G20'S New World Symphony: Obama Is The Dissonance

September 7, 2016
Orchestra and chorus seen on the left, China welcomes leaders of the G20 with a performance of Beethoven's Ode to Joy along with 8 other musical programs at the "Impression West Lake Show" in Hangzhou, China. Sept 4, 2016 [CCTV]

Never would an international event hosted by Barack Obama open with Beethoven's 9th Symphony and Schiller's "Ode to Joy," as the G20 summit hosted by China, did.

Nor would Obama embrace the leaders' joy of developing new corridors of high-technology development and transport across the world, of raising hundreds of millions from poverty, of seeking new breakthroughs in space exploration and fusion technology. The pursuit of such future human progress, and the joy in such genius as Beethoven's Choral Symphony, are the same human impulse.

This China-hosted G20 meeting was, above all, successful in establishing a new paradigm for leadership -- making economic growth, investment, and productivity partnerships among nations. It was gratefully accepted by nations, from Japan to Turkey to India to the ASEAN 10, with whom the United States is supposed to be allied.

The "New Silk Road" and "World Land-Bridge" development ideas first raised by Lyndon and Helga LaRouche nearly 30 years ago, have now become the express wish of the global community of nations. And with them, scientific and technological breakthroughs to drive revived growth and productivity. With world economic growth dragged down by U.S.-European stagnation since the 2008 banking crash, and the threat of another Wall Street crash so acutely recognized by those leaders right now, this new paradigm is absolutely necessary. It obviously must be joined by the United States.

But Obama went to the G20 to hawk an avowed weapon against China, the so-called "trade agreement" known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) -- a weapon he doesn't even have, since both houses of Congress refuse to take it up and both electoral parties and the American public reject it as more employment-killing poison.

One of the hopeful new institutions of credit for this new paradigm -- the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank -- has grown to 70 member nations despite Obama's senseless public and private attempts to destroy it.

He isolated the United States from the Asian nations, fell into a potentially major fight with the Philippines, and is demanding that Americans support an attack on their own living standards because it weakens China.

Obama has continued the "endless war" which Cheney and Bush started from the 9/11 attacks, and added his own provocations for war with Russia and China. He rejects the express desire of most of the world's nations for peace and economic development. This can't be tolerated on this 15th anniversary of those attacks. They should be memorialized by profound music in the service of a new paradigm. And America needs a new presidency.