9/11 Survivors Ask for Justice, Obama Defends his Saudi Terror Friends

September 19, 2016
Seen here in 2015 with King of Saudi Arabia, Obama and his wife are working for them full-time now, while he tells Americans they don't deserve the truth, or justice.

In the fifteen years since thousands of Americans lost their lives -- or willingly gave them up for others -- in the 9/11 terrorist attacks, their sacrifice has been betrayed, again and again, as Presidents Bush and Obama launched war after war of aggression against nations innocent of 9/11, while hiding and defending the sponsors of Islamic terrorism.

This terrible Bush/Obama travesty of a "war on terror" has cost literally millions of innocent lives.

Last week's revelations by the British House of Commons about just one of those disastrous wars -- against Libya -- has forced former British Prime Minister David Cameron to resign, and will propably end the career of former French President Nicholas Sarkozy. Only Obama remains unpunished, and he was the one who insisted on destroying Libya's government completely -- which unleashed chaos and terrorism.

If this travesty "war on terror" continues, all of those victims and heroic first responders of 9/11/2001 will have died in vain.

If it is not ended now, it could mean world war.

It can be ended now. On Tuesday the families of victims of 9/11 will demonstrate at the White House, demanding Obama sign the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA), unanimously passed by both Senate and House. The Saudi monarchy is exposed as sponsor of Islamic extremism and terrorism around the world, and can be sued by its victims under this Act.

Obama stated his intention to veto this last chance for justice; but he is isolated. If Congress and citizens act this week, he can be compelled to sign JASTA or see his veto overriden immediately. Then there can be real changes in policy.

We can end the nightmare of perpetual "regime change" wars and confrontations with Russia and China, taken over from Cheney-Bush by Obama.

There is an entirely new paradigm abroad in the world from this G-20 Summit hosted by China on Sept. 3-4. That summit resolved to go with China's successful approach. It meant tackling the problems of no economic growth, and no productivity growth, not by endless money-printing and negative interest rates, but through science, economic partnerships of nations for continent-spanning projects of new infrastructure. And it meant ending the deadly state support for terrorist groups used by some countries against others.

To join in this paradigm the United States immediately needs Congress to readopt the Glass-Steagall Act and shut down Wall Street's "casinos" of speculation. And it needs to issue national credit for productive employment and productivity.

It starts by getting justice from Obama, who is in the dock for protecting the sponsors of terrorism, and fighting terror-spawning wars for them.

It's not too late for the U.S. Congress, pushed by the American people, to act with as much spine as the British House of Commons did when it took down David Cameron last week. So the world will be watching the rally for justice in Washington.