Be Creative. Be Human. It's the Only Path to Survival

May 10, 2016
Russian President Vladimir Putin looks over plans for Vostochny Cosmodrome (space center). (Credit: Roscosmos 2013)

The German daily newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung published an unusually frank article on May 10, acknowledging that Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly outflanked NATO by taking rapid, creative, strategic flanking initiatives that caught the collective morons of NATO flat-footed every time. The SDZ piece reviewed Putin's actions in the Ukraine and Syrian battle fronts, and castigated the absurdity of NATO's planned "tripwire" deployment of 4,000 troops to the Baltic states and Poland, which is scheduled to be ratified at the upcoming Warsaw summit of NATO heads of state in July. Putin has already announced that he is creating three new combat divisions for the western and southern flanks to counter the NATO actions, and the head of the Russian Strategic Missile Force on Monday delivered a detailed description of how Russia is countering the continued deployment and modernization of the U.S. missile defense systems in Europe.

Contrast NATO and Washington's head-in-the-sand "pragmatic" non-thinking to Putin's strategic flanking operations, most recently expressed in the Palmyra concert, celebrating the heroes of the war against the barbarian Islamic State.

Lyndon LaRouche, in dialogue with colleagues on March 10, recounted his own parallel efforts with Putin, back in 1999, when LaRouche produced the historic "Storm Over Asia" video presentation, spelling out the British war games targeting the entire Eurasian region, particularly Russia and China, at the same moment that Putin, new in office, was launching an all-out war against the Chechen rebels, who would later morph into Al Qaeda and the Islamic State.

LaRouche emphasized that the upcoming spring and summer months are fraught with war danger, as the result of the delusional behavior of President Obama and other Western leaders, who fail to see that their infantile war provocations against Russia could very well lead to strategic confrontation with Moscow--in which Putin is sure to win, if there is anything left of mankind to survive and pick up the pieces.

The larger point that LaRouche made is that victory in war does not go to those with the scheme to defeat the enemy. Victory goes to those leaders, with the unique qualities of creative thinking, who define victory as that which defeats the enemies of mankind, who threaten the continued existence of humanity at a higher level of scientific and cultural existence. Creativity, LaRouche emphasized, is located in the development of the power of the human mind. It is not an individualistic process, but it is expressed in that system of education, that prepares the creative individual to seek to make the discoveries that advance the general cause of mankind, by bring into being discoveries that have never been made before, and which can transform the organization of society for the good.

The problem that LaRouche identified is the degeneration of the trans-Atlantic culture and educational system, such that we are incapable of producing candidates for higher office who meet even the minimal qualifications to serve. The system, as evidenced in the advances being made particularly by Hillary Clinton, is structured to produce incompetence. The Republican Party is further proof of this.

LaRouche posed the central question: How do you define victory? By beating the other guy or by developing human minds to strive to make discoveries that benefit all of mankind?

Russian President Vladimir Putin is a shining example of just such a creative leader, no matter how much that sends Obama and his ilk into fits of jealousy and murderous rage.

Look at Syria. Putin made a timely strategic intervention on Sept. 30, 2015. It changed everything. But it was not sufficient. After, with Russian assistance, the Syrian Armed Forces regained their confidence and competence, Putin pulled Russian forces back. He did not disengage or withdraw. He gave the Syrians the clear message: You are now capable of leading and winning this war. Putin knew that the genuine Syrian patriots wanted to win the war, but they were lacking the tools and the confidence to do it. Once they had achieved those necessary tools for victory, he let them resume the war and realize their own success.

LaRouche asked: Where is the grace and glory of mankind to be located? It is defined by living in a way that your mission is to bring mankind as a whole to a higher level. The objective is to build a society, a system of education, in which this concept of human creative discovery is what is primary, is what is defined as being truly human.

The United States, today, by those standards, has degenerated almost beyond recognition. At this late date, with a potential world war just weeks or months away, due to the madness of Obama the egotist and his British Monarchy controllers, Americans have to face up to the cold hard truth: It's time to stop being "pragmatic," to stop being the "average American" and to start thinking about what you can do to assure a viable future.

If such a change cannot be accomplished, then the near-future is likely one of global chaos and potential world war--a war that we are sure to lose.

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