The British Empire is Collapsing as the New Paradigm Emerges

September 8, 2016
Sun setting over London. Photo: ytulauratambien CC-SA

The British Empire, like all previous Empires, sustained its capacity to loot and kill around the world through "divide and conquer" operations, turning potential friends and partners against each other on religious, ethnic, national or other geopolitical means of division. This perpetual warfare policy cannot be successfully countered on a one-by-one basis. The only path to peace and development is a new global paradigm which demonstrates to one and all that being manipulated into conflict is a sure means of self destruction, while finding and implementing policies in the common interests of one's self and that of the "others," and of the human race as a whole.

That is exactly what is now taking place, at an incredibly rapid pace, throughout the world, as we see time itself literally speeding up. Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping have intervened in nearly every imperial crisis, with the "win-win" policy of great infrastructure development policies to replace imperial wars. The three consecutive conferences in Asia over the past week — the Vladivistok Eastern Economic Forum on the joint development of the Russian Far East; the G20 Summit in China; and the ASEAN and East Asia Summit in Laos — have put in place a new paradigm, centered on the concept of creativity itself, as Lyndon LaRouche has long insisted (Xi Jinping has chosen to call it "innovation"), to replace the broken and destructive British Empire with a community of nations dedicated to the common aims of Mankind.

We saw in the past weeks the imperial control over Turkey broken, as Turkey saw itself threatened with chaos and destruction, turning to Russia, which is now working with Turkey to build nuclear plants, gas pipelines, universities, and of course moving to crush the terrorist scourge in Syria.

We saw in Asia the imperial control over the Philippines broken by a new government which has courageously identified the fact that peace and development with China is the only sane future, rather than Obama's economic looting of the nation's resources and exploitation of cheap labor while using the country as a base for military confrontation with China.

And, today we see dramatic, if tentative, steps towards bringing in even the most deadly of the British Empire's killer satraps — Saudi Arabia and Israel. After Putin met with Prince Mohammed bin Salman (the Saudi Defense Minister and second Deputy Prime Minister) in China last Sunday, the two nation's energy ministers signed an historic agreement to cooperate in oil development and marketing, while Russia has offered to build 16 nuclear plants in the Kingdom. Xi Jinping has also offered the Saudis a central place along the Silk Road — but waging wars on neighbors Yemen and potentially Iran, while sponsoring terrorism around the world, will not co-exist with a real development program for the country with Russian and Chinese help.

And Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova announced Wednesday that Bibi Netanyahu and Abu Abbas had agreed in principle to meet in in Moscow. "Responding to the appeals of the Palestinians and Israelis, we confirmed our readiness to arrange a meeting in Moscow. We are convinced that there is a need to resume the negotiations." No date has been set. While one typical western pundit, Prof. Elena McLean, said that "The likelihood of successful talks is non-existent," since supposedly "nothing has fundamentally changed" between Israel and the Palestinians. But the "fundamental change" has in fact taken place in the world at large, breaking the imperial control mechanisms, which is precisely why there is a chance for a real solution to even this festering crisis.

Even in Europe and the US, the potential for a dramatic shift towards sanity is in sight. German Development Minister Gerd Mueller yesterday denounced the "primitive capitalist structures created by a globalization without limits and values," which has created "a situation in which 10 percent of the global population own 90 percent of the property, and 20 percent use up 80 percent of the commodities and resources. It cannot go on that this scissors is gaping wider and wider. That, namely, is the basis of conflicts, tensions, wars and is the cause of millions of humans becoming refugees." Development policy is peace policy, Mueller stressed.

In the US, the Congress has reconvened, as a groundswell for Glass Steagall restoration, to end the destruction of the Casino Economy on Wall Street and restore productive investment, forced it onto both party's platforms. The Glass-Steagall bills now in both houses of Congress can and must be forced on to the floor and passed immediately.

Will Obama veto Glass-Steagall? As certainly as he has created one war after another, murdered countless innocents, and supported terrorists to achieve his "regime change" goals. That is why Obama must be removed now—not after an insane election process between two tools of Wall Street. There is no time to lose, but every reason to be optimistic, as "change" has become the new normal.