The World Has Changed -- Anything Can Now Happen, but Obama Must Be Ousted

September 13, 2016
The Shanghai Skyline seen here is the location of the BRICS's New Development Bank, one of new financing and credit organizations to replace the failed London and Wall Street models. [Ermell/wikimedia/CC0]

There were spectacular developments in Asia over the past week, where the vast majority of the world's nations united behind a new world paradigm centered on "Great Development" programs through the New Silk Road and the new financing institutions created by China, the BRICS and others. This same spirit was also seen in New York City over the past weekend, in the Schiller Insititute's "Living Memorial" for the victims of 9/11 and those of the perpetual warfare unleashed since that time by the Bush and Obama Administrations. The beauty of Mozart's Requiem, with the participation of over 3000 people in the four Schiller Insitute concerts in the New York City area, created the same spirit of freedom as in the New Paradigm created in Asia.

Indeed, the events demonstrate Friedrich Schiller's insight that the path to freedom is through beauty.

But there is still the stench of evil and ugliness in the U.S., as the wars continue, the econmic degeneration accelerates, drugs take their unprecedented toll, and pessimism is pervasive -- especially over an election campaign in which the population despises both candidates, with good reason. There is no capable candidate precisely because the American citizenry has failed to denounce the existing president as the mass murderer that he is -- that he in fact takes pride in being.

But the world has changed in these past days. Lyndon LaRouche said today that absolutely anything is possible in this moment of phase change in human history. Taking note of the increasing evidence of the serious health problems of Hillary Clinton, LaRouche said that the world must look deeper into the problem:

Hillary's health began to decline when she capitualted to Obama during and after the 2008 election, foolishly agreeing to serve as his Secretary of State. The evil she did in that position was induced by Obama, the killer, who learned to embrace killing from his murderous step father in Indonesia. Her mistakes and failures are all due to Obama. Obama is the issue. He destroyed her. Her character changed. She degenerated, as an instrument of Obama. Behind Obama, the blame goes to the British Monarchy, whom he loves and obeys, together with their genocidal Saudi creation, who have caused the current suffering of mankind.

Obama must be removed now -- there is no other plausable solution. Hillary would go down with him, and the election process would be transformed, as new candidates would have to be determined.

Not practical? Revolutions are not created through practical steps, but by creative discoveries and interventions into the course of history, as with the New Silk Road, and as with the American founding fathers, and as reflected in the works of Franklin Roosevelt and Jack Kennedy. Something new and better is required today, or civilizational collapse and thermonuclear war will be the result. The alternative is no longer only an idea to be grasped in the mind, but is now under construction in Asia, and in the extraordinary events in New York City this past weekend.

The developments to take place in the months of September and October are unpredictable, but it is certain there will be major, dramatic changes. We must be ahead of the curve, and act before chaos descends upon us. The Congress is invigorated by their action taken against the Saudis with the passage of the JASTA bill, which Obama has pledged to veto -- but which veto can be overridden. The Congress must also be forced to act with courage and swiftness on the Glass Steagall bills now before them, to shut down Wall Street before its uncontrolled collapse takes the nation and the world down with it. Now is a time for optimism and action.