Defeat Obama's Policies Now, Forget November 8

August 29, 2016
Vladimir Putin and President of the United States Barack Obama held a bilateral meeting on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly session. Sept 29, 2015 []

The next two weeks will be far more decisive than the Nov. 8 election for the future of the United States, and for mankind.

These two weeks will witness a march of three successive international summit meetings in Asia, which will establish the new reality that China, Russia, and India— not Obama and NATO—are creating and shaping that future.

And the United States will not be the same after the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, the first in which the real foreign sponsors of those terror attacks stand exposed. The terrible folly of the Bush-Obama wars which followed from those attacks has thus been made clear, as has the humanity of Russian President Putin's immediate actions of solidarity with the United States at that time. In the next two weeks New York will deal with these revelations through the powerful series of choral memorials all over the city by the Schiller Institute.

There are strong strategic shifts underway. Putin has overturned the U.S./European assumptions about fighting terrorism in Southwest Asia, winning Turkey to his approach and now winning leading voices even in Germany. The policy of China, Russia, and India of building land-bridges and corridors of new infrastructure across Eurasia and Africa has become more powerful than Obama's attempts to provoke Russia by war and "issue rules" to China.

All Obama's poisoned efforts to make China the enemy of the 10 ASEAN nations, have wound up with China more influential in ASEAN, than before. Its annual meeting — after this weekend's East Asia Economic Forum and then the G20 meeting in Hangzhou, China — will be the third of the powerful summits focused on restoring growth and productivity to the world economy, after the last decade's collapse triggered by Wall Street.

And Obama's anti-China "trade agreements," Trans-Pacific Partnership and Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, are being pronounced dead even by their former supporters. If we escalate over these two weeks, there is a better chance that Congress will soon pass Glass-Steagall back into law, than Obama's TTP or TTIP.

The new financial architecture, and "world land-bridge" infrastructure great projects aimed at by these summits, have been promoted by Lyndon and Helga LaRouche over four decades.

Will they force acceptance of Glass-Steagall bank regulation and the write-off of the financial nuclear bomb of financial derivatives?

That requires that we escalate our mobilization now, for what Lyndon LaRouche called his Four Cardinal Laws: Glass-Steagall; national credit banks; technological advance through infrastructure-building; advancing the scientific frontiers of deep space exploration and fusion power development.

There is a limitless potential for mankind's economic growth and development of creative capabilities. Obama's White House will likely oppose that new paradigm at the G20 summit. It is our responsibility to change that.