Putin is Winning, Through Creativity—US Must Learn the Lesson

May 15, 2016
Russian President Putin addressing the May 5, 2016 concert in Palmyra, Syria. Photo:

Vladimir Putin is defeating Obama and the rapidly emerging Nazi International which Obama is leading on behalf of the British Empire. Putin is winning because he is creative. Americans can only participate in this drive for victory by regaining the ability to reject "public opinion" and "practicality" in favor of creative thinking, which has been driven out our population's minds by 70 years of FBI terror, brain-destroying drugs and popular music, green psychosis against science, and London's control of Washington through Wall Street.        

On the military front, Putin not only intervened in Syria to demonstrate that terrorism can be defeated by cutting off its support from Obama's friends in Saudi Arabia and Turkey, but also demonstrated the purpose of military victory, through the profound weapon of J.S. Bach, performed in the same Palmyra ruins where ISIS beheaded its opponents.        

In Asia, Putin, together with Xi Jinping, has refused to accept the new "blocs" of pro- and anti-China countries which Obama is frantically trying to create, including in his planned May 21-28 trip to Vietnam and Japan. Instead, Putin will host all the ASEAN leaders in Sochi this week under the theme "Towards Strategic Partnership for the Sake of the Common Good."        

While Obama sees Japan as the necessary military partner for confronting and defeating China, President Shinzo Abe has rejected every effort by Obama to turn Japan against Russia. Sources have confirmed to EIR that Abe's May 6 meeting with Putin in Sochi opened up vast joint development cooperation in the Russian Far East, and set in motion a path to a solution to the territorial issues left over from World War II. The potential for similar expanding Japanese cooperation with China is building, much to Obama's horror. In fact, the killer President may find himself running into a brick wall in Asia, as the world increasingly sees a paradigm of common interests and harmony presented by the BRICS as both desirable and necessary, to counter the mad military confrontation and economic disintegration policy coming from London and Washington.        

The LaRouche movement's effort to recruit Americans to sanity, centered in the Manhattan Project, is presenting the population with a solution, based on exposing the truth about the terrorists who killed 3000 people on 9/11, on reviving America's classical musical tradition centered in New York as a political weapon against degeneracy, as in Palmyra, and on the Manhattan citizenry leading the nation towards cooperation with Russia and China, to create the required global Renaissance. It is Obama's criminal madness which stands in the way, and the effort of the corrupt media to divert attention onto the clown show called an election, rather than on the urgent task of removing the obstacle now, before he can push the button.        

The renewed surge of slanders against LaRouche in the mainstream (as in "sewer") press reflects the recognition that Obama is taking a sever blow, internationally. LaRouche's work with leading Russian and Chinese officials and intellectuals, in the strategic exposure of the British/Saudi terror nexus, and in fostering the New Silk Road development paradigm for mankind, poses the means for Americans to escape the deadly grip of pessimism and mediocrity, to become again the Americans who fought for freedom through creativity for all mankind.

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Steinmeier: Opposition to Russia Sanctions May Stop Them in July

The opposition against the extension of the anti-Russian sanctions has increased within the EU, and it would be very difficult to achieve a common approach on the issue, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said in an interview with the Berlin-based daily Tagesspiegel as reported Sunday in Sputnik.

"We can see that the resistance against the extension of the sanctions within the EU has grown and compared with the last year it would be more difficult to reach a common stance on the issue," Steinmeier told the newspaper. "We need Russia for tackling major international crises. In the case of Syria, this is already taken for granted. And I venture to predict, we will also need Russia's involvement to stabilize the situation in Libya," Steinmeier said.

Sputnik notes the vote in the French National Assembly on May 12 in favor of a resolution that called for lifting the sanctions.

The sanctions are due to expire in July. The EU Summit scheduled for June 28-29 will likely decide on the issue.

British Propaganda Bureau Exposed

The new British covert propaganda bureau, producing the "narrative" for international media as well as working as the permanent press office of the Syrian rebels, has been exposed in a series of articles by a Guardian investigative team.

In an article entitled "Inside RICU, the Shadowy Propaganda Unit Inspired by the Cold War," Ian Cobain, Alice Ross, Rob Evans and Mona Mahmood in the Guardian of May 2 expose the new covert propaganda bureau modeled on the Cold War era Information Research Department (IRD), which was a covert operation to run economic and political warfare against European nations.

The new bureau is called Research, Information and Communications Unit (RICU) and is under the Home Office. It was established in 2007 and has a budget of £17 million. The official aim of RICU is to produce anti-ISIS propaganda, but in reality it works as a manipulative, derivative scheme for orienting western opinion in the direction of British interests.

Much of RICU's work is outsourced to Breakthrough Media Network Ltd. Breakthrough produces and disseminates covert propaganda either directly or through companies it has set up for the purpose. One of such companies is Horizon PR, set up last year in a joint enterprise with M&C Saatchi, "to support the public relations of civil society groups, voluntary organizations and NGOs who want to drive positive social change," a Saatchi spokesman said.

The Guardian interviewed former Breakthrough employees who said that they were not aware they were working for the British government. When they realized, they quit.

"RICU was modeled on the Information Research Department (IRD), a propaganda unit established in 1948 by the Attlee government. The IRD's exploits included hoodwinking journalists and academics and targeting trade unionists, before it was shut down in 1977," the Guardian wrote.

IRD hired hundreds of journalists and opinion-makers in targeted countries and used them as vehicles for serving British interests, including plans for overthrowing governments and eliminating political figures. The IRD role in Italy has been broadly documented by author Giovanni Fasanella in two books, both reviewed by EIR: The British Coup and Italy as a Colony.

Fasanella commented on the RICU revelations in his blog:

"Where does the necessary information work on the danger of ISIS end, and where, instead, begins the covert work of manipulating public opinion and destabilizing foreign states and governments functional to British interests?"

In a second article May 3, the Guardian authors exposed another element of the British covert propaganda bureau, consisting in an operation to run a "Free Syrian Army Press Office" directly from 10 Downing Street, the Prime Minister's office. "Through its Conflict and Stability Fund the government is spending £2.4 million on private contractors working from Istanbul to deliver 'strategic communications and media operations support to the Syrian moderate armed opposition' (MAO). The contract is part of a broader propaganda effort focused on Syria, with other elements intended to promote 'the moderate values of the revolution' and help mold a Syrian sense of national identity that will reject both the Assad regime and ISIS."

One of the contractors, Regester Larkin, set up a company called Innovative Communications & Strategies, or InCoStrat. Both RL and InCoStrat "emphasized the close supervision of the work by the British government."

"Much of the material produced under these contracts is day-to-day wartime propaganda, aimed at Syrian civilian and military audiences." The Guardian questioned the British ministry of Defense, which said the UK government supports only "moderate" groups, but "The contracting document seen by the Guardian lists several 'mid-level units' as examples of groups considered to be part of the 'moderate armed opposition.' These include Harakat al-Hazm, which received military assistance from the U.S., and Jaish al-Islam, a group reportedly set up with Saudi backing."