Fireside Chat with Kesha Rogers — June 16, 2016

June 15, 2016

Fireside Chat with Kesha Rogers — June 16, 2016

Join us at 9pm EDT for a live Q&A organizing discussion with Kesha Rogers of the LaRouchePAC Policy Committee.

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Michael STEGER: ... for human civilization.  The rate of development at this point is beyond most people's apprehension. There are things developing on an ongoing basis.  Clearly there is a quality of panic and desperation from the highest levels of the British Empire and British monarchy and their assets.  And there's also a rapidly developing and coalescing quality of leadership from Russia and China, best indicated at this point with the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, which has got upwards of 10,000 participants, hundreds of top CEOs of the largest companies in the world from Europe, Asia, and the United States, at the same time that Xi Jinping is on a major Eastern European tour, going to Poland, which will be the base of discussion for NATO's summit in early July; then to Serbia and on to Uzbekistan for the major Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit, where they will bring Pakistan and India into the fold directly.

So there are major developments.  And we have a special guest tonight, Kesha Rogers of the LaRouche PAC Policy Committee, as well.  She's also the leading figure in reviving the manned space program in the United States out of her Houston office. And obviously the discussion tonight will be "how do we act effectively upon this process of history?"  Because we're not here to look at the past, and we're not here to observe the present:  We're here to act from the future, to shape this historical process.

Now a few quick updates:  as many people were obviously a witness of the ongoing barrage of disinformation and cover-up, of the Orlando, Florida attack at a so-called "gay club."  Now, what's come out from this, that this was clearly an orchestrated attack from the Obama administration networks and the British assets which were directly involved.  The perpetrator was known to have travelled to Saudi Arabia, twice; high-level trips, staying at four-star hotels, but he also worked for a top British security firm.  There seems to be nothing related to ISIS directly, except his so-called pledged allegiance.

What this looks like is a British/Obama deployment.  The media picked up on it as they were told, regarding gun rights, gay rights, and all of these single issues, where you see is a quality of chaos of confusion introduced to the American population.  Much of this, as we saw with the Panama Papers prior, much of this is bluff and bluster, although this was obviously a tragic loss of 49 people that were killed in the attack; you obviously have a quality of confusion and disorientation within the American political process.  You have a Presidential election which abominable:  Neither candidate represents anything decent for the future of this country or for mankind.  You also have a financial system which is bankrupt, and we'll get more into that in a second; and you have what stands as the actual alternative for the American population:  Which is to join with Russia, China and India, and participate in a new world of great projects and global development.

Now, again, following that attack on Sunday, where we see a continued barrage of media coverage, which is without real substance of what was really orchestrated here —  that the FBI knew of the attacker, as other people are making a prominent case of.  The FBI, as was true with the Tsarnaev brothers, as it was true with the 9/11 attacks, as it's true in this case, all seem to be closely connected to the perpetrators of terrorism.  At this point, under Obama and the FBI, and the British orchestration of these attacks with the Saudis, we are basically under the tyranny of those who are running the terrorist operations.  We do not have a defense against it.  and the defense against it is going to be the overthrow of Obama, the British Empire, and eliminating this FBI apparatus.

In that context, Cong. Walter Jones has introduced a new resolution, calling specifically for the House Intelligence Committee to release the 28 pages, stating very clearly in this new resolution H.Res.779, that a member of Congress can also release the 28 pages, as Mike Gravel did with the Pentagon Papers in 1972, and making the case that this is exactly the way George Washington viewed the Constitution and its importance in terms of separation of powers.  So you see the escalation from the U.S. Congress regarding the specific situation.

Now, in terms of quick highlights of some of the stuff that's happening very rapidly: You have the assassination of a Member of Parliament in the northern part of England.  This happens in the direct context of a fight in the United Kingdom for the referendum vote [June 23] whether they will remain or leave the European Union.  This has put financial markets into panic; and it's having a global effect.  The German Bund, which has historically reminds at about 5% interest rate is now in negative interest rates; and in that context, the Member of Parliament campaigning to remain, was then assassinated on the street outside the library.  And of course, immediately the media pick it up and the explanation is that this is part of the fight around the campaign, so both campaigns to remain in the European Union and to leave it, both campaigns are suspended.

So you see an increasing level of violent attacks, assassinations, mass murders, in the wake of what is really a rupture in the trans-Atlantic system.  And as Mr. LaRouche said today, this is not just a collapse of the financial system, but this is not just a collapse of the physical system, it is the collapse of the whole system, and it is being done intentionally. And all of this is happening in the context of an increasing level and threat of war.

And I know Kesha will probably touch on this, but in that context, just released on the front page of the New York Times website, is that 50 State Department diplomats have signed a letter to the Obama administration demanding military attack on Assad and Syria, basically to militarily overthrow Assad.  So you have, as Mr. LaRouche said today in the discussion with the Policy Committee and others, "be alert" because there are clearly things developing which are the context of the collapse of this trans-Atlantic system and I think explicitly that this idea of pushing or creating some justification for Obama to reopen the idea of a military attack on Syria, where you have Russian military assets, clearly, again, raises the specter of the confrontation between the U.S. and Russia, and of nuclear war, which means human annihilation.  And we see that with the deployments of NATO troops on the border of Russia, upwards of 60,000; two aircraft carriers inside the Black Sea, and the NATO summit in Warsaw in July.

So we are clearly at a very historical moment, and with the fight round the Brexit which really only as an aspect of a revolt against  trans-Atlantic collapse; the vote on the EU sanctions against Russia, which is obviously under question, because the Prime Minister of Italy, Renzi, is now attending the St. Petersburg economic forum; the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker is there, and a number of top European CEOs as well as others.

And then you have the 28 pages fight, to expose the Obama-Bush/British/Saudi apparatus responsible for the 9/11 attacks, for the cover-up of Benghazi, the Tsarnaev brothers Boston bombing, the Orlando attack, the San Bernardino attack, but you see this terror apparatus is actually run by this grouping, and it's the only way for the United States to become free of these attacks, is to become free of this Obama-British/Saudi apparatus.

So the stakes are high.  We would ask people tonight, is to keep your questions focused ... and think about how do we act upon this.  We obviously have some points of clarification for people, we want people to understand what's happening; but the details are not the clarity.  The details only indicate the broader picture of where we find ourselves; and the clarity is going to come from how we act to effectively shape this process, which I think to a certain extent, really is the domain to the human mind and creativity itself.

So in that light let me introduce Kesha Rogers, to see if she has any opening comments, and then we'll be able to jump into Q&A.

Kesha ROGERS:  Hello Michael.  I think what you just laid out is very indicative of the discussion for those who are on the phone who don't know Michael and myself along with some of our other colleagues had an opportunity to have discussion with Lyndon and Helga LaRouche earlier.  And I think the key thing to put forth right now as we start this discussion, is to recognize, as was just laid out, that the entire system is falling apart. And Mr. LaRouche made this very clear, the entire system; it's not just one part of the system, of the trans-Atlantic system, the United States, and the problem is, that it's being done deliberately.

And that this empire knows that their system is falling apart, and so they're going for total chaos right now.  And I think that as we have this discussion, with what Michael presented, that we're looking for, how do you actually look at this from the standpoint of the future, shaping the future, and acting on the future, the future that we must create.

And so, I think, for many of you who are new on this call, some of you are longer-term activists and followers of Mr. LaRouche and his political movement, but you know that Mr. LaRouche never starts from the standpoint of piecemealing details together, but starting from the top:  What is the intention that is being presented right now  in this total drive for chaos? And you can see this with the escalation for war.  And the question is, are the American people going to wake up in time enough to actually put an end to this threat of annihilation, or threat against the existence of mankind?

And I think that people have seen the recent statements that have been put out, particularly the one Mr. LaRouche initiated a few days ago, "You Have the Keys To Stop the Terror Wave.  Use Them."

So let's get into some of that discussion: What people are doing to stop this terror wave, and understanding what is actually happening right now from that standpoint, and the actions that must be taken immediately to address this and put it to an end? So let's go to the questions now.

Q1: [internet] OK, Kesha, we have one on the internet, here, from W— in Virginia.  He says, "Hi, Kesha.  With China leading mankind out of a dark age with the New Silk Road and its vigorous space program," he wants to know what are the people associated with the U.S. program and what's left of it, what's their sense of building our nation's scientific base and what's their focus regarding our space activities?

ROGERS:  Well, I'll you what their focus has to be, and it's not to be gutless and to call for the removal of this President. Because if you look at the continued policy against the manned space program, against the progress of NASA and what it represented under the vision of President John F. Kennedy, what you see right now is that the policy of Obama is to continue to drive toward war, instead of actually pushing, instead of allowing for the types of programs that could be brought forth in a vibrant space program.

The focus right now, is that people are looking at the fact that we've cut the ties, or have been told that we cannot work with China; and China as you just said, is leading the way.  Most people in the scientific community know that the United States' space program has been set back enormously; and while we're spending billions of dollars on upgrading our thermonuclear arsenal, the President is having fits about how much money is being spent in the fiscal year '17 budget for the space program, and that more money would be put into programs for the space programs.

So this guy has to be removed!  And he has shown that his policy to murder the space program is indicative of what he represents, as the enemy of this nation.  And so, you look at the fact that, what China is representing, as you said, definitely is the new paradigm for the future, where we should be taking mankind, and out of this war drive.  And many people already have seen, or know that China is moving to send its Chang'e-4 lander to the south pole of the Moon; this is the program to land on the far side of the Moon, as we've talked about, and doing something that's never been before.

And the United States knows that we are completely on the wrong side, we're being left behind, and the problem is, is that we have to have more people with the guts to stand up to the insane policies of this President; and to demand that the United States has to be participating and collaborating in this drive for progress.  And the space program is essential to that, as you also see other developments — Russia, the European Space Agency, everyone recognizes that we have a mission for mankind to be collaborating, particularly around the development of a Moon mission.

But the last thing I want to say on this, is that until we realize that you're not going to accomplish this as long as there's compromise with this current, bankrupt system, and that people are continuing to capitulate to Wall Street, and you see that in the scientific community.  People like Buzz Aldrin saying that, "well, forget about NASA, we need to turn to private sector, let the private sector handle everything in the space community, and forget about trying to compete with the private sector."  And you're taking away a national mission there, and you're saying, "OK, human lives don't matter, let's just throw our space program to the wolves."

And people know that that is something that cannot be accepted.  Those who are thinkers, and many people who really resonate with the what identity of what Kennedy had in mind.  And they know that Obama, what is his vision is, and they know that Obama has shut that down.

Q2: Hi, this is R— from New Jersey.  My question is about the recent memo that you referred to earlier in the New York Times; my question is, does this represent an intensity of a war provocation against Russia, particularly when you combine this with the amassing of 60,000 or more troops and the missiles on the border of Russia, in the military exercise? ["Dozens of U.S. Diplomats, in Memo, Urge Strikes Against Syria's Assad"; -obama-airstrikes-diplomats-memo.html?hp&action=click&pgtype =Homepage&clickSource=story-heading&module=first-column- region&region=top-news&WT.nav=top-news]

STEGER:  Kesha let me give you a quick clarification. There's been a memo that's been submitted by apparently 50 mid-level diplomats inside the State Department, this is their channel that's used for policy disagreements, and these so-called 50, which I get is a significantly large number for a petition of this nature, have called on the Obama administration, as reported in the New York Times to escalate their Syria policy toward a military attack on Syria.  That we've been too soft-handed, it's let too many people die, we have not been aggressive enough — this is the general character of it.  And it obviously comes in the context of what we've noticed with the NATO mobilizations, and the general panic and desperation of the British aspect of things, while at the same time, we see Putin, and Russia and China increasingly in control. So this is what the memo refers to, and I think you can probably comment on the rest.

ROGERS: Definitely.  I think this gets right at the heart of this war drive, and the continued NATO mobilization of provocations against Russia.  And what has been made clear, and Mr. LaRouche been emphatic in discussions that we're not dealing with a single war here.  As the provocations against Russia continue, against China continue, what this indicates is, one, that NATO, Obama and the British are going for a total war of annihilation, for a nuclear war.  And I think the key thing to look at is that they are completely freaked out by  what President Vladimir Putin has done, to continue to outflank the Obama/British/Saudi moves, and particularly what Putin has done in Syria to outflank Obama.  Now, they are completely freaked out by this, and they want to do everything in their power to bring Putin to a breaking point.  But that's not going to happen.

And the problem is, is that if people don't wake up and realize that this is not going to be some breaking point of the Russian President, this is going to be leading to a total war of extinction being egged on by the British, and recognizing that their system is completely bankrupt.  Fifty thousand troops as you said, being moved rapidly onto the border of Russia, on the Baltic Sea is clear indication that this is completely out of control and insane.  And there'll be more on this soon, but there was just a recent article in The Nation by Stephen Cohen.  And he was writing first of all, Obama's refusal to work with Putin, when Putin asked Obama to collaborate in going after this terrorist activity, particularly in Syria, he just made the point that Obama's refusal to work with Russia and Putin, is going to lead to the highest number of casualties ever seen in this period.

So I think that's something worth looking at.  And the key thing right now, is that the main point is that Obama is the problem:  He is promoting this policy that's going to lead to more deaths than people can imagine, if he is not removed.  And so that should be the key issue right here.

Yes, it is the case, that this is indicative that NATO/the British/Obama are moving for war, and we know this.  And the question is, how much longer are people going to put up with it? how much longer are people going to stand for this?

Q3: This is K— in Moline, Illinois. You have a relative named Daniel Estulin, who's a well-known conspiracy researcher. Has he ever talked to you about CIA MK-Ultra mind control?

ROGERS:  I'm sorry, I have a relative?

Q3: On Wikipedia, it lists one of your relatives as named Daniel Estulin, and he's a well-known conspiracy researcher.  I just wondered if he ever talked to you about...?

ROGERS:  I think I know who he is, but no he's not a relative of mine.

STEGER:  OK, that's good to get what the family relationships are here.  This is a chance to discuss the strategic situation, so I don't think that MK-Ultra is necessarily out of the purview, given our current President.  I don't know, Kesha, if you want to say any more about Obama.

ROGERS:  That's maybe what he meant — Obama's relative.

Q4:  This is J— from Michigan.  On the Strategic Defense of the Earth, in the EIR Alert Service there was an article about the Russians have developed a radio telescope that covers a wide area, and in order to complete the project, they needed something like $75 million to buy some apparatus that they cannot produce, or do not have the means to produce, to complete the project. And this would be able to locate objects about 50 meters in size — I don't know, a phenomenal distance out —.  And as the article went, I was wondering if there's been any more information coming out where Russia would be getting help from other countries to finish that project and possibly even put other telescopes like that in different parts of the planet to cover the entire spectrum. [See "Russias Large Area Telescope Will Find Relatively Small and Close Space Objects," EIR Alert Service v.2 n.212, Thursday, June 16, 2016]  Have you heard anything on that?

ROGERS:  Yes, I believe that the Russians are actually getting some support from some obviously working with China, and working with some European agencies around the European Space Agency. And this was around their program the asteroid program, a program that would put satellites to figure out where these asteroids are, and the threats that they pose.

I don't know exactly who all the nations are that they're working with right now, but it's something that's important, in the scope of what you're seeing coming from Russia and China's space programs, and also the escalation around their understanding of these threats, and the danger from these threats around the importance of asteroid defense; and putting these satellites into the system.  And I know that there's a lot of nations that want to work with Russia on this front and building new satellites; there's other countries around the world who are going to Russia to work with them on this front.

So I think it is important, given the fact that this is a part of Strategic Defense Initiative or Strategic Defense of the Earth, that Russia took up as a replica, if you will, of Mr. LaRouche's policy for a Strategic Defense Initiative. And this is something that they once again called on the United States that we should be cooperating on, instead of trying to start nuclear wars, why don't we cooperate on the threats that really face mankind, these threats by objects from outer space.

So I think we should look more into that and find out more on that collaboration.

Q5: Hi Kesha, this is J— in Austin.  Regarding the FBI, for instance, the first day when this Orlando shooting took place, they're talking about "Oh, this guy — " they didn't say anything about him; and then what they did with the Boston bombing people. They got to be just like really not looking — I missed the first part of your opening comments — like you mentioned something about FBI, so you might have already said it; so they're just deliberately overlooking this, or letting this happen.  I know you all are talking about British-Saudi axis type thing, so maybe that's part of this corruption of even the FBI or such. So if you would mind going over some of these things, I'd like to hear that.

KESHA:  Sure.  Let me just say, also, I would encourage people to go our LaRouche PAC website, if you have not, and look at the latest statement "British, Saudi and FBI Complicity Exposed in Orlando Mass Killings — The Same People Who Brought You 9/11" [ -fbi-complicity-exposed-orlando-mass-killings-same-people- who-brought-you]. That's the title of the article.

I think, first of all, too look at this, this is something that we have been exposing for a very long time, from the standpoint that you have look at the fact that this has been an Anglo-Saudi-FBI nexus.  How it is, that we understand that the murders and atrocities that we committed in Orlando, is indication that 9/11 never ended; that 9/11 and the victims of 9/11 have not been given justice.  That the Saudis and the British who committed these crimes and committed these murders have continued to get away with this!

And now they know that we're at a point where they're going to be brought to justice, that they're completely freaked out that you have the H.Res.779, as Michael brought up earlier.  If people don't know this, Congressman Walter Jones from North Carolina sponsored a new resolution in the Congress; he is now also circulating a "Dear Colleague" letter to get more of his congressional colleagues on board.  And what he demands in his resolution, he demands the classification of the 28-page chapter from the Joint Congressional Inquiry into 9/11 be immediately published in the Congressional Record and he is calling for this to be done with the authority of the separation of powers, and calling not to wait for Obama to actually release these pages, but that the Congress has due authority to make these pages be brought to the forefront and presented to the population.

Now, I think the key thing to understand, is that this is only a part of the entire process; as said, that what we're dealing with is that we actually have to act now to make the point that if we're going to stop one and for all, this terror wave, these murders that have been happening, that Obama is complicit, he is right behind this, and he has to be removed now. And the people who are still saying "Oh, well, you know it's not Obama" — and we're getting this, still trying to protect Obama and his cover-up for the Saudis and the British, that has to be stopped.

And so the key thing right now, is that you can go back and you can study the history of how this operation worked.  You have to look at it from the standpoint that people are being bombarded with all kinds of fraudulent sources and lies, "this is about gays, this is about Muslims," this is about everything else, but the point is, is that, if you continue to allow for this Saudi-British-FBI connection to get away with what it's been doing, and to run a terror apparatus on the population, then this is never going to be solved, and the victims and their families will never gain the justice that they deserve.

And so, we have to demand, with Walter Jones that these 28 pages be released.  But we also have to get to the fact that the FBI, they've been known for creating these types of terror apparatus and cover-up and make the population go into complete panic and fear, and not to go after the real source of the problem.

So I think if people go and read this statement that we've put out, you'll have to rethink how you think about this process, and how it is that we are going to act to make sure that this threat is stopped.

Q6: Hello, Kesha.  I have a question for you, and a couple of real quick comments on some previous calls:  Daniel Estulin, Russian-Spanish background, he does some very good work, I think he's familiar with your material.

Back in the '80s, I think you mentioned it previously, Lyn did a really wonderful half-hour campaign ad, entitled "The Woman on Mars"; a really awesome, inspiring thing, and I'd love to see that back.  And it reminded me of an incredibly prescient movie from 1964, "Robinson Crusoe on Mars," that touched a lot of the themes that Lyn talks about.

I guess the questions I've got:  Two things that came up. You mentioned the space craft that might identify asteroids and protect us from dangers.  I guess with the kind of work that you and some of the people do, maybe we not only need to identify the asteroids but actually put them into stable, harmonic, Keplerian orbits.  That's something potentially mankind could do in coming years and centuries.

And the final question, which would be real quick: In the space program, there's so much that we could do, that would open up the bounds of improving the world and mankind and one is, sometimes there's a false dichotomy between protecting endangered species and development, and there does not have to be that.  If we were actually able to terraform planets, we might be able to send some of our endangered species to planets to protect them while we still allowed development on Earth.  Just an idea of if you had any thoughts of things you could do in space that would maybe solve some of these false dilemmas that we're faced between different choices.

ROGERS:  Thank you for clarifying some things.

But I think that first of all I wanted to tell you that "The Woman on Mars," has now been re-posted. [] And for people who don't know, Mr. LaRouche put out a very extensive program back in the 1980s, and in 1988, called "The Woman on Mars."  This was very much unlike Buzz Aldrin and SpaceX policy for just launching a Mars mission for sending people to Mars, and maybe they'll die and maybe they won't.  But the idea was to have a long-term economic driver program which would start with a Moon launch mission, and actually bringing forth the resources, new technologies, new platforms of development, and bringing the materials needed into orbit to assemble and to start to build the resources you needed on the Moon to launch a Mars mission.

And it's a very beautiful 30-minute video.  And I would encourage people to watch this, because it goes back to the development of Mr. LaRouche's autobiography, called The Power of Reason and how he characterized his economic program from the standpoint of, not just the Mars mission, but a total technological and economic driver, which would be based on a new conception of mankind's progress in doing exactly what the great German-American space pioneer Krafft Ehricke had demanded, that our extraterrestrial imperative was to leave the so-called "confines" of limited resources of the Earth and start to expand into colonization and exploration of other parts of our Solar System.

That's a very important point, because when you think about, when you think about the far side of the Moon mission, it's not just that China is wanting to go to the far side of the Moon, just so they can say, "I put my feet there.  Been there, done that."  But this is going to be crucial for even investigating into the types of things you just said, how we actually gets these asteroids under control, how we actually see better what's coming at us.  From the far side of the Moon, you can see through an infrared spectrometer things that you wouldn't see on the near side of the Moon. And people don't actually recognize this.

So in our scientific community, people who work very closely with these things, they know that this is the case.  The question is whether or not we will return to a national policy, which puts for an identity around the idea that we have a commitment to fulfil and an imperative to fulfil, for mankind to explore space, in a way that's never been done before.

Obviously, you know you're not going to get that with Obama's policy.  So I'll just leave it there.

Oh, and the other thing:  We know that China's planning on doing this by 2018; and the key thing is that this will be remarkable for mankind and the progress of mankind, and where we should be doing, and the beauty that this is going to present. But it's also should be noted that, this may not happen if we're on the brink of a total war of annihilation as we've already stated in previous questions, that threat is very much on our doorsteps.

STEGER:  Yeah, and obviously, Kesha what you've been doing from the philosophical standpoint which most people have lost an appreciation of, of how much a conception of the future as you've discussed it in Krafft Ehricke's work, of what mankind's potential is, what is the human species, really has, is really a driver for these kinds of policies.  It's not a practical standpoint, that drove the Apollo project; it was a much greater and grander philosophical conception.

Q7:  Good evening Kesha, this is N— in Oakland.  I have two parts, a brief comment up front, and then hopefully a not distracted question.  I want to acknowledge as a colleague of mine put it to me recently, that we as individuals must keep in mind our necessary and sufficient personal action towards our creation, or contributing to our creation of an actual human future.

So with that in mind that we still have our individual, necessary and sufficient actions required of us, I want to jump to the United Nations for a second.  That's kind of like from the small to the large; but I've been watching some behaviors out of the United Nations that in the recent course that seems to have them functioning a bit differently from the IMF and the World Bank.  If I recall correctly, there was one financial arm underneath I believe the UN that began some collaboration with the financial institutions created under the BRICS, specifically under China.  And I also was just made aware recently that Ban Ki-Moon, the Secretary General of the United Nations, has been identified as a candidate for the Presidency of South Korea, in their next coming election, and we have, if I've understood that our consideration of that is that is a very good move for South Korea if Ban Ki-Moon could become their next President.  I believe that would be occurring after his position with the United Nations is complete.

So with all that as background, number 1, do you have any confirmation regarding the UN and its functioning separately from the imperial operations of the IMF and the World Bank, and this other financial arm collaborating with China and some of the financial institutions recently constructed around them?

And then anything else relative to the personality of Man Ki-Moon, and the potential for South Korea?

ROGERS:  What are seeing is actually presented in this recent [June 16-18] St. Petersburg International Economic Forum that is now in process and Ban Ki-Moon is one of the speakers there.  He recently called for people of the world to collaborate with Russia.

Now, I think that what you are seeing is that there is absolutely a shift within certain institutions including the United Nations of certain people who recognize that the trans-Atlantic system, the entire financial system is crumbling. And that they are really presented with only one alternative and that is to join with the Silk Road economic development plan, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, and the programs of the "win-win" cooperation that has been presented since 2013 by President Xi Jinping of China and also with Russia and other BRICS nations.

So I don't know all of the details per se, but it is something to look at from the standpoint that some of the participation at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, including Ban Ki-Moon, including also other European representatives, but also members of the India-Russia partnership, Russia and the European Union partnership — there was a panel called "Russia and the EU: What Follows the `Strategic Partnership' that Never Happened?" [ /309/sessions/1511], and other networks.

So I think the way to look at this right now, is from the standpoint that, one, this British financial system, the Wall Street run financial system cannot be sustained and it has to be brought to an end.  And more people are realizing that they better join with the development plan or with the program being presented by Russia and China and the BRICS nations, because that's the program that is actually moving forward. And this other has no chance of being sustained at all.

There will be more coming out on that.  But I think the first part of your question is very important, because the question is from the standpoint of the identity of people in recognizing what it is that we're going to fight to bring into existence.  And this is the question that people are having to grapple with right now, what it is that they're going to demand for their future.  And if it's the case that people can free themselves once and for all, from the grip of this imperial oligarchy, whose policy has been to keep nations in shackles and to keep nations enslaved under an imperial system.

And nations are really coming to understand that the only way to free themselves from this is to take up the mission which has been laid out, of "win-win" cooperation by Russia and China, and that the Empire is not happy right now that President Xi Jinping is actually in Europe talking to the European nations about development of infrastructure, expanding the Silk Road plan throughout Europe; that you have Renzi of Italy meeting at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum with President Putin; the British Empire is not happy about this, and it is indicative of what they're doing to create chaos; while you have this recent murder of the British MP, and it really should open people's eyes to how desperate and how willing the British are willing to go to even kill their own to try to cover up and protect their system, and to create more chaos as they're totally freaked out by what Russia and China are doing.

Q8: This is B— in Los Angeles.  Just reflecting on what you just mentioned, because today's deployment I challenged a youth to see that his responsibility is his if he's willing to commit to it.  And for myself, I also reflect on responsibility. Obviously, I think the initiative of what Lyn has always brought up is, how  necessary it is to take it further.  And I think many people, when I return to some of the locations where I previously organized, that people are challenging themselves and I think there's more of the challenge to go beyond whatever it is that people were thinking, and what I have looked at is that people seem to be willing but there's also the factor of the fear that is induced with this Obama administration.  So I just want ask, how can we challenge them to be unfearful, to these, you know, bastards?

ROGERS:  That's a very good question.  That's something that we all have to dig down within ourselves.  Because that's what's taken over and gripped the population, this fear.  And people always quote President Franklin Roosevelt, and they quote him not really thinking about the real significance of the meaning of his words, when he said "we have nothing to fear but fear itself, nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror that paralyzes needed efforts to turn retreat into advance."

And if you think about that, that's what can happen when people don't act from the standpoint you're not just acting for your own personal concern and gain.  And I have personally had to face this reality.  If you go out there acting from the standpoint of what people are going to say about you or are going to think about you, whether or not you get killed for your actions, and that retreat that's needed to be turned into advance, to wage the fight which is necessary, will never happen. And it is one thing to have fear, but it's another thing for people to act on them in a way that they're more concerned about popular opinion or what others are going to think.  And that's what's happened to our society.

And one of the things that pulls people out of these fears, is when they have a human identity that they're immersed in, which is something that characterizes a freedom.  And the best expression of that, I believe is, is Mr. LaRouche's and our organization's focus on the commitment to the revival of Classical culture, Classical music, and to the Spirituals. Because when you connect to that, you connect to the Negro Spiritual, the African-American Spiritual, you connect to the Classical music from the standpoint that it elevates you to a higher level of human authority, you know, gives you a different identity that cannot be found in this banal culture, then it really helps you to be able to go out and tell people what they need to hear; that people are being lied to, they're being bombarded by mass media BS, that is not indicative of who they are as human beings.

And that's why they're accepting an insane, murderous killer in the White House, who is shutting down their future.  And until they break with that identity, and start to embrace a truly human identity, they're never going to be able to get over that fear and to take the actions that are needed.

And this is something that is important, that Mr. LaRouche is in his nineties, and continues to lead this fight.  Every time he talks about what is the child who is not yet born, what is their future going to be?  What type of future are you creating for the generations of children who are yet to come.  And you have to think about the children and the babies of the world and I think that's something that's very important as we're going out there and thinking about these questions that are being posed right now; that it's not just how we're going to act in the immediate, to save ourselves.  But how we're going to actually understand that the actions that we take are going to be instrumental in what is going brought about for the future of mankind?

And if you really have that in mind — and the problem is that people don't! There has been a real — a very bad identity within certain groupings of our population, who say, "well, I have to think how I'm going to survive, my free ticket into Heaven, my own personal salvation," however they want to say it; "those young people they have to think about themselves.  And they're going to be in serious trouble because the world is going to Hell, but there's nothing that I'm going to do about it." Those people, they're not going to get any praise at all.

So I really appreciate your question, because these types of questions definitely are not brought up in the political arena. When you think about people having to swallow the arsenic and cyanide:  I have to vote for this candidate over that candidate, and I have to go along with popular opinion.  If they were thinking from the standpoint of their own identity in overcoming these fears — and I've had to take this up in going after the President, in the campaign that I led, and taking on what Mr. LaRouche has committed his life to; and more people have to have that authority, that they're going to actually stand up for what is truthful.

And too many people are not looking for the truth.  If you're looking for the truth, then that's going to be the first starting point.  And that's the starting point for addressing everything that has been discussed here.

Q9:  Hello, I'm B— from Louisiana.  It's good to hear your voice.  Thank you so much for all the comments you've made.  It's been a great help.

I wanted to ask about Obamacare; I realize that it is part of the genocidal process through Obamacare, through Obama, as the worst insurance you could have.  I've heard that it is considered a tax, and so, if an official wants to go in there and repeal it, it cannot be repealed.  I'd like to find out more about that. Are you familiar with that?  Can you answer that question for me?

ROGERS:  No, I don't know about that.  I do know though that we need to shut down Obamacare, because it was never a legitimate program in the first place.  The program was designed for a "lives unworthy to be lived" putting pricetags on human life. And obviously, people who have paid attention realize that the Obamacare program and what it exemplified, is just what we warned, and that's why we put the Hitler moustache on Obama in the very beginning of 2009, when he was promoting this program.

And it is worth noting that the Obamacare program, when it was first being promoted, was done very much at the same time as the attacks on and the cuts to the manned space program. And so, the policy has been a continued policy of this President to push a policy of destruction on the nation.

And so, I'm not sure about that specific bill or process that you're talking about, but the Obamacare policy is nothing but a murderous policy and it should have been shut down, and still needs to be shut down now.

And it's protecting Wall Street, the financial institutions and the insurance companies.  And even people who were "supporting" it, know that it is a bad deal.

Q10:  Hi Kesha, J— from St. Paul.  A couple of questions ago, you were talking about Classical music.  My question — actually I've been thinking of this for a long time —  Kepler's harmonics of the Solar System, apparently there's a parallel connection between the sweep of the planets and connected to, the notes, I guess, in Classical music?  Some sort of ratios.  Can you shed some light on that, or direct me where I can find out more information, from being a non-musical person; I don't play instruments. But I understand that this whole concept of the Solar System and what we're involved in, and you just mentioned the Classical music.  So anything you shed some light on would be appreciated.

ROGERS:  It's connected to the human singing voice.  Well, the work that our organization has been immersed in, and you've been hearing in Texas and I know across the country, are the works of Johannes Kepler.  And Kepler wrote a world called The Harmonies of the World, which is expressive of the fact that the Universe is organized musically; it's not chaotic and it's not fixed.  And I would encourage you to get together with one of our offices and work on Johannes Kepler's music work, because of his Harmonies of the World.

And also you will find we have quite a bit of material on our science archive, which goes through very much in detail, Johannes Kepler's work.

And you will find that what we've been doing in our music work, is the music work is not something which is just feel good and whatever you like to sing.  And Classical music has a real scientific principle to it.  And this is why our chorus in Manhattan and what Mr. LaRouche has done to make New York and Manhattan the center of our political organization, in the collaboration with Texas, where I am, and California, where Michael is;  but the music work is essential in that.  And what they've done with their choruses and bringing hundreds and thousands of people to choral performances at beautiful churches and so forth, to hear performances of the Mozart's Requiem, or Handel's Messiah, the way that this is done through the scientific tuning, of C=256/Z=432 is extremely important to understand.  Because it also gets at something fundamental at understanding how the human singing voice works, and the fact that you have a real, proven scientific principle in understanding this process.

So I would encourage you if you don't sing, to join our chorus and start singing, and then you'll come to understand this a bit better.

STEGER:  Yeah, J—'s actually out there in Minneapolis, so since we have some activists out there, and maybe they can pull something together....

Q11:  This is Fred [huenefeld] from Louisiana.  When I was involved with the English-Speaking Union meeting about 10 years ago, I met a guy with the British World Council — that's who he worked for.  His operation was to go to Afghanistan and pick up young people and bring 'em to Britain and train 'em and work with them.  Does this sound familiar?

ROGERS:  Pick up young people and bring them to Britain to work with them you said.

Q11:  Yes, work with them to be terrorists.

ROGERS:  Given the fact that you have the British and the Saudis have been complicit in organizing and funding and giving arms to these terrorists it wouldn't be unlikely. And the British systems, in terms of what you see from the standpoint of the British FBI-run operation around this shooting in Orlando, that the guy who did these shootings, Mateen, was part of a British multinational security operation.  So it wouldn't be unlikely.

This is something to look at from the standpoint of how the British operate and how they have been operating, which we indicate very clearly in our recent statement, in terms of this nexus that has been in operation with the Anglo-Saudi terror apparatus since the 1980s, and even probably longer.

That's an important point, but how we look at it from the standpoint that this British system is coming down now, and it has to be brought to its end, this British Empire has to be brought to its knees.  And the way to do that is we've got to get more motion immediately, far and wide, get it out there on the 28 pages, that the people who are moving to stop the release of the 28 pages have to be removed, and these have to be released now.

Q12:  Hi Kesha, this is R—  from Oregon.  I saw your editorial in EIR on Krafft Ehricke, and his vision for a poly-globalist future for mankind, which was really well done, and has all the right linguistic twists, you know to talk about poly-globalism as a human future is very interesting.  So I poked around in some of Krafft Ehricke's published writings online and he seems to also be interested in the prospect of mankind adapting, maybe even evolving into two almost separate, not subspecies, but seeing how mankind can develop in a Martian environment or a lunar environment.  So there's all sorts of interesting things there.

And I have a lot of questions; I tried to send them in by email, but they didn't get through.  One is, what kind of responsivity are you getting at NASA to your efforts especially regarding the vision of Krafft Ehricke? And, another is, do the NASA engineers and administrators, the people at NASA, still remember and regard the legacy of the Peenemunde engineer and the Operation Paperclip immigrants?

And the third question, would be, I found a compilation of presentations given at a memorial conference for Krafft Ehricke, following his death, that was sponsored by Lyn and Helga and the Schiller Institute and the Fusion Energy Foundation; I think the book was called Colonize Space! Open the Age of Reason: Proceedings of the Krafft A. Ehricke Memorial Conference, June 1985.  And it was really an extraordinary grouping of vision and talent and analysis.  And I wonder, do you think there's room — I guess Krafft Ehricke will have been dead 35 years in a year or two here;  is there room for another commemorative conference for Krafft Ehricke? One that would try to recapitulate that original Schiller/FEF commemorative?

ROGERS:  There is definitely room for a commemorative conference for Krafft Ehricke, and just so people will know, I will be hosting an event here in Houston, Texas, next Saturday on the 25th at 1 p.m [Central Time?]; it's at the League City Library and it's themed "Free Mankind from Terrorism and War: Embrace Krafft Ehricke's Age of Reason" and it's taken from that very theme of the conference that you just mentioned going back to the memorial conference in 1985.

And I will just say that there are many people in the scientific community who know the contributions, the importance of the contributions of the German space pioneers and the German rocket scientists particularly; people like von Braun, Oberth, and so forth.  And they look to these guys as very instrumental in our space programs.

I would say there is not enough recognition of the contributions of Krafft Ehricke and maybe some of that may be intentional.  Because he really thought outside the box; he didn't go with the practicalities of this is just about building rockets, and sticking with the technicalities.  But he knew that the space program and the exploration into other planets or other bodies of our Solar System, going to the Moon, required a different outlook in refuting the limitations of man's ability, to break outside this idea that you can put limitations on mankind.

And so, I would encourage people, as I see you've already done, to go and look at and read and study the works of Krafft Ehricke, because they will give you a new conception and perspective of what a space program has to take on, as a philosophical basis.  And we've talked about this a lot in many of our other discussions and presentations; that Krafft Ehricke presented three laws of astronautics, the first of which states that "no one and nothing under the natural laws of the Universe, can pose limitations on mankind that mankind except man himself." This is very essential to understanding how we stop the limitations that we have to be confined to one planet that is of limited resources.  And Krafft Ehricke knew that that wasn't the case.

And he really went after, in a very powerful way, the environmentalists and the green agenda, which has this idea of a neo-Malthusian view that you can put limitations on mankind, or look at human beings as nothing more than mindless beings without the capability to expand.  And actually to solve the problems that we face here on Earth, and in solving the problems that we face here on Earth, requires not thinking small. So Krafft Ehricke's philosophy was very important in helping us understand today how to overcome and solve the problems which make us small, and put limitations on ourselves.

Q13:  Hello, this is Mrs. T— in New York City.  The Chinese recently put in what they call the Shanghai fix was their [inaudible] to set their own price for gold.  And they're also backing their currency with gold, unlike the United States.

And also the Deutsche Bank  in Germany was recently about two months ago accused of fixing the gold price for the rest of the world, fraudulently.  I haven't found any details about this online, because there's been very little coverage.  Do you know anything about these two incidents?  And how they related to the failing economics of the world economy?

ROGERS:  What I can tell you is, as it's been expressed earlier and throughout the call, that right now the whole financial system throughout Europe is disintegrating; and actually the European stocks and bonds are plunging.  And what you're seeing throughout Europe is only an indication that until we put forth a new system of economic development, centered around a global Glass-Steagall, to shut down Wall Street once and for all; you're not going to actually solve this problem by talking about anything other than recognizing that this financial is at its on its last leg, it's coming down now.  And it is absolutely crucial that we understand what Mr. LaRouche has been proposing, that we have to immediately put forth an FDR, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's policy for restoring the real Glass-Steagall Act of 1933, and its intention to shut down this fraudulent bankrupt system of Wall Street. and implement the separation of banking powers and remove speculative gambling activity.

And what China's doing, and what Russia's doing in development, particularly China and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, is that they're taking on the identity of the American System of political economy under Alexander Hamilton, the system that Mr. LaRouche and his economic development has long been fighting for.  And to go  back to that original intention.

And that's what China and Russia are doing right now.  And the indications are absolutely there that the system is in a total free fall and the only way we're going to get a system that is exemplary of what we should be moving toward in investing into the future, into long-term economic projects, is going back and restoring a Glass-Steagall banking reorganization, and taking up the commitment for a "win-win" cooperation that China has presented.  And as we stated earlier more nations understand that this is the only chance for survival, the option that we have.

Otherwise the direction that the British and NATO are going in, is total war.  They know their money system is bankrupt, they know their financial system is bankrupt; and so we have to outflank them  and bring an end to this system before it brings an end to us.

STEGER:  Well, Kesha we have time for one more question, so this will be the last question we take, this one's from Michigan.

Q14:  Hi, my name is L— and I'm from Port Huron, Michigan about ISIS.  I have a friend whose son has been signed up  by the military to go over assist with ISIS.  What is the meaning of this? What would that assistance be?  I know our own government created ISIS, but what is that "assistance"?  Kesha, it's nice to meet you.

ROGERS:  I think the key thing to look at this, is first of all, we've got to get Obama out.  Because I don't know what it is that the young man is being sent over to do in terms of his assignment, but it is true that Obama has continued to refuse to work with Russia and work with President Putin in dealing with this terrorist apparatus. And he's refused because he continues to blatantly protect and defend Saudi Arabia in funding and giving arms and resources to this terrorist apparatus.  And it's probably the case that we are sending and having our Armed Forces to be put in action to protect or to work with these networks. But the way to bring this and to bring our young men and women home and stop  putting them in this  war zone and in this dangerous situation which is completely uncalled for, is to get this president out of office now.  He has to be removed now!

This President is nothing but a killer.  His actions, every bit of them have indicated that.  And people who are continuing to capitulate to him are putting the nation in dire jeopardy.  I think when we see the numbers of people in our military, coming out of military and other ranks within our population, especially young people, who are killing themselves!  Increased rates of suicide because they are having to be put into these conditions, their lives are looked at as meaningless!  This is what we have to put a stop to.  And you have these young people coming back from military and shooting up businesses and other locations, this is something to think about:  we have to shut down this Saudi-British apparatus and bring these guys to justice.

So this is the key thing, is that people have to fight and people have to wake up and realize that this President is the problem and there can be no more capitulation to this President. This is just another indication of why he has to be removed now.

STEGER:  Thanks Kesha.  Well, we have a significant couple of weeks coming up, a number of significant decisions are going to have to be made regarding the war danger, the financial crisis, the sanctions, the terrorist threats.  So if you have any closing words for the discussion tonight, I'll let you close it out.

ROGERS:  My final words are going to be putting another point:  People don't want to hear this, but it is the case that this war threat is real and it is escalating.  And this is understood by  many leading elements right now.  And the question is more than anything a subjective question of the people on this call are on this call because they want something to be done, and they know that something has to be done now.  And as you said at the beginning, Michael, the question is the actions that will be taken and the actions that are needed to secure a future.  And as Mr. and Mrs. LaRouche made clear in discussions: We have to swallow the honest truth that unless people  wake up, that everything that mankind represents, in terms of the beauty of mankind, can be lost.  The escalation toward war is greater than anything that has been seen, and the question is pulling together all your courage, all your will, all your guts and all your forces to put a stop to this threat.  And demand this President be removed and demand that the United States return to its rightful place in being a beacon of hope and a leader in the world for mankind, and collaborating with the world as we did under great visionaries and leaders such as President Franklin Roosevelt and President John F. Kennedy, and President Lincoln; and others of our founding fathers who represented an identity that we would offer a hand of cooperation to nations around the world.

That is the key thing right now:  Are we going to be willing to act to avert this danger, to avert this threat, and to bring about the future which is so desperately needed right now.

And there's a lot that will be coming up in the next period here:  As I said, I will be having an event on Krafft Ehricke, and also this event will include some musical offerings; and people should be looking out, also on the weekend of the 25th, when I'll be having my event, there's going to be a conference in Manhattan and a musical event on the 26th.  So, we're moving to creating the culture of the new paradigm, and the Renaissance, which many people have to embrace once again.

STEGER:  Thanks again, Kesha.  As Mr. LaRouche said earlier today:  Be alert.  Things are moving quickly and our actions and responsibilities are essential.

That brings our call to a close tonight.  Stay on top of the website for the Manhattan discussion coming up on Saturday, and the webcast tomorrow night, at 8 o'clock. []  Thanks for participating and we'll see you next week.



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