what our mobilization actually means:  It's the beginning of something, and it's a battle that has to be won in order to actually, finally, get Americans to stand up and get out of the long nightmare that has characterized this country since Nov. 22nd, 1963.

Go ahead, Rick.

Q:  Yeah, I'd just like to add to that because I think your point, that it's just now, and Dave's previous point about getting at the basis for the existence of  terrorist armies that are being used to carry out this extremely evil activity throughout the world; in the front page of today's Wall Street Journal — the picture here just gets me so upset.  Can you see this?  [front page of the WSJ] This is a photo of a Syrian woman holding her child who was apparently killed in a bombing attack, and the newspaper wants to blame the Russians and the Syrians for this; who knows who actually did it?  But seeing this picture, one cannot help but be completely upset.  I'm very upset, I haven't been able to get over this.  I mean, this cute —  Ramsey Clark said one of the things that this is about is, "let's save the babies" if you remember from that meeting.  And the Syrian representative and Senator Black went into these atrocities, they are atrocities. [ embracing-common-aims-mankind]

And you're exactly right:  This type of activity can only be compared with the genocide in Cambodia.  So, here you have this guy —  I'm not going to call him the President — you have this guy who is trying to prevent a full, detailed investigation of what is really behind these atrocities, is what this really boils down to, to me; and so anybody who is siding with Obama, is siding with a war criminal, is really what it boils down to.

So I'd like to pose a question: When Duterte stated several weeks ago that this Obama is a "son of a blank," do you think he was being over the top?

CHRISTIE:  If anything, muted.  Apparently it was "son of a whore," just to be clear, and that's probably more precise in the case of Obama's mother, which I think it also goes to the case of Obama's stepfather.  Because this is where he learned this brutal killing.

In fact, mentioning Duterte, recently at one of the recent discussions about the attacks on Duterte on his so-called "human rights" violations as he's taking down these drug lords, and this drug problem in the Philippines, he's being blamed for human rights abuses.  And he says, "I've got a human rights abuse for you — take the case of Indonesia.  Why haven't we ever discussed the case of Indonesia?" referring to these killing squads that Obama's stepfather was a part of.  And this is where he learned this brutality.

So absolutely this is actually who Obama is. And I think the other point you just raised, apparently Ja'afari, the Syrian representative to the United Nations — many of you may have seen him speak on Sept. 10th at our event, he just said that "the mask has fallen," this was the speech that he made and also a statement he made recently.  He says that: They're out to kill our people with Saudi money, Turkish training, and U.S. backing. They're out to kill our people but the mask has now fallen. [see slug in this briefing-ed.]

And so clearly, the case as Dennis just laid out, this isn't just about simply the 9/11, or exposing Obama's continued cover-up of this, this is to get at the whole, deep-rooted structure and to be able to expose this and bring this to justice, so that we can end it as the tool by the British Empire, that is used for geopolitical purposes to crush the new paradigm that's developing.

So yeah, that's what I would say on that.

Q: The story goes that early in the Obama era, he got rid of a bust of Churchill from the Oval Office.  The question is this a, as they say, "smoke and mirrors" for the gullible?  By coincidence, I was in midtown this week with the LaRouche movement for the UN rally, and I stumbled upon a very strange bookstore that I had stumbled upon previously on my own, called Chartwell.  And the entire theme of this bookstore, maybe some other people here have had the same odd experience of encountering, this whole bookstore is all about Winston Churchill!  It's very strange, there's something — it's on East 52nd Street.  Is this MI5?  It's just very strange.

But this bust story of Churchill being removed from the Oval Office, this was spread about, what is this?

SPEED:  He probably put it in his bedroom.

CHRISTIE:  That's probably true.  But this thing had come out at the time when the first thing that Obama did, and nestled up next to the Queen for his orders; and remember this is the famous case of Prince Philip making one of his famous gaffes, saying something about a country and then asking Obama "do you even know where that is?"  But just totally no respect for Obama, since they don't have respect for Obama because he just one of their tools.

But immediately, in that same journey, the other trip that he made was to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  So his allegiance has been to the British Monarchy from the get-go — and he probably did put that bust in his bedroom.

Look let me just make one other point on this, because I know all of you run into it:  The method by which the FBI and the whole apparatus around Obama has sought to create this kind of cult around him, and the idea that you have very few Americans that will take Obama directly on; even at this late date, after he has laid it out, everything that he has done, has been out in the open, in terms of his support of terrorism, etc., and yet people will still try to blame it on Bush!  And we're almost into eight years of what he's done!

So this is also what you're running into, is the kind of lies and disinformation to allow Obama to continue to operate. Frankly the whole Hillary campaign as far as I see it, is simply a means by which Obama is able to get away with what he intends to get away with, which is to push this to the brink of a war with Russia and China.

We have led the fight.  Mr. LaRouche personally has led the fight since from the very beginning.  Remember LaRouche was the one who identified Obama as the narcissist that he is.  And I think what we're seeing right now, is as a narcissist has a sense that they're going down, that they're no longer respect, they may begin to drag everything down around them. So this is an even more critical period in which we need to get Obama out, because as a narcissist goes down, they will collapse everything around them.

So the next few days are critical to getting Obama out.

Q:  It's Howard from New York.  I was happy to participate in these rallies by UN at the opening of the General Assembly three days this week.  It was interesting, because by the third day we were beginning to get certain people's nerves very short, like these typical New York businessmen types.  I got to speak to some of these people, and this guy seemed to be offended by Helga's statement on the "Common Aims of Mankind," such wonderful things about China, and Russia, and the BRICS, and these economic projects.  And he asked, "Do you consider these countries democratic, like China and Russia?" And I was asking, "well what about consent of the governed?"  I mean, don't you think this is a policy of consent of the governed in which 600 million or so people have been brought out of poverty in China?  So he really felt a paradox, that we have all this democracy and all these elections, and these countries still have the consent of the governed.  His only question on this was, "can we afford these projects?" which I think is more a question, I mean, beyond just Glass-Steagall is one thing:  Can we go back to a Hamiltonian heritage, a U.S. counterpart to what I think China and Russia the BRICS countries are doing today?

CHRISTIE:  Look, if we remove Obama and pass Glass-Steagall which will free things up, absolutely to get Glass-Steagall rammed through, because remember, the state of desperation by the forces of the British Empire is determined by the financial meltdown. There's been recent reports on the case of Deutsche Bank, which Lyndon LaRouche uniquely identified as one of the key detonators of the whole system; but also were we to transform it in the tradition of Herrhausen, who used to be the head of Deutsche Bank towards that development perspective, could be a means of transformation in Europe, a sense of shifting Deutsche Bank to that legacy.

So but the case of Deutsche Bank is one of the markers of a whole system.  In fact, they were just identified as having the same kind of leverage ratio that Lehman Brothers had before it collapsed.  And Deutsche Bank as much derivatives exposure, somewhere about $75 trillion worth, which is about the same amount as the world GDP, so the implosion of this bank will be the detonator for the collapse of the whole system which is inevitable at this point.

So the point is, we need Glass-Steagall immediately.  It is the desperation by the British of their system, why they're pushing for war, hoping to back Russia and China down.  But I want to come back to the speech by Xi Jinping at the G20, he was extremely clear:  We will not back down.  We are committed to this development, and we are moving forward with what he called the innovation-based economy, but a commitment to science and technology; we've seen this with what they're doing with their space program, with their mission to the far side of the Moon; we see this with their commitment to fusion power.  So this war is on because of that commitment.

And so, the removal of Obama opens the door by which we get Glass-Steagall through, and that point, the only way to create peace on this planet is to collaborate with these nations. And the only way we could possibly do that is the same way that Franklin Roosevelt did it, the same way that Abraham Lincoln, the same principles embedded in Hamilton, which is this credit system; where we define the wealth by what we're going to create in the future.  And so, this is the moment where what LaRouche outlined in his Four Laws could be immediately implemented, were Obama to be removed.  Not the next President, but now.

Q:  Hi, my name is M—C—. I have a two part comment.  One is a quick report on this morning's activity on the streets of Manhattan. The second part is on the music work, which I don't know if John Sigerson wants to comment on.

This morning a few organizers went out very close to here, distributed about 400 copies of The Hamiltonian, and we had signs that Jessica had held up earlier, and we got out 400 copies, but amongst that there was a thinking minority who were very much in tune with this fight around passing the JASTA bill, and very adamant that this has to get through; we're mobilizing them to call their congressmen, and a few of thanked us for being out there.  So there was definitely a quality of a minority of people who were very much involved in this fight already.

Second part, on the music work, and picking up a theme from last week's townhall meeting here.  And one of our organizers brought up this quality of participating in these four concerts around the 15th anniversary of 9/11.  And he brought up this quality of agapë, and then Michael Steger responded by talking about this creative inspiration which comes from the music work. And also, it gives people, especially if you participate in the chorus, obviously it had an effect politically and the audience went through a certain transformation. But also if you participate in the chorus, and John Sigerson brought up earlier when we were doing our solfège work, that Classical music is necessary so that you don't banality in politics.  And I think especially if you participate in the chorus, then you have an access to the development of one's mind, but also courage in the face of this enemy, which I think really terrorizes the population.  And it's something which, only if you participate in this process, can you actually get an access to.  And it really is a question of the meaning of one's life:  Are you using your life as a service for humanity.  We have to win this fight; Obama should be impeached, and the question of us committing ourselves to have courage in the face of the enemy, I think only the Classical music we're doing can really give people that courage and development of one's mind, so that we have the power of these intellectuals weapons to defeat this enemy.

So I don't know if you want to comment on that, or John...?

CHRISTIE: I'll say one thing and maybe John has something more to add, but I was just thinking about this recently, that Mr. LaRouche, in some of his older papers, it's been was a theme of his intellectual work for a long time, in what he calls the "preconscious."  And to me, I think one of the things that happens, especially in political life or just people's intellectual life, is they don't quite have the internal fortitude by which to know something to be true.  And part of this idea of the preconscious, it's often described as a kind of "on the tip of your tongue" but on the tip of your mind, is that many people do have that capability, this sense of where the mind has to go next to make a creative breakthrough.

And I know some you have a sense of this from the work that Diane does on the solfège, or in general in the music work with John, is, you'll know when a note is wrong in terms of Classical composition.  Now, how do you know that? Why does the mind have this kind of sense about it?  When you actually work through classical composition, you are developing that capability, and what it does is it gives you a certain resolve in your mind, to be able to take that same concept of being able to know that what you're hearing is not right, and in terms of political life or a sense of truth-seeking that it gives you that access.

And so, I think in terms of the kind of shift that society needs to make, that's at least one aspect where it can bring that sense of the preconscious back into the domain of people's intellectual lives and political lives.  But maybe John has some other thoughts on that, or in general on what you raised.

JOHN SIGERSON:  I've been thinking about what we accomplished over the course of those four concerts, because you can say what we did was we affected all these people there; we moved them; hopefully we moved them in many ways that they are not even aware of, to work towards the end to which this particular meeting is dedicated.  But even behind that, what occurred to me is that what these concerts represent and the way that I attempted to shape, with partial success, the intonation of the music — and also Diane Sare, as well, doing the Spirituals; that what we are demonstrating is what a Presidential system and a Congressional system in the United States and also implicitly in other countries, really ought to be about.  Since for so long, our public life has been degenerate and as it's typified by the degeneracy in the White House, especially since the Kennedy era, but really, the degeneracy goes even further back than that. We do not have a cultured elite in this country, a cultured elite that can actually bring the rest of the population up; rather, we've been inundated with a popular culture which has been promoted by an oligarchy, largely a British financial oligarchy, dedicated to dumbing down the entire world's population.

There is a struggle going on right now, in parts of China, in parts of Russia, to change that.  Although it's not as explicit as it ought to be. I think that what we are doing is to make this absolutely explicit: That the highest expression of human creativity, as represented in these beautiful works by Mozart, these beautiful Spirituals, and hopefully in the things that we are going to be presenting in the future, in an even more successful way.

And also, as Maria was saying, in the interaction of the people who are performing amongst themselves and with the audience, that this is a paradigm, this is the paradigm for what so-called politics, real political thought, real political action ought to be.  I would even go so far to say that one of the major rules, the house rules of the Congress, that ought to be changed, is that every single Member of Congress ought to be obliged to sing in a chorus. [applause]  And those who can play instruments in the orchestra, and that they may actually learn to work together, to a single end.  And maybe that would help them very much.  And maybe also the White House staff should do exactly the same thing, and the President should be obliged to be part of that as well.

But in past times, that was what used to go on anyway!  Over a century ago, I'm talking about.  And this is the kind of interaction that's necessary.  I would just say, I wanted to point out that what we did over these four concerts, was incredibly successful from the standpoint of the chorus.  From the standpoint of the orchestra — I mentioned this a little bit in the interview that was just published, we had a little time with the orchestra, most of whom I did not know personally.  We had very scant time to be able to communicate that, and communicate our intent to the entire orchestra.

Such a process requires more rehearsal, but not just rehearsal, more interaction with the human beings, who are playing these instruments.  And I hope, that in the process of building orchestras in the future, that we will be able to get that kind of dynamic, so that we can get an orchestral dialogue with the chorus, in such a way that we can make this even more explicit, make this creative principle even more explicit. Because among many professional musicians, they're really beaten down, just as much as many members of the population are.

So if you have any comments on that Dennis, go ahead.

SPEED:  If I were to say something, I would point out the following, that Lyn defined this project of a 1500-person chorus. John will be giving a lecture next Friday, one of two.  We have another 109, 110 people who requested to join the chorus; most of them are from the New York City area, some of them from New Jersey. And I understand we had about 170 people altogether singing.  I guess many of those were already our members, and probably another 120 of those people are from the area.

So it seemed to me that the process of what we're about to engage in in the next 72 hours, should result in 150 or 200 people being there on Friday.  I think that we should begin with that.  And I think what we should pose to those people, is exactly what you just posed:  That what we require, what we need, are people in the country of a certain caliber, citizens of a certain caliber, and musicians of a certain caliber!  Because there are plenty of qualified musicians, actually, in New York City, were they inclined to make themselves available, that we might be able to recruit for this purpose.

But let me say what my sense is of why Lyn called for the chorus, itself: You know, Lyn has been doing these meetings on Saturdays for over a year.  And at one point he intervened and talked about having qualified people at the meeting.  Now, what he meant, I think, is what he was able to do about 45 years ago when he founded this organization — people like John and myself were around.  And we would come to these meetings, and often Lyn would start — not always, but often you'd have 80, 90 people; that certainly happened at the college we were at, at Swarthmore College.  And then when he got to 30 people, he gave a 12-part lecture series, and after he got down to lecture six or seven, he had 30 or 35 people left, he'd say, "OK now we can start!"

Now, you had gone through six weeks of some of the most intensive intellectual engagement that you had ever been through in your life; and he would walk in — sometimes he would have a book.  Once in a while, Lyn would come in with a book. Usually Lyn could come in completely empty handed and he's walk to a blackboard, and he would start.  And the things that would come out of his head, you just simply had never seen anybody in your life do this!  There were no notes, whatsoever!  Unless, he for example, wanted to bring into you something from particular book, and refute a quote.  Sometimes he would do that.  But he was never concerned about the numbers of people, he was concerned about the quality of the discourse.

Now, the problem in America is that the discourse among our citizens has been bestialized by what was called a "musical culture." It was never a musical culture, actually.  That's wasn't how they did it.  But they called it that, because it was a way for people like Churchill and Churchill's Tavistock to get their hooks into the United States.  That's what they did.  So the entire "rock" phenomenon, is not even an American phenomenon; that's a thing from London.  It was called the British invasion. People forget this.  That was very meaningful, that was very real, it was done in a very specific way and it was done precisely to wreck the American connection to its real soul, particularly in the Spirituals.

But just to say about what you did, John, and what I think happened, is, we allowed people to think beyond the domain of the killer bureau.  See the assassin bureau has grabbed the minds of the American people, and briefly, as really the four concerts, that's why we had to do it continually, we were able to break that chain around the mind.  That was very important for the firemen for example; they may have been the most clear in their expression of the freedom that we gave them.  Because this is not the kind of thing, as you know, and as we all know, it's not sensual.  The effect is spiritual.  And the issue of the removal of Obama is a spiritual effect.  The impeachment of Obama is a spiritual effect on the American people! So the issue is not whether people think it's feasible, or whether people accept that it is the right (quote) "tactic."  The idea is to create a spiritual effect of exactly the type that we were able to create through the performances.

So the chorus, the 1500 person chorus is itself a way of creating an American citizenry again.  It won't be those 1500 people:  It will be hundreds of millions of people around the country, who will know that happened, not because anybody ever tells them!  Because ideas don't work that way; ideas are not transmitted this way!  And this is something I don't want to say because only Lyn, in my view, or others maybe, are much better than I am about that.  I don't really want to say more than I know.

But I know that the way that we transmitted the ideas, through the Requiem, was not to the chorus, the audience, or to New York City, but to the Universe itself.  There is idea that Schiller  talks about, about taking one's inalienable rights from the heavens — why? Because they're in the heavens!  So if you address the heavens, the heavens respond.  It's just what happens.  A lot of people think that's mysterious, but Mozart didn't! And I think you got that across, and I think that's why people had the response that they had.

SIGERSON:  "The Heavens are telling the glory of God." [laughter]

SPEED: Yeah.

CHRISTIE:  I think it's an exercise in the consent of the governed.  John I'm sure you'd be the first to admit that you can't just tell a chorus what to do.  It's not a dictatorship in the sense that you have to draw out in their mind, the idea of the principle that they're being involved in.  And clearly the consent of the governed gets at this question of the emperor or the monarchy or whatever, that if you go with the premise that we're all created equally that means none of has any right to rule over the other, unless through that consent.

But it's not simply about equality, it's about what is our mission together, that we seek to strive, to progress, to develop, which is the only way we could survive in the first place anyway is through that progress; but there's a mission that's at hand.  And therefore when you have people who come together around a common mission, then they have to be, in a sense infected, or maybe inspired by what that mission is.  And they have a common vision of that mission and therefore come together as a single unity.  And I think that to me is what the consent of the governed;  and perhaps a real Presidency would be one that intends to do what a good conductor would do, which is simply state, together how are we going to achieve this common mission?

SIGERSON: Good, thanks.

Q:  Hello, this is S— from Harlem, West Side.  Recently in my school, I just joined a competition called the "Fed Challenge," where the first step, we actually went into the Federal Reserve for a boot camp, where they provide a case scenario and then it's your job to act as the Fed to decide what to do.

So, what I plan to do is use the regulatory function in Glass-Steagall.  I've already had some resistance to that, as you would imagine.  But on the other side, the curator of the finance and political club that I belong to, sees in my something that's worth value, because he's willing to write me a recommendation for Columbia University which I just got recruited to.  So, I think what it is, that he sees there are problems but he is not willing to stick his neck out on the line to do something about it, because he's an investment banker on Wall Street, and a part-time professor.  Yeah. [laughter]

I would like to work closely with LaRouche PAC on this project.  And I remember the last time I spoke with you, you were saying that there was something along the lines that the Federal Reserve could do themselves to enact Glass-Steagall without legislation?  If we could get in contact and discuss that, that would be very helpful to me.

CHRISTIE:  I don't know all the details on this.  This was Neel Kashkari who's the head of the Minneapolis Federal Reserve, cited that in a time of crisis the Federal Reserve, because of course the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.  which is one of the features of the Glass-Steagall Act, which was not repealed as part of the Glass-Steagall Act, because they wanted to make sure that the FDIC existed, that when the system went under as a result of all the mortgage bubble, the mortgage backed securities, the derivatives that they blew up on the back of that, that when that collapsed they would have Federal government as a hostage if you will, to facilitate the bail-out. So they kept the FDIC in place. So apparently there's something where, in a time of crisis, there no way the FDIC could deal with the meltdown that is imminent.

So I think this brings to another point: The key right now is not what are the different mechanisms.  We have to know what the tool chest so to speak is,  but the point is, we have to get the institution of the Presidency and the American people mobilized to understand and then mobilize to implement this immediately — whatever it is.  If you can get the Congress to do it, great,  if it happened this way.  But we have to create the idea by which we know what the direction that we have to move is.

The other point of that, as I mentioned earlier, Mr. LaRouche's Four Laws give that blueprint.  It gives that idea content by which we can move forward for the economic recovery that is needed right now.

Q: [follow-up] And then also, I'd like to comment about the weekly newspaper that we have coming out.  I've been out quite a few times this week to hand them out, and we're getting a lot of positive response.  I mean, people are walking past us and then we'll have what we have to say, our little spiel, and then they come back.  And they take one.  Or, they say, "well, President Obama only has so much time left, what's the point?"  And you explain to them that time left is more damage he can do,  You can't think practically about the situation, you have to think: Here and now, and what's going to happen in the immediate future, what's imminent.

And then they take one; they say, "Oh!  I never really thought of it like that."  Or, "Oh! I need to do more research." Yes, yes, yes!  [applause]

SPEED:  In the latest issue — there's only two pages of course, "JASTA Proves Obama Backs Saudis and ISIS," is the top article, on one side, and then John's interview "Behind the Notes."  So the whole point of our The Hamiltonian is, is that we're always addressing the key of what people actually have to do.  We re-ran Helga's appeal to the UN General Assembly, because of course, we're continuing at the United Nations. [ next-glass-steagall]

And the United Nations, by the way, is going to be paying very, very close attention to what happens on the override of Obama's veto.  Obviously  that has certain implications for China, that has certain implications for Russia, if Obama is actually overridden.  For those of you who have been thinking about our role in terms of the whole question of the World Land-Bridge and what we've been doing for years, in advocating that the United States join Russia and China, an override of Obama is critical for their evaluation of what may be capable of being done in the United States; and what in fact could be done in the United States.

So I think it's important to realize that this initiative that we're talking about in the next few hours has worldwide — it's like a shot heard round the world.  And it will be heard around the world.

Q: Hi Dave, it's Alvin.  Looks like I'm bringing up the rear today.  And that's different and it's been useful.  I've been here since the beginning and what I've been thinking about raising has not changed, but it's been altered throughout the discussion. First I hear of very useful activists reports in this period of time, and I needed that because it's more than I've done in the past week.  But this hot phase is what I'm sensing and feeling that we're in now, and I mean really hot, when you think about — I raised this with Jeff Steinberg briefly on the Thursday — that in my mind I see Obama really deep in the bunker like Hitler.

I really see the Nero personality surfacing.  And where everything, and it has been for years, since he took office that he tries to do, fails and doesn't work and now, the chance for him to be rebuked globally through JASTA.  So the tension's there.  Of course you have the blatant actions of the ceasefire violation in attacking the Syrian army, you had the free pass of Wells Fargo; so from the financial side and the geopolitical side, he continues to play the British hand.

And so in thinking about this, and writing about it, the tension in my really builds up.  Because you just get afraid. Then, I hear Maria and John speak and I'm brought back to two weeks ago, and there's a change, there's a calm that takes over me.  Nothing's changed,  the situation is the same, but I'm a little calmer from it.

I had a certain thing where I was going to say:  Listen, I don't want to be unfair, but I want to ask you and Dennis, what would Lyn say right now to us about what we're missing or what we need to do.  But I think from my end — I mean, I filled out my activity report, I'm ready to do some things this week, but I think the most important thing, just from a thinking and calm standpoint was reflecting on what Maria and John both contributed to the meeting. Because it is surreal, the face of fascism that has emerged in America, I don't it's ever been as blatant, when you see what Secretary of Defense and the Joint Chiefs of Staff are doing in Congress and so on.  And the attack, and the support for ISIS is so open that it's surreal!  It's just like you don't really believe, even though you know what you're watching is real, is real.

So how do you deal with that? Well, I was glad to hear from both Maria and John.  But I'd still like to hear it from you guys, too.

CHRISTIE:  I think at a certain point, the question of what has yet to be done, one should always be thinking this way, because this is how you develop the flanks by which you move forward.  But from Mr. LaRouche this morning, in discussion with him, I can say he was very clear:  Stay focussed on this JASTA bill and bring Obama down, this is the critical moment of victory.  And what we have to actually do is do that.  We have to see that to its end.

I can just say that part of what happens is in wartime, you mentioned the Hitler in the bunker phenomenon.  There's the other side of that, which is the population that existed under Adolf Hitler, in fact one of the things about them being kept in the dark, one of the things that came up was the White Rose, the anti-Nazi resistance movement in Germany: one of the attacks on them, that was brought up as their offenses that they committed against the Führer and the Nazi state, was the fact that they were telling the truth about the fact that the Nazis weren't doing as well as they said they were, in terms of these battles. Which of course, as you mentioned Hitler in the bunker, he was directing armies that didn't even exist any more.

Well the same quality was beat into the population that lived, that these armies existed, we were marching out strong, we were taking over the world, and think of this:  How many of our fellow Americans will say "How could we possibly get Obama out? How could we possibly get Glass-Steagall in?"  And you say wait a minute:  Just think about it — we have Glass-Steagall in both party platforms and the Green Party platform for what's that worth; we have two bills in the House, we have one in the Senate. And the other side of this, they will say, "what about the economy?"  You say, the lies that Obama has told on the economy is one part of enforcing this, the idea that we have 4.9% unemployment, there was this recent statistic where they said that middle class income had increased by the greatest margin this year since any time in the history of keeping records going back to 1967.  This is the kind of Nazi-like propaganda which makes them thing that we can't win, that the Nazis are in charge.

But meanwhile, the rest of the world is saying, "No, this system is gone, and we're moving forward with the new system."

So our ability to go out and tell the truth, in some sense like the White Rose did, but to say, look, what you're afraid of doesn't actually exist.  Obama is in a Hitler in the bunker mode because he knows that the armies he's trying to direct don't exist any more.  So that's what we have to bring in, which is the truth.  And I think what you're reflecting on these concerts, was that this was an action where you see truth being outpoured and people can't do anything but just be impacted by it and affected by it.

And so we have to know that what we're doing in telling the truth and organizing for Obama's downfall, even if people don't want to hear it, they will find the truth out.

SPEED:  OK so Dave, I think what we can do now, is get a summary statement from you.  I'll just say in terms of mobilization, we'll be meeting right away after this, to go through some things that have happened, including today.  We will also be doing a conference call as was announced tomorrow at 3 p.m. with activists.  That would mean people here, to get reports on what you've done. Lynne Speed will have further information on that. So Dave?

CHRISTIE:  I think that's it.  The mobilization that's under way over the next 72 hours, or until we achieve victory on this. Mr. LaRouche recently said, "Be ready for a rush role" in discussions with the Policy Committee. And clearly our leadership globally is unprecedented, with what Helga Zepp-LaRouche, the Silk Road Lady is doing; what Mr. LaRouche has done to bring everything to this moment of potential victory, we have to see this through, but be prepared for the responsibility and leadership that is on our shoulders, because we know what to do. So the next 72 hours are going to be critical  and your marching orders coming up next are crucial.

SPEED:  Thanks a lot Dave.  Now we're going to get to work.



Throw the Bum Out Now!

Late Friday afternoon, President Obama sent a message to the United States Senate, that he vetoed the JASTA bill. His elaborate lying explanation only underscores the point: The President of the United States has committed an act of supreme treachery against the 9/11 survivors and families, against the American people, and against the cause of eradicating the terrorist scourge that haunts the planet as a whole. This is nothing short of a "high crime and misdemeanor'' that demands his immediate impeachment. The Saudis and their British partners in the 9/11 atrocities are enemies of the United States and President Obama, by his actions, has made clear that he is more loyal to those enemies of our nation than to the citizens of the United States and the U.S. Constitution, to which he swore his allegiance.

This act demands immediate action. First, the U.S. Senate and then the U.S. House of Representatives must immediately vote to over-ride Obama's veto by an overwhelming majority. And second, the House must immediately proceed to launch impeachment proceedings against the President, which are already long overdue.

This message must be delivered—loud and clear—throughout this weekend, so that when the U.S. Senate returns on Monday morning, there is not a single Member who would dare side with the President. The crimes for which Richard Nixon was impeached were penny-ante compared to the single action taken by President Obama on Sept. 23, 2016.

Call your Congressman this weekend!

Leave a message demanding Obama's veto be over-ridden.
Capitol Hill Switchboard: 202-224-3121


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