Russia and China React to the War Crisis Called Obama

May 5, 2016
Test launch of a part of the ground based US Ballistic Missile Defense system. [flickr/mdabmds]

China and Russia made public, today, that they are conducting joint anti-ballistic missile defense exercises, in direct response to ABM systems being deployed around their borders by the Obama Administration. This is an extraordinary action. It is only the most notable sign that the Eurasian powers are taking strategic steps against the escalating military and economic war threats directed at them by the British-run Obama.

We are in the anteroom of a world war. The threat is Obama's simultaneous "pivots" to surround and confront both Russia and China militarily, while publicly demanding U.S. allies join in a trade war to cripple China economically.

This arrogant war president thinks he can issue public orders to China about its economic relations, crush the Russian economy by sanctions, push regional nations into alliances for military action to confront the Eurasian powers.

This while China's and India's economies grow at seven percent a year, the United States' and Europe's at zero.

The bankrupt financial powers centered in the City of London and Wall Street are gouging and consuming their own economies, while using Obama as their tool to deploy U.S. military and thermonuclear power against a new economic paradigm.

The reaction of the Eurasian powers to the threatened world war which Obama represents, is primarily economic -- carrying out a new paradigm of global development of productive infrastructure, scientific cooperation, space exploration.

The backlash in Europe against Obama's anti-China trade war weapon, shows that he is making threats against this new paradigm, on which he cannot deliver.

But his intention, to surround and provoke Russia and China even to the point of all-out war, will remain unless Americans force him out office by impeachment or resignation.

The grounds are there — Obama is, after all, complicit by cover-up with Saudi-British intelligence in the murders of 3,000 Americans on 9/11, and the launching to endless wars since then.

What's needed is the action. Then the new paradigm is open to revive the collapsed U.S. economy as well.

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